Nestled in the mountains of the beautiful Glacier Peak Wilderness, Holden provides space for visitors to get back to basics. The Village welcomes all who seek rest and renewal to take part in daily rhythms of work, recreation, worship, and shared meals with good company.

We hope to see you in the Village!

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Flowers and Buckskin Mountain

What you need to know:

Continued Covid-19 Health Practices

(Updated 3/25/22)

Before You Arrive - Holden Village looks forward to welcoming you. As you prepare for your travels please practice COVID-19 prevention measures, such as staying up to date on vaccination, handwashing, testing, staying home when you are sick, and complying with CDC guidelines for using masks on public transportation. Please determine your comfort level in light of your family's unique health situation.

All guests, staff, and faculty who are in age groups eligible to be vaccinated must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before arriving at Holden Village.

Everyone arriving at Holden Village is required to test negative for COVID-19 in the 3 days prior to traveling on the boat up to the Village (including children ages 5 and older). 

Protocols at Holden Village -  Holden Village has carefully followed national, state, and local guidance for maintaining health and wellness throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Please read more on our Community Health Protocols and Practices page. Please remember that all plans are subject to change as we continue to evolve our protocols for community wellness in light of emerging medical guidance.

2022 Registration

For more information, and to request a reservation, please read more on our Rates and Registration page.


Most guests are housed in lodge rooms that comfortably accommodate 2-4 people. Bathrooms are down the hall. Families may be housed together with shared living and sleeping rooms. Bed linens and towels are provided. The Village has a number of wheelchair-accessible rooms.


Known especially for its homemade soups and fresh bread, The Holden Kitchen provides three hearty and nutritious meals a day. Holden’s diet utilizes mainly local & organic produce, whole grains, legumes, and occasional fish & meat options. The Holden Kitchen is very accommodating to dietary needs. Bread, peanut butter & jams, fruit, and beverages are available around the clock. 


Holden’s facilities include a sauna, children’s playground, Holden store, post office, ice cream snack bar, historical museum, library, hiking and skiing equipment, pool hall, craft, loom & pottery studios, and a bowling alley. Access to some of these facilities depends on the time of year (the bowling alley, for example, is closed from October-May to conserve electricity). However, during the winter months, Villagers transform the Dining Hall into a vibrant gathering place with board games, instruments, ping pong & pool tables, and lively conversation. 


Holden Village is one of the most isolated continuously inhabited places in the lower 48 states. The peace provided by Holden’s remoteness is a great gift, but also a responsibility. It takes the better half of a day to get either in or out of the Village to the nearest town (Chelan) via the Lady of the Lake. There is no cell phone reception, or Wi-Fi available for guest use (a satellite phone is available in case of emergencies). We ask that all members of the community keep in mind Holden’s remote location when planning a visit and enjoy this unique opportunity to unplug and unwind.


As a historic mountain Village, Holden's location poses notable challenges for those with limited mobility. During the summer months, housing with wheelchair accessibility is available and motor scooters can be borrowed upon request. In good weather, guests are also welcome to travel on a portion of 10 Mile Trail which is maintained as a wheelchair-accessible trail. In the winter, however, please keep in mind that due to snow accumulation and ice, visits may be difficult.

Medical Emergencies

Holden Village has a First Aid Station equipped to handle basic needs. The Village is not well equipped to handle medical emergencies on site. Emergency evacuations are possible in most weather conditions. However, due to our isolated location, evacuation can take many hours or even days in winter. Helicopter evacuation, if available, is very expensive. If you use medication, be sure to bring more than enough for your stay including possible delays leaving the village. If you have any questions about coming to Holden in regards to your health, please contact your doctor and/or the Village Medic before finalizing your visit. 


Due to the recent elimination of glass recycling in Chelan and the nature of Holden’s waste management system, we ask that guests bringing beverages into the Village opt for plastic or aluminum containers or take glass with you at the end of your stay to recycle downlake. Thank you for helping us minimize our negative impact on the environment!