Operations Manager

This position description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work being
performed by people in this category. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all
responsibilities, duties and skills required of people in these positions.

Work Team:
Reports To:
Executive Directors
Position Classification:
Length of Service:
2-3 years


This position is open Spring 2024. The Operations Manager is responsible for supervising the maintenance and care of Holden Village’s infrastructure in accordance with the mission of Holden Village. Holden Village is a place of welcome on the edge of the wilderness. The Operations Manager must be able to create a safe, positive environment for staff volunteers who come to work in this setting. Because Holden Village operates almost entirely through the efforts of volunteers, the Operations Manager must be skilled in working with people who come with a variety of skill levels for varying lengths of time. Maintenance, transportation, construction and safety are accomplished by managing the following Operation areas: Carpentry, Electrical, Fire Systems, Garbology, Lawns/Gardens, Logging, Mavericks, Trails, Mechanic, Painting, Plumbing, Transportation, Utilities. The Operations Manager also plays a significant role in budget development, regulatory compliance, and contractor management.


(principal duties and responsibilities; such as categories supported, staff size, volume managed, etc)

• Sustain and develop the infrastructure of Holden in a way that serves the community of Holden and its mission.
• Ensure that Holden is a safe place to live and work.
• Supervision and establishment of a skilled, safe, and creative Operations Team and provide leadership to those responsible for maintenance, transportation, construction and safety: Carpentry, Electrical, Fire Brigade, Garbology, Lawns and Gardens, Logging, Mavericks, Mechanical, Painting, Plumbing, Radio Communication, Utilities, and Weather Station
• Ensure that all necessary records and files are maintained.
• Maintain listing and engage with outside facilities experts and resources.
• Supervise village radio and telephone communication.
• Train and supervise appropriate village staff in proper use of the radio communication system.
• In partnership with the Medic and Safety and Risk Lead, work with the First Response Team to see that their equipment is in constant readiness and periodically update the Village Emergency Plan.
• Take part in regular meetings with Staff Coordinators and the staffing committee in order to conduct interviews and make careful staffing decisions that support the needs of the village to get work done and live in community.
• Work with the Downlake Lead to identify down lake facilities maintenance needs and then coordinate efforts to accomplish the needed work.
• Help to initiate, organize and expedite work visits by outside contractors.
• Delegate authority to area leads and assist them in making work schedules.
• Help area work leads learn how to supervise volunteers.
• Check-in regularly with Operation areas to monitor progress of area projects.
• Manage continuity between old and new staff.
• Maintain a system through which the villagers can communicate maintenance needs.
• In collaboration with the Business Manager, develop the annual operations budget.
• Coordinate efforts (in cooperation with the administrative team) with government, private agencies, contractors and suppliers to further operational objectives.
• Be a resource to the Directors as an official representative of Holden Village.
• Assist in the interpretation and implementation of regulations imposed by federal, state, and county regulators.
• Provide the village administration with recommendations for long-range facility needs to meet program and mission goals. Serve as staff liaison to operation committee.
• Oversee meeting all safety and other regulatory standards as applicable.


(position specifications; such as knowledge/education, skills, problem solving/decision making, risk/bottom line results, management responsibility – people and functions)

• Be a self-starter
• Ability to collaborate with the many overlapping domains in the village.
• An effective communicator able to share information both with Directors, staff and the Board.
• Supervisory skills.
• Demonstrated ability to serve as an excellent role model, team leader, listener, and observer.
• Ability to be decisive but know when consultation is necessary.
• Experience delegating and monitoring the progress of projects and responsibilities.
• Ability to see the big picture and organize all of operation’s work areas for the best functioning of the village.
• Possess general knowledge of the village’s operation details and have broad knowledge of the mechanical functions of water, sewer, power, vehicles, and construction.
• Ability to develop a long-term vision for operation to guide construction, capital and purchases for the best possible stewardship of resources and the environment and the village.


(particular knowledge/skills related to client and/or agency needs)

• Enthusiasm for and ability to work in a remote wilderness setting.
• Willingness to participate in a mutual review after 6-months and 1-year on staff.
• Pledges to work in ways that support and fulfill Holden Village’s Mission, Vision, and Values and commits to the terms of the Community of Practice Agreement.
• Abides by Holden Village’s Community Health Protocols and Practices.
• Extends genuine hospitality to all villagers.
• Upholds and works to further Holden Village values of diversity, equality, respect, sustainability, and spirituality as articulated in the Strategic Plan.
• Be a community leader and role model by serving the village in roles such as First Response Team, Fire Brigade, Worship, and other program events and activities.
• Help new staff and volunteers integrate into the community.


As an Employee, you are eligible for the following compensation and benefits:
• $31,500/year salary (based on experience)
• Food (three meals/day)
• Housing & utilities
• Free parking at Fields Point
• Health insurance (medical, dental and vision)
• Basic life insurance
• Life Flight membership (emergency helicopter transportation based on medical need)
• Simple IRA account
• 42 “out” days per year
• 14 one-way boat tickets per year
• 21 friends & family days and 21 half-price friends & family days per year


Holden Village is a community where your questions are valued and encouraged. Most programs led by visiting teaching faculty occur during the summer months. However, Holden also invites faculty to teach sessions for special events and retreats throughout the rest of the year.
Check out a list of the 2024 Summer Faculty.