Teaching Faculty

John Marty

In 37 years as a Minnesota State Senator, John has been a tireless advocate for justice: Economic Justice, Environmental & Climate Justice, and Racial, Ethnic & Gender Justice. He grew up in a family engaged in the civil rights and anti-poverty movements. His parents taught him deeply rooted values, including respect for the dignity of every person, and the importance of confronting injustice. He lives out those values in the Senate. John challenges the lack of vision in politics and the acceptance of incremental tinkering rather than bold solutions, even among well-intentioned politicians. He believes we really can solve societal problems—including healthcare for everyone, safe, secure housing for all, gun violence, and the existential threat of climate change. John is unique in the Minnesota Senate rejecting all special interest money to protest the corrupting influence of big money. John has been on the Holden Faculty several times, helping people sustain hope in a cynical world, encouraging us to recognize that all people have a role in building a better society. John & his wife Connie come to Holden to be inspired & to inspire others.

  • June 17 - June 20
    • Climate Justice
    • Politics & Law
    • Racial Justice
    • Social Justice


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