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A list of immediate short/long-term volunteer and employment needs.

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Seasonal Volunteers


Our Seasonal positions are only available in the summer months. They are open for summer 2020, and we begin accepting applications in January.

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Long-Term Volunteers


Contributions Coordinator - OPEN NOW  Maintains accurate donor records, thanking and corresponding with contributors and companies making matching gifts using the Raisers Edge database. Works with and provides reports to the Development Director.  Good computer and communication skills are needed.

Cook (multiple positions) – OPEN NOW  During scheduled shifts, a Head Cook is responsible for: the safe and sanitary preparation of food served both throughout the day and at specific times (i.e. menued meals and snacks, Holden bread and granola, etc.); coordinating and training kitchen volunteers in various food preparation, sanitation, and restocking tasks; promoting a kitchen atmosphere that balances grace and humor with the need for efficiency and timely food production; cultivating an inviting atmosphere in the Dining Hall for all through general upkeep and personal interaction.  Head Cooks are also expected to dedicate some of their work time to projects of a particular focus, designated by and designed with the Food Services Lead.  This position can be physically demanding, with multiple hours spent on your feet and the necessity of carrying things up and down stairs. Head Cooks work under the supervision of the Food Services Lead. Washington Food Worker Card required.

Medic - OPEN NOW  Responsible for providing the basic medical care of the village staff and guests.  Works with the village Incident Command Team and First Response Team in medical emergencies, organizes the aid station and medical records, and works with our offsite medical director as needed.  RN or above is preferred, however we may consider a paramedic in some cases.

Holden Store Head and Posti - OPEN NOW  Holden Store head is responsible for maintaining the Holden Store through restocking, cleaning, and reporting Store needs.  Must have strong organizational skills, ability to lead and supervise staff, and comfort with daily computer based work & cash handling.  The Holden Store Head is also responsible for the tasks completed by the Posti--mail collection and distribution, assisting Villagers with sending packages, and selling stamps.  Knowledge or willingness to learn QuickBooks is necessary.  

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Risk and Safety Lead - OPEN NOW Manages safety and accurately assesses risk associated with Holden Village operations. Ensures compliance with all applicable federal, state, county & local safety related regulations. Plans, directs and implements the organization's risk and safety programs to promote a safe, healthy, and accident free village. Establish Risk Philosophy, Goals and Metrics with Executive Directors and Board Risk Committee.  Oversees the Holden Village Medic, Fire Brigade Chief, Fire Tech & Head Bus Driver, and works with the Incident Command to oversee the First Response Team. Focuses on occupational safety, recreation/wilderness safety, transportation safety, use of hazardous materials, life safety, and fire systems. Implements risk assessments for all areas. Proactively administer training and safety culture including learning from near misses.  Qualifications include a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Hygiene, Safety Management, Occupational Health, or other related field. Preference goes to Certified Safety Professional, Associate Safety Professional or equivalent training. At least two years of direct safety experience preferred.

Accountant Lead - Open May 2020 The Accountant Lead works with the Business Manager to maintain accurate financial records, prepare the annual budget, and prepare for audits. Responsibilities include maintaining accounts receivable and payable, processing payroll, preparing employee W-2 and 1099 forms, assisting Village revenue centers with cash outs, and cashing checks for guests and staff. Must have knowledge of basic accounting and bookkeeping procedures, good computer and organizational skills, and Quickbooks experience.


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