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A list of immediate short/long-term volunteer and employment needs.

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For more than fifty years, short-term and long-term volunteers have served as the backbone of Holden Village, giving of their time and talents to create this place of welcome. If you have a few weeks, months, a full year or a few years in which you are looking to experience something new, Holden might be the place for you.

Interested in Applying?

Holden Village offers a variety of employment and volunteer positions with various time commitments. Please read each job description carefully to determine the job classification and time commitment associated with each position. Each position guide includes details about related compensation and benefits.

Job Classification

Time Commitment

Position Guide

Application Packet

Seasonal Volunteer

3-4 months during the summer

prospective seasonal volunteer information

seasonal volunteer application packet

Short-Term Volunteer

anywhere from 2 weeks to 11 months

prospective short-term volunteer information 

short-term volunteer application packet

Long-Term Volunteer


prospective long-term volunteer information

long-term volunteer application packet


2+ years

prospective employee information 

employee application packet


As needed


Questions? Contact staffing@holdenvillage.org  

  Holden Volunteer & Employment Positions

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COMMUNICATIONS & DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR Accepting long-term volunteer applications for immediate start date.

DONOR RELATIONS & DATABASE COORDINATOR Accepting long-term applications for immediate start date.

ELECTRICIAN Accepting applicants to provide contract work as required by the village. Contact staffing@holdenvillage.org for more information.

HEAD COOK Accepting long-term volunteer applications and seasonal applications for immediate start date

KITCHEN ASSISTANT Accepting short-term volunteer applications and seasonal applications for immediate start date. 

MAVERICK (HEAD) Accepting long-term applications for Fall 2022 start date.

MAVERICK (VICE) Accepting long-term applications.

MAVERICK Accepting short-term applications.

MECHANIC Accepting employee applications.  

MEDIC Accepting long-term volunteer applications for a June 2022 start date.

MEDIC (backup) Accepting Applications for a May 2022 start date.

SERVICES ASSISTANT (housekeeping/laundry) Accepting short-term volunteer applications.

TRAILS CREW COORDINATOR Accepting seasonal applications for the summer season only. 

TRAILS CREW MEMBER Accepting short-term applications for the summer season only. 

Head Driver  OPEN UNTIL FILLED Responsible for the oversight and coordination of the transportation system. Oversees driver training, including coordinating and leading the annual CDL (Commercial Driver's License)  training, training new drivers on Holden policies and practices, and monitoring and supervising all Holden transport drivers. Must have a Washington State CDL Class A or B, and 2 years experience as CDL driver.  Must be good at logistics, be detail-oriented, and have a very strong safety ethic.

Repair Associate - OPEN UNTIL FILLED Responsible for the maintenance and repair of all village appliances and miscellaneous building repairs.  Works closely with the village electrician and waterworks lead as needed.  Must be self-motivated, organized, and handy with tools and repair techniques.  Will need to research repairs and parts as needed.  Occasionally supervises others to help with the above.   


PLUMBER Accepting applicants to provide contract work as required by the village. Contact staffing@holdenvillage.org for more information. 


REGISTRAR Accepting long-term applications for a start date of May 2022 and seasonal applications for the summer. 

Fire System Technician  OPEN UNTIL FILLED Responsible for the provision and maintenance of the Village fire detection, alarm, sprinkler, suppression systems, and hose houses.  Makes monthly rounds through all buildings checking fire system status and alerting supervisor of hazards.  Utilizes power point software to present fire safety and response curricula.  Works under the training and mentorship of the Fire Brigade Chief.  Will become a member of the fire brigade, and must have the ability to act calmly and rationally in emergency situations.  Basic knowledge of fire-fighting, plumbing, and electrical systems is helpful. 

Procurement Coordinator - OPEN UNTIL FILLED Orders all items for the Village. Must have very strong communication (both written and oral) and organizational skills as this position requires communicating frequently with vendors and with other Village staff members. Also assists the Accountant with some bookkeeping tasks. Must have good attention to detail and comfort working with numbers and vendors.

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Program Manager - OPEN UNTIL FILLED  Collaborates with the directors and other managers to carry out the mission and Strategic Plan of Holden Village by visioning and implementing the seasonal program arc. Actively works with regional community partners to enhance and support a sustainable Village life. Responsibilities include personnel management, partnership building and sustaining, systems creation and flow, and program development and evaluation. Supervises and coordinates the Program Team which includes all educational programs from visiting teaching faculty to in-village naturalist, arts, and youth program. The objective of this position is to manage the Village's shared community life in a manner that supports formation and capacity building aligned with Justice, Equity, and Diversity and Inclusion.  Because Holden Village operates almost entirely through the efforts of volunteers, the Program Manager must be skilled in working with and supporting people who come with a variety of skill levels for varying lengths of time.  A minimum two-year commitment is required for this position.

Operations Manager - Accepting Applications (Open Spring 2022) The Operations Manager is responsible for supervising the maintenance and care of Holden Village’s infrastructure in accordance with the mission of Holden Village. Holden Village is a place of welcome on the edge of the wilderness; the Operations Manager must be able to create a safe, positive environment for staff volunteers who come to work in this setting. Because Holden Village operates almost entirely through the efforts of volunteers, the Operations Manager must be skilled in working with people who come with a variety of skill levels for varying lengths of time. Maintenance, transportation, construction and safety are accomplished by managing the following departments: Carpentry, Electrical, Fire Brigade, Garbology, Lawns/Gardens, Logging, Mavericks, Mechanical, Painting, Plumbing, Utilities, and Operational Purchasing. The Operations Manager also plays a significant role in budget development, regulatory compliance, and contractor management. A minimum two-year commitment is required for this position.

Administrative Lead- OPEN UNTIL FILLED The Administrative Lead reports to the Executive Directors as part of the administrative team.  This role collaborates with the Executive Directors, other managers, and program staff to coordinate tasks, create efficiencies, and design, deliver, and embed a sustainable annual plan that advances the strategic priorities of Holden Village.  Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Identify and develop the systems that support sustainable engagement in community, wellness, spirituality, and dynamic community life
  • Streamline executive responsibilities and administrative tasks
  • Support related teams in logistics and content of year round programming
  • Work with the Program Manager, expand connections and relationships with partner organizations (including colleges, seminaries, and other community organizations) to introduce Holden through events and programs planned jointly and held both inside and outside of the Village.

We seek an individual with demonstrated ability to collaborate with a diverse array of volunteers, guests, employees, and teaching faculty and to work independently. This individual should have excellent planning, organizational, delegation, and written and oral communication.

Program Lead - OPEN UNTIL FILLED  The Program Lead reports to the Program Manager and is part of the Program Team. This role collaborates with the Program Manager, Executive Directors, and program staff in creating, organizing, administering, and facilitating programming and special events that foster the values and goals of Holden Village. This role supervises the Youth Program Coordinator, the Audio Archive Tech/Library, the Media Coordinator, the Naturalist, and the Program Associate. The Program Lead ensures that Holden Village offers diverse education and program opportunities year-round, and seeks to embrace and encourage the range of talents, areas of expertise, and identities represented within. This position requires creativity, organizational skills, interpersonal and emotional intelligence, and attention to detail. Preferred candidates will demonstrate: a background and/or experience in education, teaching, and program development; the ability to work with, teach, and mentor people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds; and the ability to make a 2-year commitment.

Projects Lead - OPEN UNTIL FILLED  Responsible for the care, maintenance, and remodeling projects on all village buildings. Oversees carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians, and special capital projects. Experienced with general contracting and project management. License preferred but not required. High awareness of and emphasis on safety, and willingness to implement that culture in the workplace.   2+ year commitment.

Human Resources Manager - OPEN UNTIL FILLED The HR Manager oversees all aspects of employee/volunteer relations including compensation and benefit plan administration, staff recruitment, policy administration, performance and appraisal management, training and development, and legal compliance pertaining to staff management.  The HR Manager works closely with leadership to provide advice, counsel, and recommendations related to staff management.  This position requires 6+ years of progressive experience in Human Resources and in a supervisory role, a BA/BS or equivalent combination of experience and education, and the maturity to be the sole owner of sensitive information in an isolated location.

Mechanic Lead-OPEN UNTIL FILLED The Holden mechanic maintains and repairs Holden's fleet of school buses, heavy equipment, passenger trucks/vans, and small equipment such as lawnmowers, chainsaws, wood splitters, etc. They also assist with equipment operation, training new operators, observing that equipment is being operated properly and safely, and building and maintaining the documentation systems for equipment operation and maintenance. In the winter months, the mechanic plays a key role in maintaining around two miles of road under Holden’s jurisdiction. Depending on staffing levels, the mechanic occasionally is responsible for the direction of short-term and long-term volunteers. Qualifications: 2+ years experience on applicable vehicles required. Must hold a certification in automotive, heavy equipment, or related mechanical repair or demonstrate relevant experience. Must have experience and be comfortable with the maintenance of diesel engines, air brakes, and hydraulic power systems. Experience with welding and metal fabrication is highly desired.

Director for Data & Technology- OPEN UNTIL FILLED The Director for Data & Technology leads the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of technology and related processes, with a focus on leveraging technology to transform and improve how Holden Village serves its guests, donors, and community through efficient business operations. They will work closely with managers and directors to guide strategy, policy, and process decisions, while helping Holden to maintain secure and effective technology operations. They will work closely with vendors and external stakeholders to implement software and process improvements in service of ongoing infrastructure upgrade projects. Previous technology management experience is required, with an emphasis on project management and policy implementation. This is a full-time position open to a balance of time spent in and out of the Village. Minimum commitment 3 years. Full job description is linked here. Interested in applying? Submit your resume and cover letter to staffing@holdenvillage.org!

RISK & SAFETY LEAD Accepting employee applications for immediate start date.