Employee and Management Positions

Holden Village employees provide leadership and continuity through the seasons of Village life. Employees carry out Holden's mission and ministry as they oversee Village functions. They also manage, supervise, and welcome staff members of all ages, skill levels, and lengths of commitment. Employees are critical to collaborating and implementing big-picture planning.

To apply for employment, please fill out an Employee Application packet and include a cover letter detailing your experience and interest in the position. If applying with a family, complete applications need to be submitted together. All Employee positions are salaried with benefits and require a multi-year commitment (2-3 years, depending on the position).

For positions listed below with an application closing date:  the listed date is the last day we will accept applications for that position.

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The current Holden Village staffing situation:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in consultation with the Executive Committee, Holden Village Board of Directors, the Executive Directors, and medical professionals, the Village is closed to guests until pandemic conditions and medical guidance allow. 

We are still considering certain Employee Applications. Please reach out to Staffing (staffing@holdenvillage.org) with any questions.


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Directors -  Application closed  The directors are selected by the Holden Village Board of Directors, pursuant to the responsibility established in Articles 3.1 and 4 of the Holden Village By-laws.  When the Board is seeking new directors, information, including a description of qualities sought in the next Village directors, will be posted on the Holden Village website.  Directors are generally hired to serve for three or more years.

The Holden Board seeks an Executive Director or team of Executive Directors for Holden Village. The primary responsibility of the Executive Director(s) is to nurture and keep the Holden Village Mission, Vision, and Core Values as the animating center of the Village’s life and work. All friends of Holden are encouraged to nominate individuals or teams of individuals with the gifts and skills to lead Holden Village. Interested persons may apply directly. The usual term is five years. This term will begin in September 2020.

View PDF Position Description, Application, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Director of Development - Filled  The Director of Development will oversee Holden Village's donor relations and will be responsible for planning the fundraising strategy, working with the Board of Directors and Development Committee to determine priorities, and direct the implementation of all fundraising activities. The individual in this role cultivates relationships with our current and prospective donors and supporters and actively engages in acquiring gifts. This is a full-time position.  The majority of work will be completed from home with periodic reimbursable travel within the Pacific Northwest and Midwest; approximately 25% of time will be spent at Holden Village. Contact Staffing for additional information about this position. 


Project Manager- Accepting Applications (Start Date Immediate)                                                                                      The Project Manager reports to the Executive Directors as part of the administrative team.  This role collaborates with the Executive Directors, other managers, and program staff to coordinate tasks, create efficiencies, and design, deliver, and embed a sustainable annual plan that advances the strategic priorities of Holden Village.  Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:     

  • Identify and develop the systems that support sustainable engagement in community, wellness, spirituality, and dynamic community life
  • Streamline executive responsibilities and administrative tasks
  • Support related teams in logistics and content of year round programming
  • Work with the Program Manager, expand connections and relationships with partner organizations (including colleges, seminaries, and other community organizations) to introduce Holden through events and programs planned jointly and held both inside and outside of the Village.

We seek an individual with demonstrated ability to collaborate with a diverse array of volunteers, guests, employees, and teaching faculty and to work independently. This individual should have excellent planning, organizational, delegation, and written and oral communication.

Community Life Manager - Accepting Applications (Start Date June 2021) Supervises and coordinates the Community Life Team which include Food Services and Guest Services.  The objective of this position is to manage the Village's shared community life in a manner that creates a positive environment for all Villagers.  The Community Life Manager collaborates with the directors and other managers to carry out the mission and core values of Holden Village by helping and encouraging all community members to be renewed and engaged, developing and maintaining a realistic but forward thinking budget, and providing support for the Community Life Team.  Because Holden Village operates almost entirely through the efforts of volunteers, the Community Life Manager must be skilled in working with people who come with a variety of skill levels for varying lengths of time.  A minimum two-year commitment is required for this position

Human Resources Manager - Accepting Applications (Start Date April 2021)  The HR Manager oversees all aspects of employee/volunteer relations including compensation and benefit plan administration, staff recruitment, policy administration, performance and appraisal management, training and development, and legal compliance pertaining to staff management.  The HR Manager works closely with leadership to provide advice, counsel, and recommendations related to staff management.  This position requires 6+ years of progressive experience in Human Resources and in a supervisory role, a BA/BS or equivalent combination of experience and education, and the maturity to be the sole owner of sensitive information in an isolated location.

Business Manager - Filled  The ideal candidate is an experienced and proven manager of multiple business operations of a million-dollar entity.  Ability to live and work in a remote wilderness setting is required. Experience with a non-profit corporation is desirable. MBA or experience as a dedicated leader or people manager with a financial and organizational background required.  Accounting, computer, database, fundraising, and human resource skills are necessary for this position.  QuickBooks familiarity a plus.  Reporting requirements include the ability to prepare and monitor department and organizational budgets, capital improvement projects and provide forecasts of guest registrations, fundraising, and various capital improvement projects.  Responsibilities include financial reviews and reporting, personnel management, negotiations, contract reviews, evaluation and management of insurance and other benefits programs for staff, managing business relationships with federal, state, and local government agencies, and working closely with our off-site professionals in legal, accounting, and business consulting. The Business Manager supervises employees and long-term volunteers on the Business team.  The Business Manager conducts ongoing evaluation of volunteer performances and the associated stipend program.  This position reports directly to the Executive Directors and will interact regularly with members of the Holden board of directors.  This position requires a 3-year commitment with periodic performance reviews. To begin your application,  Contact Staffing with a cover letter and resume demonstrating why you believe you are qualified for this admittedly unique and remote position.  

Operations Manager - Filled  The Operations Manager is responsible for supervising the maintenance and care of Holden Village’s infrastructure in accordance with the mission of Holden Village. Holden Village is a place of welcome on the edge of the wilderness; the Operations Manager must be able to create a safe, positive environment for staff volunteers who come to work in this setting. Because Holden Village operates almost entirely through the efforts of volunteers, the Operations Manager must be skilled in working with people who come with a variety of skill levels for varying lengths of time. Maintenance, transportation, construction and safety are accomplished by managing the following departments: Carpentry, Electrical, Fire Brigade, Garbology, Lawns/Gardens, Logging, Mavericks, Mechanical, Painting, Plumbing, Utilities, and Operational Purchasing. The Operations Manager also plays a significant role in budget development, regulatory compliance, and contractor management.  A minimum two-year commitment is required for this position.  


Accountant Lead - Accepting Applications (Start Date Immediate) 
The Accountant Lead works with the Business Manager to maintain accurate financial records, prepare the annual budget, and prepare for audits. Responsibilities include maintaining accounts receivable and payable, processing payroll, preparing employee W-2 and 1099 forms, assisting Village revenue centers with cash outs, and cashing checks for guests and staff. Must have knowledge of basic accounting and bookkeeping procedures, good computer and organizational skills, and Quickbooks experience.

Associate Director for Donor & Community Engagement (Remote)- Accepting Applications (Start Date Immediate) 

Working in partnership with the Director of Development & Outreach, the Associate Director
for Donor & Community Engagement will coordinate, oversee and manage annual individual
fundraising efforts, and special fundraising and community outreach events for Holden
Village. They will develop a fund base and volunteer base that will allow Holden to
accomplish its program and ongoing project goals. The successful candidate will be selfmotivated, entrepreneurial, detail-oriented and a successful relationship builder. This is a Puget Sound-based position, primarily working from home with occasional travel within the Pacific Northwest and Midwest and regular trips into a remote wilderness village. Estimated 15-20% of time over the course of a year will be spent traveling or on-site at Holden Village, with higher volume expected in the summer months and other high-peak guest times in the Village. We are seeking an individual with experience in fundraising and/or community organizing. Contact Staffing (staffing@holdenvillage.org) for more details about this position and how to apply. View the complete job description here.

Guest Services Lead - Accepting Applications (Start Date March 2021)                                                                                This role reports to the Community Life Manager, and is responsible for providing supervision and leadership for the Guest Services Team (consisting of the Laundry Head, Head and Vice Housekeeper, and associated short-term volunteers). We are seeking a motivated, self-directed individual who demonstrates passion for the Village's mission of "welcome" by caring for, providing leadership/guidance to, and acting as a back-up for the members of the Guest Services Team and their responsibilities for Village aesthetics, cleanliness, and tidiness. This role is responsible for keeping an inventory of and managing the use of the Villages furnishings. This role is also responsible for ensuring that volunteer/staff living spaces are maintained and ready for incoming staff. The Guest Services Lead provides support for the Community Life Manager and Team, and may be asked to spend some time helping in other areas of the Team (including education/program, food service, and arts). The Guest Services Lead must: have the ability to lead, inspire, motive, and supervise staff; manage a budget; have a strong aesthetic sense, and organizations skills, and the ability to create/revise efficient and effective systems that support the work of the area; the capability to lead volunteers in a way that promotes a positive, fun, and caring atmosphere. This position is a two-year position with a mutual review after one year.

Holden Store Lead – Accepting Applications (Start Date March 2021)

The Holden Store Lead manages the third largest revenue center for Holden Village. The Store Lead partners with all departments of the Village to promote the organization’s mission through an on-line and in-person store and provide a selection of merchandise and services that excite and engage with our constituents.  Holden Store head is responsible for maintaining the Holden Store through restocking, cleaning, and reporting Store needs.  Must have strong organizational skills, ability to lead and supervise staff, and comfort with daily computer based work & cash handling.  The Holden Store Head is also responsible for the tasks completed by the Posti--mail collection and distribution, assisting Villagers with sending packages, and selling stamps.  Knowledge or willingness to learn QuickBooks is necessary. 

Program Lead - Accepting applications (Start Date May 2021) 
The Program Lead reports to the Program Manager and is part of the Program Team. This role collaborates with the Program Manager, Executive Directors, and program staff in creating, organizing, administering, and facilitating programming and special events that foster the values and goals of Holden Village. This role supervises the Youth Program Coordinator, the Audio Archive Tech/Library, the Media Coordinator, the Naturalist, and the Program Associate. The Program Lead ensures that Holden Village offers diverse education and program opportunities year-round, and seeks to embrace and encourage the range of talents, areas of expertise, and identities represented within. This position requires creativity, organizational skills, interpersonal and emotional intelligence, and attention to detail. Preferred candidates will demonstrate: a background and/or experience in education, teaching, and program development; the ability to work with, teach, and mentor people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds; and the ability to make a 2-year commitment.

Food Services Lead - Application Closed
Part of the Community Life Team. Oversees all year-round food service operations at Holden Village (including the main kitchen, Snack Bar, and Beanie’s Espresso Cart), feeding between 65-450 people per day.  Responsibilities include: providing healthy, delicious, and diverse meals for all through intentional and sustainable menu planning & practices; supervising food service staff across the Village; ordering ingredients from economical and socially responsible suppliers; maintaining a clean, safe and fun working environment; further developing and implementing a food philosophy that revolves around the concept of “lavish simplicity” — good food, well and mindfully prepared, and served with joy.  In addition, the Food Services Lead is also a Head Cook.  This position can be physically demanding, with multiple hours spent on your feet and the necessity of carrying things up and down stairs. Washington Food Worker Card required.  Multi-year commitment preferred.

Information Technology Lead - Filled 
Position qualifications include a demonstrated ability to design, evolve, and implement a technology operations strategy that supports our overall mission and vision.  Must have strong technology knowledge and interpersonal communication skills and a commitment to collaborative planning and teamwork, including managing department budgets and resources.  Position requires knowledge and competence for maintaining a complicated satellite network link, plus competence with Windows Servers, VMware Servers and Cisco network.  An engineering and mechanical aptitude together with an interest in problem solving is also required. The position also requires patience in working with people who have various skill levels and knowledge of technology.  Required education and training includes a demonstrated knowledge and expertise in Windows and Linus systems administration, telephony, Microsoft Office, BlackBaud Raiser's Edge, MSSQL databases, Cisco networking and computer hardware troubleshooting.  

Porch Project Lead - Filled 

Responsible for the restoration of the log porches on Holden’s historic lodges and chalets. Construction scope includes structural log posts, beams, porch rails, decking & skirting and seismic structural retrofit. Responsible for leading a small team of volunteers, with assistance from the Holden Carpenter, Projects Lead, and Historic Preservation Consultant. Experience in post and beam construction methods, basic project management, and people skills required. Supports a high level of safety practices. Specific experience in log work and historic preservation methods preferred.

Utilities Lead - Filled  
Licensed plumber preferred but not required.  Responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of our water filtration plant, water distribution system, septic/sewage systems, building plumbing, hydronic heating systems, and the Jacuzzi.  Also responsible for all things electrical including hydro generation (on-site training provided), power distribution system, all building service and wiring, low voltage wiring. Once here, must be willing to acquire Washington State DOH WTPO-1 and WDM-1 waterworks licenses.  Oversees a utilties assistant.  2+ year commitment.    

Communications & Development Lead- Filled                                                                          Creates and implements a communication and marketing strategy for several audiences: Holden guests and staff, donors, and the general public for outreach and promotion. Works with the Development & Outreach Director and the Executive Directors to promote Holden Village’s mission, vision, and core values through print and digital publications, website and social media presence. Oversees donor database management, including reports, analytics, data clean-up, and accurate recording, tracking and acknowledgement of all gifts to Holden Village. Must be able to work both independently and in collaboration to meet deadlines. Must have good computer, writing, and editing skills and experience working with Adobe software, CRM databases, website design, and social media outlets.

Risk and Safety Lead - Filled 

A full-time risk management and safety job in a remote, North Cascades village accessible only by foot or by boat - a unique professional opportunity to shape this newly-created role! We are seeking candidates with a desire to live full-time in Holden Village, and help us generate strategy and momentum for widespread risk management systems and culture in the village for staff and guests alike. This role will be responsible for establishing goals and metrics, and coordinating training to aid the village with all aspects of safety including occupational, recreation/wilderness travel, transportation, hazardous materials, medical safety mental health and fire safety. Safety in the village is not driven just by policy, but also by training and culture, and this new role will be a leader and role model for elements such as sharing learning from incidents and near-misses. Formal training in safety management is preferred, but anyone with leadership experience, critical thinking, and training expertise is welcome to apply for this role. This is a rare opportunity to live in a unique and fantastic part of the world, and to create your own full-time dream job in risk management.


Contact Staffing for information about how to apply for these positions.

Downlake Lead - Filled Supervises hourly staff, Fields Point Coordinator, and assistants; operates the Holden Bed & Breakfast, oversees operations at Fields Point Landing, provides property management for three Holden Village downlake properties and assists the Village with downlake errands. The ideal candidate will have great customer service skills with a focus on hospitality and welcome, be physically fit, comfortable working independently and be willing to learn and problem solve. Cooking, bookkeeping & maintenance experience necessary. Room and board included and a multi-year commitment is preferred.

Head of Facilities and Operations - Filled The Head of Facilities and Operations assists in the management of Holden Village properties located on the south shore of Lake Chelan. This includes handling the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the facilities for Fields Point Landing, a U.S. Forest Service facility that is a public entry point on Lake Chelan. This also includes maintenance of three other Holden Village properties located three miles uplake from Fields Point Landing. This is a year-round position with benefits including health insurance, but hours fluctuate from full-time April  through October to half-time November through March. $15/hour.

Facilities and Operations Assistant - Application Closed The Facilities and Operations Assistant provides seasonal support in the care and operations of Holden Village properties located on the south shore of Lake Chelan. This includes day-to-day operations and maintenance of the facilities for Fields Point Landing, a U.S. Forest Service facility that is a public entry point on Lake Chelan and also three other Holden Village properties located three miles uplake from Fields Point Landing. This is a seasonal position, full-time May through October. $13.50/hour.




Holden School POSITIONS

School Teacher - This position is hired directly by the Lake Chelan School District.






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