Holden affords guests the comforts of three nourishing meals a day, a warm bed, hot shower, and caring community, all in the midst of our wilderness setting.

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Please note that registration for dates following October 31, 2017 (including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's) will open on October 1, 2017.


Most guests are housed in comfortable lodge rooms accommodating 2-4 people, each with a sink. Bathrooms are down the hall. Families are typically housed in one bunk/family room. A limited number of wheelchair accessible rooms are available. Bed linen and towels are provided.


Dining-Hall.jpgWe celebrate food at Holden Village! Guests and staff all eat together family-style. Known especially for its homemade soups and fresh bread, the Holden kitchen provides three nutritious, carefully prepared meals a day. Holden’s diet utilizes mainly fresh vegetables (much of it organic), whole grains and legumes, nuts, beans and dairy products. Bread, peanut butter, fruit and milk are available between meals.


Holden’s facilities include a sauna, children’s playground, bookstore, post office, ice cream snack bar, historical museum, library, first aid station, Hike Haus, pool hall and bowling alley. Access to some of these facilities depends on the time of year (some are closed October-May for electrical conservation) and on the availability of staff to maintain and operate them.


The Village is one of the most isolated continuously inhabited places in the lower 48 states. Under normal circumstances, it takes most of a day to get either in or out of the village to the nearest town (Chelan). There are no public phones and no cell phone reception. There are no direct roads to the village. The peace provided by Holden’s remoteness is a great gift, but also a responsibility. Emergency evacuations are possible, but very difficult and extremely expensive. Fire is a major concern. We ask that all members of the community keep in mind Holden’s remote location when making decisions that could affect their safety or the safety of others.


Walkways are rocky and the terrain uneven. Those with mobility challenges may not find it easy to get around. All winter guest rooms are on the second floor and are not wheelchair accessible. 

Medical Emergencies

The Village has First Aid trained staff and a First Aid Station equipped to handle basic needs. We do not have a doctor on staff. Holden is equipped to handle only routine matters, not medical emergencies. Because of our isolated location, emergency evacuations are extremely difficult. If you use medication, be sure to bring more than enough for your stay. If you have any questions about coming to Holden because of your present health status, please contact your doctor and/or the village medic before making final arrangements to come. Village staff will coordinate the transportation option for any visitor requiring medical attention or examination by down-lake resources.