Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about volunteering in the Village

20171026_FireHoseTrainingGroup4_HannahLauber_2.jpg1. Do I have to be Lutheran?
2. Can I bring my family?
3. Will I get paid?
4. Can I do half-work/half-pay?
5. What is your minimum commitment?
6. How do I get there?
7. Can I bring my pet or service animal?
8. Can I have my own bedroom?
9. I'm a pastor. Can I take my sabbatical at Holden?
10. Where can I park my car?
11. What should I bring?

Have more questions? Contact Staffing.

1. Do I have to be Lutheran? The mission statement of Holden Village calls us to “welcome all people into the wilderness.” This means everybody! Holden Village welcomes and embraces people of all races, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, and abilities. We strive to overcome learned prejudices and develop relationships across difference. We actively seek liberation and transformation through education, relationship, and engagement with the Village’s core values. While Holden is rooted in the Lutheran Christian tradition, all faith traditions are celebrated and welcomed into this community. Non-Christians can feel comfortable in an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and conversation. We celebrate the unity and diversity of the church, all humanity, and all creation. All are welcome!

2. Can I bring my family? Yes! Families and children bring enrichment and diversity to the Holden community, and we welcome short-term volunteers, long-term volunteers, and employees who would like to bring their families. In the summer, families may volunteer through our Family Option program - space may be limited. During the school year, the Chelan Public School District operates the Holden School, which the children of all volunteer staff and employees attend.

3. Will I get paid? All long-term positions are paid a small monthly stipend to cover living expenses and also include health care benefits. Many long-term volunteers, particularly recent college graduates, find that the stipend is enough to cover student loan payments. Some seasonal positions (listed on the short-term volunteer page) also come with a small monthly stipend. All volunteers receive room and board free of charge.

4. Can I do half-work/half-pay? Half-work/half-pay is currently only an option in in the off-season (September through May). If you are interested, please contact the Staffing Office.

5. What is your minimum commitment? If you have been on staff at Holden before, you may volunteer for short-term volunteer positions for as little one week. If you have not, you may volunteer for a minimum of two weeks. Some positions require longer time commitments. These positions are listed on our Short-Term Volunteer page. As an alternative, all volunteeres are welcome to volunteer for one of Holden's designated Work Weeks.

6. How do I get there? For information about traveling to Holden, visit our Getting to Holden page.

7. Can I bring my pet or service animal? Due to our remote wilderness location, Holden does not allow volunteers to bring their pets. However, service animals–trained and certified to perform a specific task for the benefit of a person with a disability–are permitted in the Village. Service animals must be under control at all times. The animals should always be on a leash, harness or other tether, unless this is not possible due to a disability or if the leash or other tether would interfere with the service animal's safe, effective performance of work or tasks, in which case the service animal must be otherwise under the handler's control. And, owners are responsible for picking up after their service animals. If your service animal is a requisite for your time at Holden Village, please contact Registrar.

8. Can I have my own bedroom? Many long-term volunteers have their own bedrooms, especially during the off season. However, we have limited housing in the Village, so volunteers may need to share a room with another volunteer, particularly during busier months.

9. I’m a pastor. Can I take my sabbatical at Holden? Yes! If you are interested in volunteering full time during your sabbatical, please fill out our volunteer application. If you are interested in the half-work/half-pay option, available November 1 – April 30, please also fill out a volunteer application. 

10. Can I park my car in Chelan? Holden operates the parking lot at Field’s Point, which is approximately 30 minutes from Chelan. Free-of-charge parking is provided for both short-term and long-term volunteers.

11. What should I bring? For a partial packing list and other recommendations, see Getting Ready to Come to Holden Village.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Check out the FAQs About Visiting Page for more information, or email the Staff Coordinator. Thank you for your interest in volunteering in the Village! Holden would not be the thriving place it is today without your gifts of time and talent.