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Holden Village is a Lutheran ministry, nestled in a forested valley at 3,200 feet in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington state. The Village welcomes people of all ages, ethnicities, faiths and backgrounds, offering modest yet comfortable amenities in a wilderness setting. 

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Call For Tradespeople!


Mine remediation workers are not the only ones who are gearing up for our final season of heavy construction. In the Village, we’ll be busy with several capital improvement projects. Your trade skills will make a difference in the effort to reach the finish line. We need:

> Electricians and experienced electrical workers
Carpenters and framers
Heavy Equipment Operators.
Concrete workers
Dry stack rock wall builders
Sawyer to operate our Timber King band sawmill
Peeled Pole Carpenters
Project Managers and Project Leads to help lead work teams or manage all of the above projects

Construction season starts in May and goes through November. Please email staffing@holdenvillage.org to let us know your skills and availability.

What’s New

CHANGE IS IN THE AIR: The ESS kitchen staff and several mine workers have returned, the Lawns & Gardens crew is back at work beautifying our landscape, and pathways are clearing of snow and ice. But over the weekend, several inches of new snow reminded us that while spring is indeed a season unto itself, it is also a time of transition. Snow one day reminds us that winter is not that far behind us, and sun the next ushers us into one more season of construction. Our first Spring Work Week crew arrived on Sunday to prepare the Village to accommodate hundreds of mine workers and a crew of Village volunteers this coming summer.

THE END OF GUEST SEASON: Another wonderful guest season comes to a close as we welcome a new season of mine remediation. This winter in the Village has been so dynamic, thanks to the many folks that came to visit. You participated wholeheartedly in Village rhythms, from Christmas worship to "dog-sledding" in the Olympics, decorating for Easter and gracing us with your musical gifts. Thank you for your good humor, open conversation, and passionate spirits! They continually bring the Village to life.

HIKING FOR HOLDEN: On April 16, Holden Village Board member James Nagel will set off on a 2,668-mile thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. Inspired by his time exploring the wilderness around Holden, James hopes to generate enthusiasm and support for the Village while on the trail, particularly as we enter this time of transition from remediation to a larger summer community.#‎hikingforholden‬

EASTER IN THE VILLAGE: Amidst dyed eggs and pastel-colored candies, the Village celebrated a beautiful Easter weekend. A somber, candlelit service on Good Friday preceded Saturday's Easter Vigil, when the community journeyed through the Village to see creative reenactments of Old Testament stories. Sunday brought hymn-singing and joyful proclaiming (Christ has risen, alleluia!), a rambunctious Easter egg hunt, and a spring feast of lamb and asparagus.


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Coming Events

April 12-18: Spring Work Week I

April 19-25: Spring Work Week II

April 24–25: Eastern WA/Idaho Synod Assembly

May 15-16: Minneapolis Area Synod Assembly

May 15-16: NW Washington Synod Assembly

May 15-16: SW Washington Synod Assembly

June 26-July 1: Holden Village Board of Directors meets in the Village

June 27: Installation of next Directors

Holden Voices

He loves Holden Village and all his fellow Villagers, but he doesn't always like us. Andrew explains how his frustration with this place has led him to understand what it means to live in loving relationship with a community.
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Now Under Construction

The Village operated as a mining town from 1937-1957. It is now the site of a massive remediation project to clean up environmental problems left from those mining days. During this disruption, village infrastructure and facilities are also being upgraded. Guest visits are not possible during the summer construction season. Volunteer staff continue to live at the Village year-round, and skilled trades professionals are sought to help with Holden's infrastructure updates. 

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