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Hiking Information

Holden is a great base camp for adventures in Washington’s North Cascade Mountains. Make Holden part of your backpacking or climbing route!

Located just miles east of the Pacific Crest Trail, Holden Village offers access to this stunning national scenic trail as a starting point or a great place to end your trip.

Other popular backpacking routes that you can connect with Holden Village include:

  • Spider Gap and the Phelps Creek Trail
  • Suiattle River Trail and Pacific Crest Trail to Suiattle Pass, then to Cloudy Pass to Lyman Lake
  • Hilgard or Ten Mile/Devore Pass to or from Stehekin.

The information on this page is for backpackers, climbers, and thru-hikers who plan to pass through Holden Village. If you’ll be at Holden Village as a registered guest, learn more about day hikes and other outdoor activities here.


Routes to Holden

Holden is a great base camp for adventures in Washington’s North Cascade Mountains. In addition to short day-hikes in the mountains surrounding the Village, hikers are able to enter the Village on foot from several routes:

  • The primary and most popular route starts at the Phelps Creek Trailhead near the end of Chiwawa River Road. The route is mostly flat for 5 miles (8.0 km), then climbs quickly up Spider Glacier to Spider Gap, and then down through the Lyman Lakes (located about 6 miles (9.7 km) west of Holden), at which point a well-defined trail leads into Holden along Railroad Creek and past Hart Lake.
  • Hikers from the western side of the mountains can access Holden with a 14-mile (23 km) hike up the Suiattle River Trail and Pacific Crest Trail to Suiattle Pass, leaving only a 2-mile (3.2 km) hike to Lyman Lakes via Cloudy Pass.
  • In the past, Holden was accessible from Stehekin via semi-direct trails through Devore Creek and Hilgard Pass, but the 2015 Wolverine Fire has destroyed much of the trail system in the area. The remaining trail is no longer maintained.

For maps, route information, and reports on trail conditions, visit:

Registration and Check-in

If you would like to take Holden transport to or from Lucerne, please register in advance online.

Whether you start or end your backpacking or climbing route at Holden Village or make a loop, you must check in at the Registration Office  upon arrival so that we can keep you safe, and offer you the following services.

In case of an emergency, we need to have an account of each individual in the Village. If you are a thru-hiker staying for any length of time at the Holden ball field or Forest Service campground west of the Village, please also check in with Registration.

If you do not check in at the Registration office, the only service we can offer you is to refill your water vessels at the potable water spigot to the west of the Hike Haus.

Registration Window Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday: 7:30am – 4:30pm

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 9:00am – 2:00pm 

A list of on-call registration staff members is posted in the Village if you arrive when the office is closed. 

Services Offered for Thru-Hikers

The following services are available to thru-hikers who have checked in at the Registration Office upon arrival in the Village.


Catch a ride on Holden’s transport to and from the Lucerne landing on Lake Chelan, subject to space available.

Thru-Hiker transport is available Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays from May 26th through September 1st, 2024.

To take the bus from Holden to Lucerne Landing, check in with Registration in the Hotel (open 7am – 7pm) as soon as you arrive to make reservations.


May 26th-September 1st:   


Bus Departure Time – 9:45 am Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, and Sat & 10:10 on Sun

(Leaving Holden Village towards Lucerne Landing) – Meet on Main Street

Bus Pickup Times
(Leaving Lucerne Landing towards Holden Village)

11:55am Sunday and Friday

11:10am Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

You are only guaranteed access to transportation if you submit a transportation request online in advance and receive confirmation. Holden Registration will confirm your transport by reply email. Please allow up to 7 days to receive a reply as our staff processes a high volume of emails.

Transport is free, with the option to make a donation to support the mission, programs, and operations of Holden Village (suggested amount of $10 per person each direction). 


Enjoy a break from trail food with home cooked meals featuring local and organic produce, whole grains, legumes, and occasional fish & meat options. Meals can be purchased at the Registration office. Learn more about Food at Holden Village.

All meals are covered in the price of an overnight stay in Holden lodging.

However, if you wish to camp and purchase meals separately, you can pay for meals at Registration or at the cash box outside of Registration.

Breakfast: $11 per person

Lunch/Brunch: $12 per person

Dinner: $20 per person

All-day Meal Option: $40 per person 

Sunday – Friday

Breakfast 7:30am – 8:30am

Lunch 11:45am – 1:15pm

Dinner 4:45pm – 6:15pm


Brunch 10:00am – 11:00am

Dinner 4:00pm-5:00pm


There are only 2 places to camp near the Village:

  1. Forest Service campground which is located near the Glacier Peak Wilderness Boundary (approximately 1 mile west of the Village).
  2. Overflow camping in the Holden Ballpark which is west of the Village, just east of the Forest Service campground (approximately 1 mile west of the Village)

If you would like guaranteed lodging in a Village building and access to showers, you can book a reservation ahead of time. You may also book a room upon arrival by checking in with registration but it is subject to availability and can not be guaranteed.

Outhouse toilets are available at the campground. 

Camping is not permitted on Village grounds. 

Other Amenities for Thru-Hikers

Ice Cream & Coffee Shop

Enjoy ice cream, shakes, and malts at a charming old fashioned soda fountain called “The Snack Bar” or lattes and cappuccinos at Beanie’s Coffee. Hours vary; check the Kiosk.

Public Bathrooms

You are welcome to use bathrooms in public Village buildings. We cannot provide access to showers for thru-hikers.

Holden Store & Post Office

Purchase candy, snacks, and souvenirs, and send outgoing mail. Holden Store hours vary; check the Kiosk when you arrive.


Free laundry is available at Guest Laundry in the Hotel and soap is provided.

Public computers in the Holden Library

There are two computers in the Holden Village Library that you may use to access the internet.  Please limit use to 20 minutes per session so that other guests can access this shared resource. 

The Holden Village Wi-Fi network is not available for your personal devices, as it is intended for the operations and business of the Village. Learn more about Holden’s Technology Policy 

Sacred Space

Holden Village gathers daily for a time of reflection that echoes the tradition of early monastic communities. While Holden is rooted in the Lutheran Christian tradition, all faith traditions are celebrated and welcomed into this community. All are welcome! Read more about Faith & Spirituality.

Services Not Offered for Thru-Hikers

We cannot offer overnight lodging in a building, showers, or programs (teaching sessions, art classes, bowling, etc.) to thru-hikers.

We welcome you to book a reservation as a paying guest in advance of your arrival in the Village if you would like access to these aspects of Holden Village.

Health and Wellness Guidelines

Garbage – Please sort your trash in Garbo Central (located in the basement of the Hotel).

Smoking/Fire – Marijuana use is not permitted anywhere. To prevent setting off our sensitive alarm system, smoking tobacco and e-cigarettes are only permitted near the basketball court. No open flames or campfires.

Quiet Hours – 10:30pm – 6:00am

Hand Washing – Please wash hands thoroughly to prevent the spread of illness, especially in the Dining Hall.

Learn more about Holden Village’s community health and wellness protocols for infectious diseases on our Health and Safety page.


Holden Village is a community where your questions are valued and encouraged. Most programs led by visiting teaching faculty occur during the summer months. However, Holden also invites faculty to teach sessions for special events and retreats throughout the rest of the year.
Check out a list of the 2024 Summer Faculty.