Strategic Plan

2020 - 2025

Holden Village Strategic Plan

The following define Holden Village’s strategic plan for the years 2020 – 2025.

Pillar A

Holden Village is a community that boldly articulates a desire to explore our relationships to God, each other, and the Earth. We welcome new and different voices into respectful dialog regarding our similarities and differences.

  • Goal 1: To clearly define ourselves as we prepare to reach out to more diverse constituencies.
  • Goal 2: To offer just, innovative, fun, dignified ways for people with varying access needs to come to and participate fully in Holden.
  • Goal 3: To create a culture where Church communities of color, especially historically underrepresented Lutheran congregations, are valued as partners in planning and leading Holden’s present and future.

Pillar B

The Holden Village community examines social and economic power structures that drive climate change and structural injustice, and responses with individual and collective action.

  • Goal 4: The Holden Village community serves as a model for unlearning patterns of racism, elevating communities that are marginalized by the dominant culture.
  • Goal 5: Holden Village will lead by example, making its operations carbon neutral by 2025, and the Railroad Creek Valley carbon neutral by 2030.

Pillar C

Holden Village is a community that supports people along their faith and life journey.

  • Goal 6: Holden Village will bring together those who question the role and relevance of the institutional church and those who are deeply committed to it for honest, respectful dialog.
  • Goal 7: Holden Village holds a framework of Earth-honoring faith, spirituality and scientific understanding.

Pillar D

Holden Village is a community that ensures economic, physical plant infrastructure, and personnel resources are in place to sustain the Village into the future.

  • Goal 8: Financial performance will be sufficient to support on-going operations and physical plant infrastructure of Holden Village.
  • Goal 9: In five years, the Holden Village Physical Plant will comply with 2026 safety standards and regulations (especially regarding earthquake and fire requirements).
  • Goal 10: Over the next five years, Holden Village will be successful in recruiting and retaining qualified and licensed management and personnel to lead and operate the Village.