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Holden Village is a Lutheran ministry, nestled in a forested valley at 3,200 feet in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington state. The Village welcomes people of all ages, ethnicities, faiths and backgrounds, offering modest yet comfortable amenities in a wilderness setting. 

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Spring Work Weeks

Sunday, April 12–Saturday, April 18
Sunday, April 19–Saturday, April 25


Join us for a week (or two) of work, relaxation, and worship in the Village. Whether this will be your first visit or your fiftieth, we invite you to join the community and help prepare the Village for the summer season. All skill levels are welcome!

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What’s New

NEXT DIRECTORS CHOSEN: (September 19, 2014) It is with excitement and enthusiasm that the Holden Board announces that the next directors of Holden Village will be Chuck Hoffman and Peg Carlson-Hoffman, of Overland Park, Kansas. Read the announcement that was made at Holden Village on Friday, September 19 at 6pm by Board President, Karl Anderson, and Josh Post, Vice President.

BOARD IN THE VILLAGE: Holden Village is host to many, from long-term staff to weekend guests, work groups to college classes. The Village continues to thrive through the ownership and affection of all who love it. One such group is the Holden Village Board of Directors, who graced the Village with their presence this weekend. They discussed the transition of directors and moving into another construction season, and even led the community in songs from "Beanie Sings" over dinner (a collection of classic Holden parody songs that used to be accompanied by Beanie Lundholm on the piano). Thanks to every Board member for investing time and passion to keep the ministry of Holden alive.

ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE: This year’s Resident Artists Elyse-Krista Mische and Elizabeth Person arrived in the Village and have already become an active part of Village life. Villagers were impressed and inspired by their presentations, in which they shared samples of their work and their plans while at Holden, and have enjoyed peeking over their shoulders as they sketch fellow Villagers and Holden happenings.

SNOWDANCE RECAP: Throughout the week, the Snowdance Film Festival has provided Villagers many opportunities to watch and discuss films that evoked this year’s theme, “Living Well.” Included in the viewing series was Christopher Brown’s Snowdance original “Life Springs Up,” a short film about water’s fundamental role around the world. The week culminated in a 24-hour film festival. Crews of Villagers were each given one genre and one day to make a movie. The resulting films were screened, and awards were presented at a high-class, red-carpet event. This year’s Best Picture, “Chick Flick,” is a romantic comedy that tells the heartwarming tale of two chickens in love. Click the link to watch the movie: http://youtu.be/GppPjZ3br4Q

Coming Events

March 6–9: Compassionate Voices Retreat

March 11-13: Naturalization Ceremony

March 20–23: Holden Folk Festival

March 29-April 6: Holy Week

May 1: Construction Season 2015 Begins

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Winter Guest Opportunities

Registration is open for winter guest season! As remediation and renewal season comes to a close, you have the opportunity to return to the Village as a guest. Between December 21 and April 6, you can visit Holden Village and experience all that it has to offer. Visit the Reservations page for the more information.

Audio Archive

Listen to recordings of teaching sessions, discussions and seminars.


Holden Voices

He loves Holden Village and all his fellow Villagers, but he doesn't always like us. Andrew explains how his frustration with this place has led him to understand what it means to live in loving relationship with a community.
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Now Under Construction

The Village operated as a mining town from 1937-1957. It is now the site of a massive remediation project to clean up environmental problems left from those mining days. During this disruption, village infrastructure and facilities are also being upgraded. Guest visits are not possible during the summer construction season. Volunteer staff continue to live at the Village year-round, and skilled trades professionals are sought to help with Holden's infrastructure updates. 

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