The Holden Journey

The physical journey to Holden is an adventure and a pilgrimage in and of itself. As we make this journey of significance, we find ourselves thinking about the spiritual journey to Holden - how do we prepare our minds and hearts for our time together? How do we set down the burdens we carry in our daily lives? How does this pilgrimage prepare us to listen for something new? Check out our new video below to move through the journey of a day at Holden Village. We hope to see you here in the mountains soon.

Join the 2018 Teaching Faculty


Holden is now accepting applications for 2018 Teaching Faculty. Holden seeks teaching faculty who work around the themes of Re-Formation; re-forming our relationship to God, re-forming our relationship to the earth, and re-forming our relationship to each other.  We seek candidates with expertise in Theology and Philosophy, Environmental and Social Sciences, Social Justice issues, and the Arts.

We especially seek qualified candidates who seek to bridge gaps between peoples and who focus on the critical and essential issues of the United States and the world today, especially the issues of racism and discrimination. We aim to cultivate an exceptionally qualified teaching faculty of diverse faith backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, abilities, gender and sexual orientations, and ages. Click here for more information and to apply.  Applications will be accepted until September 8th, 2017.

Pictured: Faculty member Kristen Olsen. Photo by Aj Williams

Summer 2017: Beginning Together


Registration is now open! Holden Village invites you to join us for our Summer 2017 guest season under the theme Beginning Together. We cannot wait to begin this renewed and re-formed journey in Railroad Creek Valley together with all of you. Click here for more information. We hope to see you in the Village!

Staff Positions Now Open!

20160801_giveawayblanket_LindseyScheid.jpgPhoto by Lindsey Scheid
Staff positions are now open! If you have at least two weeks and are looking for a great way to spend time at Holden, consider joining our staff team. We especially need short-term staff during the month of August and are also looking for a number of long-term volunteers. Here's what Erik A., Development and Database Lead, has to say about working at Holden:

"For me, the best part has been the opportunity for self-realization and personal growth. There are so many chances to learn from others, and I'm realizing just how much a single person can influence a community."

Check out the Volunteer Pages for more information - we hope to see you in the Village!

Welcome to Holden Village

Over the course of 50 years now, Holden Village has been transformed from a copper mining town to a vibrant place of education, programming, and worship. It has been a rich journey of faith. Holden welcomes all people of good will who seek contemplation and community in the remote wilderness of the beautiful Cascade Mountains. We invite people of all ages to come and experience our rhythms, which inspire and equip travelers for a sustainable life of faith outside the Village. And we continue to listen to and reflect on our story and history as we seek to discover our place in God’s creative mission in our world. 

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Share our conversations with teaching faculty around Re-Formation, the reforming of our relationships with the earth, with each other, and with the Divine.  Listen here or look for "The Holden Village Podcast" on iTunes.


A rich trove of lectures and discussions by more than 1,500 presenters over the years. 


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