Ceramic Studio Technician

This position description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work being
performed by people in this category. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all
responsibilities, duties and skills required of people in these positions.

Work Team:
Reports To:
Program Lead, Program Manager
Position Classification:
Length of Service:
1 year or more


this position opens Summer 2024. The Ceramic Studio Technician is responsible for promoting and supporting ceramic arts programs in accordance with the mission, vision, and values of Holden Village. The studio tech is responsible for creating a welcoming atmosphere in the ceramic studio, teaching ceramic classes, operating gas and electric kilns, and managing studio supplies. The tech is also responsible for producing pottery to be sold in the Holden Store. The Ceramic Studio Technician must be outgoing, enjoy interacting with guests, and be able to support studio operations.


(principal duties and responsibilities; such as categories supported, staff size, volume managed, etc)

Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provides year-round arts and crafts classes for guests and staff, encouraging people of all skill levels to realize their potential as artists.
  • Maintains ceramic studio hours and facilitates a welcoming atmosphere for people of all backgrounds and abilities to explore their creativity through art.
  • Leads ceramic classes, including throwing, hand building, trimming, and glazing. Oversee open studio hours and supports students as needed.
  • Offers a visible artistic presence through the production of ceramic art for Village use or sale in the Holden Store. All product development becomes the property of Holden Village and all proceeds benefit Holden Village.
  • Cleans and organizes the ceramic studio, stewards materials and equipment, takes inventory, and orders supplies. Organizes and appropriately stores work created by members of the community.
  • Mixes , tests, and maintains glazes, slips, and stains and maintains chemical closet inventory.
  • Loads and operates gas, electric, and raku kilns, troubleshoots kiln issues, monitors firings, and keeps detailed logs of kiln operations.
  • Operates pug mill, slab roller, wheels, sink traps, sifters, and other relevant equipment.
  • Complies with safety and environmental standards; ensuring the safety of the studio for visitors and studio staff.
  • Prices supplies and manages payment for classes and material usage.
  • Trains and supervises ceramic studio assistants.
  • Maintains ceramic studio records, updates files, and reports to superiors.
  • Attends weekly Program team meetings
  • Assists in other aspects of the Program team’s work and other departments at the discretion of the Program Lead.
  • Other duties as assigned.


(position specifications; such as knowledge/education, skills, problem solving/decision making, risk/bottom line results, management responsibility – people and functions)

Specific knowledge and skills include but are not limited to the following:

  • Knowledgeable about ceramic arts, including wheel-throwing, hand-building, raku, and mixing, testing, and applying glazes. Experience working with cone 10 and cone 6 clay bodies.
  • Experience operating gas kiln, electric kiln, pug mill, slab roller, and sink traps.
  • Knowledgeable about safety protocols.
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize, adapt, and be flexible in a dynamic work environment.
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm for and ability to develop innovative and creative ceramic arts programs and build community.
  • Demonstrated eagerness to learn and practice green technologies and methods of glazing and firing ceramic work.
  • Enthusiasm for working with others in groups or on a one-on-one basis and teaching Studio visitors of various skill levels, abilities, and experiences.
  • Ability to interact positively and hospitably with people at all levels and in all capacities both inside and outside of the Village, i.e. guests, volunteers, managers, directors.
  • Sound judgment, creativity, problem solving, flexibility, and decision-making abilities.
  • Ability to see the “big picture,” be proactive, and work independently.


(particular knowledge/skills related to client and/or agency needs)

  • Has enthusiasm for, and ability to work in, a remote wilderness setting.
  • Is willing to participate in a mutual review after 6-months.
  • Commits to work in ways that support and fulfill Holden Village’s Mission, Vision, and Values and commits to the terms of the Community of Practice Agreement.
  • Extends genuine hospitality to all Villagers and guests; Helps new staff and volunteers integrate into the community.
  • Upholds and works to further Holden Village values of diversity, equality, respect, sustainability, and spirituality as articulated in the Strategic Plan.
  • Undertakes Work of the Village including dish team, garbology, wood chaining, and stoking.
  • Willing to remain in the Village during holidays to accommodate the busy guest season.
  • Abides by Holden Village’s Community Health Protocols and Practices.
  • Commits to remain in-Village during peak guest periods, including major holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.
  • Commits to staying up-do date on all required vaccinations, including COVID-19.


As a Long-Term Volunteer, you are eligible for the following compensation and benefits:

  • $550/month stipend
  • Food (three meals/day)
  • Housing, utilities, internet access
  • Free parking at Fields Point
  • Health insurance (medical, dental and vision)
  • Basic life insurance
  • Life Flight membership (emergency helicopter transportation based on medical
  • Simple IRA account
  •  37 “out” days per year
  • 14 one-way boat tickets per year
  • 21 friends & family days and 21 half-price friends & family days per year
  • Completion bonus and health insurance grace period upon completion of term, equivalent to the length of term.
  • Access to amazing hiking opportunities, community events, teaching sessions, art studios, and other education opportunities


Holden Village is a community where your questions are valued and encouraged. Most programs led by visiting teaching faculty occur during the summer months. However, Holden also invites faculty to teach sessions for special events and retreats throughout the rest of the year.
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