Teaching Faculty

Wille B. Heard

A native of Seattle, Wa, Minister Willie Heard is third generation Classical Pentecostal. From a legacy of Bishops and Pastors in the Pacific Northwest, he brings fresh energy to the ancient tradition. He serves the Kingdom Family Worship Center in various capacities and is the curator of www.faww.org. With a BS in Aviation (Minor in Religious Studies) from Central Washington University and a MA in Transformational Leadership from the School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University, he is currently working on a MA in Counseling at Seattle University. His passion is for marginalized communities to create and sustain places of healing and wholeness while working to dismantle the hegemony. With an eye toward a more just and humane future, Willie speaks words of affirmation and challenges the hegemonic systems of oppression toward beloved communities.

  • August 5 - August 8
    • Gender and Sexuality
    • Racial Justice
    • Theology and Bible Study


      Holden Village is a community where your questions are valued and encouraged. Most programs led by visiting teaching faculty occur during the summer months. However, Holden also invites faculty to teach sessions for special events and retreats throughout the rest of the year.
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