Short-Term Volunteers


If you have three weeks or more to spend at Holden, one of the short-term positions may be waiting for you.  Possibilities are listed below. During the winter (October-April), there is less need for short-term volunteers and fewer positions available. Positions available both summer and winter are indicated with a "B." Please read the Interested in Volunteering packet for information about benefits and expectations before applying. If you have any more questions about volunteering at Holden Village, please contact staffing.




ARTS AND WEAVING ASSISTANT: Assists the Art Studio Coordinator in planning and teaching a variety of arts classes including print making, basket weaving, tie dyeing, and paper making as well as weaving via floor and Inkle looms.  The ability to work with people is essential.  Experience preferred. B

: Prepares and serves espresso drinks, cleans equipment, and creates a fun and hospitable atmosphere. Work hours are early mornings. Will likely involve part-time work in other areas.

: Restocks merchandise, sells bookstore items, and runs the cash register/computer. Must be hospitable and able to work with numbers/money and enjoy serving guests and staff.  May involve part-time work in other areas. B

HIKE HAUS: Provides information on hiking and trails and assists hikers in checking out equipment. Monitors equipment and trail use. Plans and leads structured hikes and programs. Holden trails experience and first-aide and/or wilderness training preferred.   

HOUSEKEEPING ASSISTANT:  Cleans lodges, guest rooms, and program facilities. The job requires some lifting and the ability to move roll-away beds between lodges. Good physical condition preferred. B

KITCHEN ASSISTANTS: Assists lead cooks with food preparation as well as food service and helps to keep the kitchen clean and sanitary. This position generally includes dining hall upkeep, coffee making, and hospitality. Good physical condition is required as volunteers spend long periods of time standing. The kitchen is perfect for those who prefer a social environment. Especially looking for multiple Kitchen Assistants for December 2016. B 

: Washes, hangs and folds bedding. Requires lifting and the ability to hang sheets and carry laundry baskets. Members of the laundry team may help out the housekeepers as needed. Good physical condition recommended. B 

: Provides audio visual setup, support, and recordings of teaching sessions, worship, and performances. Converts tapes from our audio collection for presentation on our the Audio Archive portion of our website. Operates soundboard, microphones, projection equipment, and uses computers for recording and editing recordings. Tech savvy is helpful, and training is provided.  B  

MEDIA MINISTRY ASSISTANT:  Works under the supervision of the Media Ministry Lead. Operates audio-visual equipment, records teaching sessions, copies cds, types labels, and answers correspondence related to recordings. Knowledge of computers and audio-visual equipment is preferred but not necessary.

: Works with youth in grades 6 through 12. Assists in planning and implementing activities, including programming, worship, overnight hikes, trips to the lake, dances, parties, etc. A June-August commitment is desirable.

NARNIA: Assists in planning and implementing programming for children (infants through 5th grade). Requires imagination, patience, and love for children. Staff members will work with the children in the mornings and work in other areas as needed in the afternoons or evenings.

POOL HALL DIRECTOR: Oversees and maintains the Pool Hall and concession stand. An interest in working with people, especially youth, is important.  Requires the ability to plan activities for diverse age groups. 

SNACK BAR LEAD:  Provides a welcoming environment. Responsible for handling cash and ordering ice cream and supplies. Scoops ice cream, cleans the area, and creates a fun atmosphere of hospitality.

SNACK BAR: Scoops ice cream, cleans the Snack Bar, and creates a fun atmosphere of hospitality. An interest in working with people, especially youth, is important.

YOUTH STAFF:  Plans and implements programming for children of Long-Term Village staff ages 0-14. Programming may include: games, worship, short hikes, trips to the lake, etc. Requires imagination, patience, and love for children.


FIREWOOD ASSISTANT (Multiple Positions): Works  on cutting and splitting rounds in addition to hauling and stacking the Village's winter supply of firewood.  Requires  very good physical condition.

FIRE SYSTEM TECHNICIAN:  Primary job tasks relate to maintenance of Village fire detection, alarm, sprinkler systems, portable extinguishers and brigade equipment.  Must be able to work independently with good problem solving and decision making skills.  Basic knowledge of fire-fighting, plumbing, and electrical systems helpful. B

LAWNS & GARDENS LEAD:  Supervises lawns & gardens assistants.  Designs garden areas and orders supplies.  Plants flowers, mows and waters lawns, weeds flowerbeds, and rakes Village grounds. Requires good physical condition and a love of the outdoors.  Filled 

LAWNS & GARDENS ASSISTANT (Multiple Positions):  Works under the supervision of the L&G Lead. Plants flowers, mows and waters lawns, weeds flower beds, and rakes the Village grounds. Requires good physical condition and a love of the outdoors.

MAVERICK: Performs tasks that involve heavy labor: lifting, carrying, loading and unloading, shoveling and, in general, doing whatever needs to be done around the Village.  This physical labor includes regular luggage transport  and a good amount of wood cutting and hauling. Work is usually outdoors and often dirty. Very good physical condition required. B

: Paints buildings (interior and exterior), steps, furniture, etc. Experience using a sprayer is desirable but not required. Requires a good comfort level with ladders and heights. B

TRAILS COORDINATOR:  Works with the U.S. Forest Service to plan trail maintenance projects in the Glacier Peaks Wilderness.  Responsible for leading Holden's trail crew on projects maintaining equipment.  Occasional overnight trips will be required for more remote destinations.  Must be physically able to hike long distances and carry up to 50 pounds.  Experience with cross saws and chainsaws a plus.  

TRAILS ASSISTANT (6 positions): Maintains and repairs hiking trails in Railroad Creek Valley. Love of outdoors is essential. Work involves lifting, sawing and hiking miles to work sites carrying heavy gear. Excellent physical condition is a must.


BACK-UP MEDIC: Assists Village Medic and serves as medic when the regular medic is out of the Village. Minimum level of certification is EMT. Back-up medic is usually assigned to an additional work area. B

: Works on maintenance, repair, and general construction projects. Is responsible for supervising others using woodworking equipment, as well as general organization and cleaning of the shop.  Good physical condition required. B

HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR:  Responsible for the safe and appropriate operation of heavy equipment.  Heavy equipment may include: trucks, dozers, graders, forklifts, telebooms, crane trucks, back hoes, and other equipment.  Previous equipment operation experience required.  CDL preferred.  In the winter this position will be responsible for the snow removal of 11 mile mountainous road to Holden Village and within the village itself.  Short-term applicants considered. B

PLUMBER: Works with the Head Plumber maintaining the village water system and repairing leaks in faucets and toilets. B

POTTER: Teaches pottery classes for all ages and maintains the pot shop. Knowledge of gas, electric, and wood kilns is helpful. Creates pottery for sale in the Holden Village bookstore. B

: Works with the Head Repair Associate. Replaces and/or maintains Village appliances, fixtures, and small machines. Requires general mechanical and electrical experience. B