Public Transport (Planes, Trains, Buses) Then Boat

Traveling from far away? Looking for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to reach Holden? Although there are a few additional steps involved, traveling by public transportation can be a rewarding and convenient way to access Holden Village. On this page, you will find more information about how you can get there by public transport (planes, trains, buses), then boat. Start planning your visit today and make a reservation if you haven’t already.

Step 1: Travel to Washington State

First, you need to get from wherever you are to Washington State!

By Air

Seattle/Tacoma Airport (SEA)

4 hour drive/ride from Sea-Tac Airport to Chelan

See step 2 below for how to take the bus or shuttle from the Spokane Airport to Wenatchee Columbia Station

Spokane Airport (GEG)

3 hour drive/ride from Spokane Airport to Chelan

See step 2 below for how to take the bus or shuttle from the Spokane Airport to Wenatchee Columbia Station

Wenatchee Pangborn Memorial Airport (GET)

1 hour drive/ride from Chelan

See steps 2 and 3 below for how to take a Taxi or Rideshare to Wenatchee Columbia Station or directly to the Lake Chelan Boat Company Dock

If you rent a car from any of these airports, please see the steps for traveling By Car Then Boat.


By Train

Amtrak to Wenatchee Columbia Station

1 hour from Chelan

Step 2: Travel to Wenatchee, WA

Next, make your way to the Wenatchee Columbia Station in Wenatchee, WA – a transportation hub for Amtrak trains and regional buses and shuttles that will connect you to the next phase of your journey.

Wenatchee Columbia Station
300 South Columbia Street
Wenatchee, WA 98801

If you fly into Seattle or Spokane, you’ll first need to travel to the Wenatchee Columbia Station in Wenatchee.

By Bus/Shuttle 
  • Wenatchee Valley Shuttle – shuttle van/bus service operating between the Seattle airport and Wenatchee Columbia Station 
  • Trailways – regional bus service connecting Seattle and Wenatchee Columbia Station  
  • Greyhound – regional bus service connecting Seattle and Wenatchee or Spokane and Wenatchee Columbia station

Since the boat to Holden leaves early in the morning, most people arrive in Chelan or Wenatchee and find overnight lodging a day prior to their arrival in the Village. 

If you plan to stay in Wenatchee overnight, you’ll do steps 3 and 4 the next day and have an early morning bus ride to the boat dock. 

If you plan to stay in Chelan overnight, you’ll do Step 3 on the first day of your travels then Step 4 to get to the boat dock the next morning.

Step 3: Travel to Chelan, WA

Once you arrive at the Wenatchee Columbia Station via bus, train, or plane, you’ll then need to get to Chelan – either directly to the boat dock or to your overnight lodging and then to the boat dock the next morning. 

By Bus

LINK Bus – provides local bus service between Wenatchee Columbia Station and Chelan.

Take Route 21 from Wenatchee directly to the Lake Chelan Boat Company Dock or to a bus stop in Chelan near your overnight lodging.

Because LINK is largely a commuter service, bus times are more frequent on weekdays and during working hours, so be sure to check the schedule while making travel plans. If you are traveling with a large group they ask to be notified in advance.  

By Taxi or Rideshare App
  • Lake Chelan Cab Company (Manson, 509-687-TAXI)
  • AAA Taxi Service (East Wenatchee, 509-886-4222)
  • A Cab & Carrier (Wenatchee, 509-886-4222)
  • Apple Valley Tours (Chelan, 509-682-3686)
  • AC Checker Taxi (Wenatchee, 509-664-8294)

Step 4: Travel to the Boat Dock in Chelan

If you are taking public transport for your journey, you will most likely travel to the Lake Chelan Boat Company dock in Chelan.

If you are traveling from Wenatchee on the Link Bus, Route 21 will take you directly to the Lake Chelan Boat Company Dock.

If you stay in Chelan overnight, some hotels in Chelan may provide a ride to the Chelan boat dock in the morning for those without a car. Inquire with the hotel upon reservation. Or, you might take a Link Bus from your hotel to the Lake Chelan Boat Company Dock.

When booking your ticket uplake, be sure to confirm that you will be picked up at the Chelan Dock, and note the departure times!

Lake Chelan Boat Company Dock

1418 W Woodin Ave, Chelan, WA 98816

Seasonal Transport Schedules for Arriving and Departing the Village

Please note that transportation schedules change in different seasons. To ensure you have the right information for your trip, we suggest you go here to learn more.

Need More Info?

Please let us know if you need more information or help planning your journey to Holden Village. Email

Please note that all transportation services listed above operate independently of Holden Village. If you have specific questions about boat tickets we encourage you to contact the boat companies directly. Holden Village does not coordinate boat tickets for guests. Be sure to check out transportation links in advance and make reservations when necessary. Reference herein to any specific commercial products or services does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by Holden Village


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