Holden Job Board

A list of immediate short/long-term volunteer and employment needs.

Short-Term Volunteers


ART STUDIO ASSISTANT: Assists the Art Studio Coordinator in planning and teaching a variety of arts classes including print making, basket weaving, tie dyeing, and paper making as well as weaving via floor and Inkle looms. May also assist the Potter with ceramics classes. The ability to work with people is essential.  Experience preferred.

VILLAGE ARTIST: Works independently on projects, visual, literary, or performing, for the Village and shares expertise with staff and guests as a visiting faculty member. More info here: Village Artists

HOLDEN STORE ASSISTANT: Restocks merchandise, sells bookstore items, and runs the cash register/computer. Must be hospitable and able to work with numbers/money and enjoy serving guests and staff.  May involve part-time work in other areas.

HOUSEKEEPING ASSISTANT: Cleans lodges, guest rooms, and program facilities. The job requires some lifting and the ability to move roll-away beds between lodges. Good physical condition preferred. 

LAUNDRY ASSISTANT: Helps the Laundry Head with washing, hanging and folding bedding. Requires lifting and the ability to hang sheets and carry laundry baskets. Members of the laundry team may help out the housekeepers as needed. Good physical condition recommended.

KITCHEN ASSISTANT: Assists Head Cooks with food preparation as well as food service and helps to keep the kitchen clean and sanitary. This position generally includes dining hall upkeep, coffee making, and hospitality. Good physical condition is required as volunteers spend long periods of time standing. The kitchen is perfect for those who prefer a social environment.

MAVERICK: Performs tasks that involve manual labor: lifting, carrying, loading and unloading, shoveling and, in general, doing whatever needs to be done around the Village.  This physical labor includes regular luggage transport and a good amount of wood cutting and hauling. Work is usually outdoors and often dirty. Very good physical condition required.

PAINTER: Assists in painting buildings (interior and exterior), steps, furniture, etc.  Experience using a sprayer is desirable but not required. Requires a good comfort level with ladders and height.

CARPENTER: Works on maintenance, repair, and general construction projects. Is responsible for supervising others using woodworking equipment, as well as general organization and cleaning of the shop.  Good physical condition required.

FIRE SYSTEM TECHNICIAN:  Primary job tasks relate to maintenance of Village fire detection, alarm, sprinkler systems, portable extinguishers and brigade equipment.  Must be able to work independently with good problem solving and decision making skills.  Basic knowledge of fire-fighting, plumbing, and electrical systems helpful. 

PLUMBER: Works with the Head Plumber maintaining the village water system and repairing leaks in faucets and toilets. 

REPAIR ASSOCIATE: Works with the Head Repair Associate. Replaces and/or maintains Village appliances, fixtures, and small machines. Requires general mechanical and electrical experience.

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Long-Term Volunteers


Carpenter, Head - OPEN NOW  Responsible for all carpentry projects in the village.  Works closely with the Facilities Lead on maintenance and remodel projects.  Responsible for overseeing the safety training and organization of the carpentry shop.  Experience with a variety of woodworking equipment and construction techniques required.  Supports a high level of safety practices. 

Cook, Head – MULTIPLE POSITIONS OPEN NOW  During scheduled shifts, a Head Cook is responsible for the safe and sanitary preparation of meals, including coordination of tasks for kitchen volunteers. Of course, this position includes baking Holden bread and providing ideas for unique culinary creations.  Cooks work under the supervision of the Food Service Lead and the management team.

Electrical Apprentice - OPEN NOW   Responsible for assisting the Electrical Lead with the maintenance, repair, and operation of our electrical systems including hydro generation, power distribution systems, all building service and wiring plus some low voltage wiring.  

Fire Brigade Chief - OPEN NOW   Responsible for the daily operations of Holden’s Fire Program with the help of Fire Marshal and Fire Systems Technician who improve and maintain fixed fire systems.  Ensures community and Fire Brigade are response ready for structure fires through dynamic classes, evaluation, and coaching.  Improves compliance with NFPA 600, Facilities Fire Brigade through planning and implementation.  Assists Safety Administrator with staff training and creating safe work environment.  Prior fire service experience required.

Fire System Technician - OPEN NOW  Responsible for the provision and maintenance of the Village fire detection, alarm, sprinkler, suppression systems, and hose houses.  Makes monthly rounds through all buildings checking fire system status and alerting supervisor of hazards.  Utilizes power point software to present fire safety and response curricula.  Works under the training and mentorship of the Fire Brigade Chief.  Will become a member of the fire brigade, and must have the ability to act calmly and rationally in emergency situations.  Basic knowledge of fire-fighting, plumbing, and electrical systems is helpful.   

Holden Store Coordinator – OPEN NOW Responsible for maintaining the ministry of the Holden Store through careful and responsible ordering of books, greeting cards, clothing, gift items and sundries. Must have strong organizational skills, ability to lead and supervise staff, a theological and biblical perspective, and a vision of Holden Village that can be exhibited through store items.

Laundry Head - OPEN NOW  Responsible for maintaining a clean and sanitary laundry. Daily tasks include washing, drying, and folding, as well as occasional sewing of all village linens. Supervises a small staff and must be self-motivated, organized and efficient.

Maverick, Vice - OPEN NOW  Works with Head Maverick to support the transportation of luggage and freight, production of firewood, manual snow removal, moving supplies, and support labor for various village tasks as needed.  Assists in supervising a crew to accomplish these tasks.  Good people and organizational skills required.  Be able or learn to operate chainsaws and large trucks.  High awareness of and emphasis on safety. 

Mechanic's Apprentice - OPEN NOW  Works with the Head Mechanic in maintaining Holden's fleet of vehicles. Mechanical knowledge is helpful, experience with air brakes and diesel is a plus.

Painter, Head - OPEN NOW  Responsible for high quality skilled painting of all village facilities. Includes both exterior and interior painting.  Applicants should be self-starters with good organizational leadership skills, possess painting knowledge and skill with tools and methods, have neat and careful work habits, and have the ability to direct and oversee volunteer painters.

Potter - OPEN NOW  Keeps a well-maintained pottery studio that is welcoming to guests and staff. Provides formal and informal instruction, and offers a visible artistic presence by creating pieces for Village use and as merchandise for the bookstore.  Must have experience with wheel throwing and hand building as well as both gas and electric kilns.

Registrar - OPEN NOW   Responsible for all correspondence with persons seeking to stay at Holden Village. Arranges all reservations for guests, assigns housing for both guests and staff (with the Housing Committee), and coordinates arrivals and departures of all persons (approximately 6,000 per year). Keeps detailed files of guest registrations, money paid, dates requested and number in each party. Welcomes all arriving guests and staff. A helpful and friendly attitude of hospitality and the ability to keep cool under pressure are required for this position.

Waterworks Apprentice - OPEN NOW   Responsible for assisting the Waterworks Lead with the maintenance, repair, and operation of our public water system, waste water system, and major heating systems. Works closely with the Operations Manager and Electrical Lead. Some previous utility experience useful, but not required. Helpful experience may include a background in government regulation, computers, engineering, math, and science.

Writer/Editor - OPEN NOW Works with the communications team and the Executive Directors to provide written communication to Holden's constituency via the Village Voice and the BeHolden newsletter, coordinate printing and mailing of solicitation appeals, manage website content, and assist with public relations and advertising efforts. Must be able to work both independently and in collaboration to meet deadlines. Must have good computer, writing, and editing skills and an ability to learn how to manage the website. Must also be able to creatively communicate Holden's mission and needs to the wider Holden community.

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Business Manager OPEN NOW
The ideal candidate is an experienced and proven manager of the multiple business operations of a million-dollar entity.  Ability to live and work in a remote wilderness setting is required. Experience with a non-profit corporation is desirable.   MBA or experiene as a dedicated leader with a financial and organizational background required.  Accounting, computer, database, fund development, and human resource skills are necessary for this position.  QuickBooks familiarity a plus.  Reporting requirements include the ability to prepare and monitor department budgets, capital improvement projects and provide forecasts of guest registrations, contributions and various capital improvement projets.  Responsibilities include vendor negotiations, contract reviews, evaluation and management of benefits programs  for employees, and supervision of employees and long-term volunteers on the Business team.  The Business Manager conducts ongoing evaluation of volunteer performances and the associated stipend program.  This position reports directly to the Executive Directors and will manage business relationships with federal, state and local government agencies and work closely with our off-site professionals in legal, accounting and business consulting.  This position requires a 3-year commitment with periodic performance reviews. To begin your application,  Contact staffingwith a cover letter and resume demonstrating why you believe you are qualified for this admittedly unique and remote position.

Communications Lead OPEN NOW  The ideal candidate for this position is one who is as equally talented with language as they are at developing communication strategies and able to provide leadership to implement Holden Village's mission, vision, and core values.  We use both print and digital media channels, publications, websites and a social media presence to ensure that Holden's extended community is included in the life and rhythms of the Village.  Position qualifications include:  ability to create and implement a communication strategy that aligns with our mission and vision, possession of strong writing, editing and interpersonal communication skills, commitment to collaborative strategic planning and teamwork, including working with and managing a senior graphic designer.  The Communications Coordinator must be creative, organized, detail oriented with an ability to meet deadlines.  Required education and training includes a degree in relevant field such as journalism, marketing, communications, or public relations, and experience working with Adobe software, web, and social media outlets.  Position requires a 2 year commitment with periodic performance reviews.   Apply by email to:  staffing@holdenveillage.org.  Please include a summary of qualifications and a brief statement why you believe you are qualified and a portfolio of work for this admittedly unique and remote position. 

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