Family Volunteers

We are so glad that your family is interested in volunteering at Holden Village! This page provides information for families who would like to volunteer at Holden during the summer months. 

Please note that the family option are dependent on whether Holden Village can host guests in the Summer of 2021.

If you are interested in volunteering long-term during the school year, pleae visit the Long-Term Volunteering page.

 Interested in Volunteering?  Apply!

Holden is interested in having as many family 201605_danielenicoadismall_LindseyScheid.pngvolunteers as possible, so the current system was created to maximize the number of families that can serve throughout the summer.  We ask that all family volunteers arrive on a Saturday. Adult volunteers who wish to bring children may only do so if they are the parent or legal guardian of those children. The following guidelines balance the needs of the Village with the needs of families who volunteer and also have school-age children.

If your children are all 12 and older, you may apply to serve at any time during the summer for a minimum of two weeks. We ask that you arrive on a Saturday to facilitate orientation.

If any of your children are under 12, you may only apply for one of our two-week sessions: 

Session 1  June 13 - 27, 2020
Session 2  June 27 - July 11, 2020
Session 3  July 11 - 25, 2020
Session 4  July 25 - August 8, 2020
Session 5  August 8 - 22, 2020

All adult volunteers (as well as children over age 12) participate in Garbology and Dish Team, which involve serving the Village by sorting trash and recyclables, composting food waste, washing dishes, and cleaning the Dining Hall after meals.

Families are mostly housed in one room with multiple beds and share a community bathroom.


Children will participate in Holden’s youth programs (Narnia and Middle and High School Youth). These youth programs are available for part of the workday - Narnia (ages infant - 11) is available in the morning hours, and Miners/Jr. Miners (ages 12 and up) is available for various hours depending on the week.

For children under 12, this means that one adult works half-time during Narnia hours (mornings) and cares for their own children in the afternoon. For children 12 and over, there may be some unsupervised time when there is no youth programming and the adults are at work. Unfortunately, Holden is unable to provide childcare outside of our normal guest youth programming. If your child is over 12 and requires more supervision, please apply as though your child is under 12.

Work Logistics

In two-adult families, both adults work in their assigned areas and also participate in Garbology and Dish Team.

  • If all of your children are 12 and over, both adults volunteer full-time (36 hours/week).       
  • If any of your children are under 12, one adult volunteers full-time (36 hrs/week) and one adult volunteers half-time (during Narnia hours, usually in the morning).                             

In single adult families, the adult works in his or her assigned area and also participates in Garbology and Dish Team.

  • If all of your children are 12 and over, you volunteer full-time (36 hours/week).
  • If any of your children are under 12, you volunteer half-time (during Narnia hours, usually in the morning).
Depending on the age of your children, they may also have the opportunity to volunteer with the Village!
  • Youth 12 and over participate in Garbology and Dish Team.
  • Youth ages 14 & 15 volunteer half-time in addition to Garbology and Dish Team.
  • Youth ages 16 & 17 volunteer full-time in addition to Garbology and Dish Team.

How to Participate

If you are at all interested, we encourage you to apply early! Space for families - particularly those who have children under 12 and need one adult to work less than 36 hours per week - is limited. Based on our staffing needs for Summer 2020, we will only be accepting one family per session.