Key Staffing Needs

Are you interested in becoming a short-term volunteer, long-term volunteer, or an employee at Holden Village? We are looking for a number of key positions right now. We are seeking enthusiastic and hardworking individuals to join us in the North Cascades, where we join together in work, education, and worship.

This Village fosters spiritual growth, environmental stewardship, and community involvement in myself and thousands of other people.
- Erik A., Development and Database Lead

Short-term Volunteers commit to at least three weeks of service (during the summer months, commitments of at least two weeks for new staff and one week for returning staff are also available). Volunteers receive room and board as well as parking at Field's Point.

Summer Seasonal Volunteers serve at Holden from May/June to August/September. Seasonal Volunteers receive room and board, a Field's Point parking pass, and a monthly stipend.

Long-term Volunteers commit to a year of service and keep the Village running smoothly by performing a variety of tasks in administration, business, worship, and operations. All receive room and board, parking at Field's Point, benefits, and a monthly stipend of $550.

Employee positions are generally multiple year opportunities. Employees fill key managerial and leadership positions in the Village, and receive room and board, benefits, and a salary. A limited number of employee positions are available at any given time.  

Whether volunteer or employee, benefits of all open positions include joining a caring community, access to hiking/skiing/fishing in a beautiful wilderness setting, and time away from many modern distractions, which provides time for new interests and artistic or intellectual pursuits.  Also, those who thrive most are committed to service and to Holden’s mission of welcoming all people who seek rest and renewal in the wilderness. To learn more about Holden, explore our website, visit us at, or subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter.

Positions Open Now: Short-Term Volunteers


Holden Village has many short-term positions available in 201608_HartHoldensign_LindseyScheid_small.pngmany different departments. However, we currently have needs for several specific positions. Short-term volunteers serve from as few as two weeks to as long as just under a year. 

Housekeeping Assistants OPEN NOW
Clean lodges, guest rooms, and program facilities. The job requires some lifting and the ability to move roll-away beds between lodges. Good physical condition preferred.

Kitchen Assistants OPEN NOW
Assist head cooks with food preparation as well as food service and help to keep the kitchen clean and sanitary. This position generally includes dining hall upkeep, coffee making, and hospitality. Good physical condition is required as volunteers spend long periods of time standing. The kitchen is perfect for those who prefer a social environment.

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Positions Open Now: Long-Term Volunteers


Cook, Head (multiple positions) OPEN NOW
During scheduled shifts, a Head Cook is responsible for the safe and sanitary preparation of meals, including coordination of tasks for kitchen volunteers. Of course, this position includes baking Holden bread and providing ideas for unique culinary creations.  Cooks work under the supervision of the Food Service Lead and the management team. 

Carpenter, Head  OPEN NOW
Responsible for all carpentry projects in the village.  Works closely with the Buildings Lead on maintenance and remodel projects.  Responsible for overseeing the safety training and organization of the carpentry shop.  Experience with a variety of woodworking equipment and construction techniques required.  Supports a high level of safety practices. 

Chief Fire Fighter OPEN NOW
Provides ongoing continuity and improvements to Holden Village Fire Program.  Trains and mentors Fire System Technician and Brigade members.  Maintains fire equipment in ready status in several locations.  Provides technical advice and counsel to key staff, Managers, and Directors on pertinent codes and standards.  Provides community fire training through dynamic classes, evaluation, and coaching.  Facilitates the annual testing and inspection of fixed fire systems and walk-through fire and safety inspections.  Coordinates and leads work parties.  Works on other fire projects as assigned by supervising manager or director.  Prior fire service experience required

Electrical Apprentice  OPEN NOW
Responsible for assisting the Electrical Lead with the maintenance, repair, and operation of our electrical systems including hydro generation, power distribution systems, all building service and wiring plus some low voltage wiring.  

Fire System Technician Open August 2017 
Responsible for the provision and maintenance of the Village fire detection, alarm, sprinkler, suppression systems, and hose houses.  Makes monthly rounds through all buildings checking fire system status and alerting supervisor of hazards.  Utilizes power point software to present fire safety and response curricula.  Works under the training and mentorship of Chief Firefighter.  Will become a member of the fire brigade, and must have the ability to act calmly and rationally in emergency situations.  Basic knowledge of fire-fighting, plumbing, and electrical systems is helpful.  

Painter, Head OPEN NOW
Responsible for high quality skilled painting of all village facilities. Includes both exterior and interior painting.  Applicants should be self-starters with good organizational leadership skills, possess painting knowledge and skill with tools and methods, have neat and careful work habits, and have the ability to direct and oversee volunteer painters.

Water Works Apprentice OPEN NOW   
Responsible for assisting the Water Works Lead with the maintenance, repair, and operation of our public water system, waste water system, and major heating systems. Works closely with the Operations Manager and electrician. Some previous utility experience useful, but not required. Helpful experience may include a background in government regulation, computers, engineering, math, and science.

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Positions Open Now: Employees


Water Works Lead
Licensed plumber preferred but not required.  Responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of our water filtration plant, water distribution system, septic/sewage systems, building plumbing, hydronic heating systems, and the Jacuzzi.  Once here, must be willing to acquire Washington State DOH WTPO-1 and WDM-1 waterworks licenses.  Oversees a water works apprentice.  2+ year commitment.

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