Community Health

Holden Village

COVID-19 Protocols and Practices

Holden staff member receives a COVID-19 vaccinationHolden Village, as a community of practice during the pandemic, pledges mutuality and collective support for the safety and health of all in the Village. By following local, state, and federal guidelines and caring for the health of others as well as our own, we have enjoyed a renewed sense of community amidst all of the challenges. We invite all who will journey to Holden to work, play, teach, and learn, to join us in wellness practices that create a culture of care for all.


People at High Risk

If you are at high risk of developing severe disease or COVID complications should you become infected, we recommend you speak to your health care provider about your risks and consider not traveling to Holden Village, due to our remote mountain location and limited access to medical care.


All guests, staff, and faculty who are in age groups eligible to be vaccinated must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before arriving at Holden Village. Currently, this includes everyone 5 years old and up. (Fully vaccinated = 14 days after a single dose of J&J or two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.)

Four rapid antigen COVID tests waiting resultsScreening

All guests and staff arriving at Holden Village are required to test negative for COVID-19 in the 3 days prior to traveling on the boat up to the Village (including children ages 5 and older).

Three days before your arrival, you will receive an email and must complete an acknowledgement form that every member of your party (age 5 and older) has received a negative result on a COVID-19 test. Results from either rapid antigen or molecular/PCR tests are accepted. Please complete this form no later than 8am on the day of your arrival. Lake Chelan boat company policy does not allow a COVID positive person to travel on the boat in either direction.

Check your local Department of Health for the availability of free or decreased cost testing, or check the availability of testing at your local pharmacy. Visit the Washington State Department of Health website to view free testing locations near you.


Guests, faculty, and staff commit to healthy practices to reduce exposure to illness and to track symptoms for 2 weeks before arriving at Holden Village. Holden understands that the very act of traveling by plane, train, boat, or bus could itself increase exposure and asks everyone to practice COVID-19 prevention measures, such as staying up to date on vaccination, handwashing, testing, staying home when you are sick, and complying with CDC guidelines for using masks on public transportation as you journey.


First Aid Station signMask Policy

Masks are currently required in all public indoor spaces in the Village. Please bring N95 or KN95 masks to wear on the boat and bus rides to Holden, during your stay, and as you travel home. Please remember that this is subject to change based on regional case numbers and all federal, state, and local guidance for maintaining health and wellness.

Creative Use of Space

Indoor dining, worship, and programming will abide by state guidelines for safe occupancy.

In the event of a positive COVID-19 case

Once at Holden, any guest who becomes symptomatic will be tested by the medic on site. If positive for COVID-19, that person will be housed separately, during which they will refrain from entering indoor public spaces like the Dining Hall and Koinonia. Holden staff will arrange for special transportation so that the person who tested positive can leave the Village as soon as feasible. Please be aware that if special boat transportation is needed, there may be additional costs that the guest will be responsible for.  If feeling well, they can go outside for walks or meet on porches with others when masked and distanced. Arrangements will be made for meal delivery to their residence. If a positive guest needs to remain in the Village, they will test again on day 5. Any who are negative at that point can come out of isolation. If still positive, they will remain in isolation until day 10.

Close contacts will be tested and, if positive, follow the same practices for self and community care specified above. If they test negative, they will be observed for symptoms and tested again within 5 days. Additional protocols for those with direct exposure awaiting their second negative test may apply, such as refraining from taking saunas or singing indoors during that time period.

As in the past at Holden, serious illness or injury often results in emergency transport either by helicopter or the Chelan County Sheriff’s boat at the expense of the person needing medical care. Holden reserves the right to evaluate each situation using their medical counsel and make determinations based on the unique variables that each case presents.

Last Updated 7/27/22