Employee and Management Positions

Holden Village employees provide leadership and continuity through the seasons of Village life. Employees carry out Holden's mission and ministry as they oversee Village functions.  They also manage, supervise, and welcome staff members of all ages, skill levels, and lengths of commitment. Employees are critical to collaborating and implementing big picture planning.

To apply for employment, please fill out an Employee Application packet and include a cover letter detailing your experience and interest in the position. If applying with a family, complete applications need to be submitted together. All positions are salaried with benefits, and require a multi-year commitment (varies depending on position between 2-3 years).



Questions about employment? Contact Staffing.


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Directors Filled
The directors are selected by the Holden Village Board of Directors, pursuant to the responsibility established in Articles 3.1 and 4 of the Holden Village By-laws.  When the Board is seeking new directors, information, including a description of qualities sought in the next Village directors , will be posted on the Holden Village website.  Directors are generally hired to serve for three or more years.

Pastor Filled

For over 50 years, Holden Village has traveled a journey of faith that has taken it from a mining town to a vibrant place of education, programming and worship.  Holden has sought to welcome all who seek contemplation and community in the remote wilderness of the Cascade Mountains. We invite people of all ages to come alongside our rhythms, which inspire and equip travelers for a sustainable life of faith outside the Village. We are now imagining the creation of an even more spiritually rich space – a “thin space” where we are most receptive to God’s Spirit, where we can reflect on our story and history and where we can seek to discover our place in God’s creative mission in our world.

The culture of Holden is that of an intentional, long-term wilderness community with rhythms of worship, work, rest and learning. We welcome all people into this rhythm of community by providing a ministry of hospitality for guests and visitors. Holden Village seeks simultaneously to be a place of openness to non-believers and agnostics and a worshiping community of Christian believers. In the midst of this diverse tension is the opportunity for the spirit to work.

We seek a pastor(s) that is strong theologically and creative in worship planning.  We seek a worship leader, which in addition to teaching through the living word and sacrament integrates the arts into worship to re-form our ritual and rhythm of living in faith. 

This position is open to full-communion partners as well as Lutheran pastors. Interested persons should send letters of inquiry to Holden Village, in care of the Executive Directors, HC 0 Box 2, Chelan, WA  98816 or chuck.director@holdenvillage.orgpeg.director@holdenvillage.org and to Bishop Martin Wells, 314 S Spruce St., Spokane, WA 99201 or msmmwells@aol.com. The Holden Village Executive Directors will make the final selection of a pastor.

This pastoral call is offered in partnership with the Eastern WA and Idaho Synod of the ELCA, through whom the call will be issued to Special Service in Outdoor Ministry.  Click here for a complete description.


Business Manager OPEN NOW
The ideal candidate is an experienced and proven manager of multiple business operations of a million-dollar entity.  Ability to live and work in a remote wilderness setting is required. Experience with a non-profit corporation is desirable.   MBA or experience as a dedicated leader or people manager with a financial and organizational background required.  Accounting, computer, database, fundraising, and human resource skills are necessary for this position.  QuickBooks familiarity a plus.  Reporting requirements include the ability to prepare and monitor department and organizational budgets, capital improvement projects and provide forecasts of guest registrations, fundraising, and various capital improvement projects.  Responsibilities include financial reviews and reporting, personnel management, negotiations, contract reviews, evaluation and management of insurance and other benefits programs for staff, managing business relationships with federal, state, and local government agencies, and working closely with our off-site professionals in legal, accounting, and business consulting. The Business Manager supervises employees and long-term volunteers on the Business team.  The Business Manager conducts ongoing evaluation of volunteer performances and the associated stipend program.  This position reports directly to the Executive Directors and will interact regularly with members of the Holden board of directors.  This position requires a 3-year commitment with periodic performance reviews. To begin your application,  Contact staffing with a cover letter and resume demonstrating why you believe you are qualified for this admittedly unique and remote position.  

Guest Experience Manager Filled  
The Guest Experience Manager supervises and coordinates the Guest Experience Team, whose responsibilities are to enhance the Holden experience for staff, guests, and teachers through art, education, hilarity, and all aspects of hospitality.  In addition, this position is responsible for developing a realistic but forward thinking guest services budget.    The Guest Experience Manager collaborates with other managers to carry out the mission and core values of Holden Villlage by helping and encouraging every staff member to make each guest's experience renewing and spiritually rewarding.  A minimum two-year commitment is required for this position.

Operations Manager Filled  
The Operations Manager is responsible for supervising the maintenance and care of Holden Village’s infrastructure in accordance with the mission of Holden Village. Holden Village is a place of welcome on the edge of the wilderness; the Operations Manager must be able to create a safe, positive environment for staff volunteers who come to work in this setting. Because Holden Village operates almost entirely through the efforts of volunteers, the Operations Manager must be skilled in working with people who come with a variety of skill levels for varying lengths of time. Maintenance, transportation, construction and safety are accomplished by managing the following departments: Carpentry, Electrical, Fire Brigade, Garbology, Lawns/Gardens, Logging, Mavericks, Mechanical, Painting, Plumbing, Utilities, and Operational Purchasing. The Operations Manager also plays a significant role in budget development, regulatory compliance, and contractor management.  A minimum two-year commitment is required for this position.


Accountant Lead Filled

Arts Enrichment and Outreach Lead Open August 2018   The Arts Enrichment and Outreach Lead supervises the Village Potter, Village Artists and oversees the Artist Residency program; Maintains and develops Village art inventory; Creates displays to beautiful public spaces and educate the community; Collaborates with the Executive Directors and Program Team to generate ways to creatively organize programming and special events that foster relationships with the wider community; Serves on a leadership team that provides support, feedback and insight to the Executive Directors. The ideal candidate is detailed oriented, possesses excellent organizational skills and has the ability to work well independently, as well as in a collaborative setting. Excellent written communication ability and oral presentation skills are necessary components of this job. The ability and desire to think creatively is a must, and a background in the arts is preferred. A two year commitment is preferred.

Communications Lead OPEN NOW  The ideal candidate for this position is one who is as equally talented with language as they are at developing communication strategies and able to provide leadership to implement Holden Village's mission, vision, and core values.  We use both print and digital media channels, publications, websites and a social media presence to ensure that Holden's extended community is included in the life and rhythms of the Village.  Position qualifications include:  ability to create and implement a communication strategy that aligns with our mission and vision, possession of strong writing, editing and interpersonal communication skills, commitment to collaborative strategic planning and teamwork, including working with and managing a senior graphic designer.  The Communications Coordinator must be creative, organized, detail oriented with an ability to meet deadlines.  Required education and training includes a degree in relevant field such as journalism, marketing, communications, or public relations, and experience working with Adobe software, web, and social media outlets.  Position requires a 2 year commitment with periodic performance reviews.   Apply by email to:  staffing@holdenveillage.org.  Please include a summary of qualifications and a brief statement why you believe you are qualified and a portfolio of work for this admittedly unique and remote position.  

Development Director (Out of Village position) Filled   The Development Director is responsible for the ongoing fundraising efforts of Holden Village. Works in close collaboration with Executive Directors, the board, and members of the Development and Fundraising committee to oversee and manage a capital campaign, by developing a fund base and volunteer base that will allow Holden Village to accomplish the program and project goals in the next few years. Must have experience in development and capital campaigns. Knowledge of Raiser’s Edge required. Experience with Holden Village preferred.

Education and Programming Lead Filled  The main objective for this position is to ensure that Holden Village offers diverse, quality education opportunities to guests and staff.  The Education and Programming Lead also creates and implements Holden's excellent year round program, seeking to embrace and encourage the range of talents, areas of expertise, ethnicities and cultural diversities represented at Holden Village.  The position requires creativity, organizational and interpersonal skills and attention to detail.  Also required is a teaching background or experience in education and program development, along with the ability to work with, teach and mentor people of all ages, abilities and ethnic/religious backgrounds. 

Electrical Lead Filled   Washington State Licensed Electrician required. Responsible for all things electrical including hydro generation (on-site training provided), power distribution system, all building service and wiring, low voltage wiring.  Oversees an electrical apprentice.  2+ year commitment.

Facilities Lead Filled   Responsible for maintenance and remodeling projects on village buildings and grounds.  Oversees crews of carpenters, painters, groundskeepers, the repair associate and the fire chief.  Arranges help from Electrical and Water Works Leads as necessary.  Experienced with general contracting and project management, license preferred but not required.  2+ year commitment.

Food Service Lead Open Summer 2018 The Food Service Lead  is responsible for the year around operation of the Holden Village kitchen which serves up to 400 people per meal during peak guest season. Responsibilities include: providing healthy and tasty meals for guests and staff in a festive and caring atmosphere; supervising kitchen staff; ordering ingredients from economical and socially responsible suppliers The Food Services Lead has a key role in maintaining Holden's commitment to what is described as "lavish simplicity":   Good food, well prepared and served joyfully.  The Food Services Lead  is also a cook.

Guest Services Lead  Open August 2018   Responsible for providing support services to all people at Holden Village.  Oversees crews including Housekeepers, Laundry staff, and Holden Store staff.  Excellent people and organizational skills required.  Experience in hospitality services a plus.  2+ year commitment.  

Human Resources Lead Filled

Information Technology Lead Filled   Position qualifications include a demonstrated ability to design, evolve, and implement a technology operations strategy that supports our overall mission and vision.  Must have strong technology knowledge and interpersonal communication skills and a commitment to collaborative planning and teamwork, including managing department budgets and resources.  Position requires knowledge and competence for maintaining a complicated satellite network link, plus competence with Windows Servers, VMware Servers and Cisco network.  An engineering and mechanical aptitude together with an interest in problem solving is also required. The position also requires patience in working with people who have various skill levels and knowledge of technology.  Required education and training includes a demonstrated knowledge and expertise in Windows and Linus systems administration, telephony, Microsoft Office, BlackBaud Raiser's Edge, MSSQL databases, Cisco networking and computer hardware troubleshooting. Apply by email to: chuck.director@holdenvillage.org.  Include a summary of qualifications, a brief statement why you believe you are qualified and a portfolio of work for this admittedly unique and remote position. 

Mechanic Filled    Licensed mechanic required.  Responsibile for the maintenance and safety of our vehicle fleet. Includes the transportation fleet, work vehicles, and heavy equipment.   Oversees the mechanic's apprentice and operational training of heavy equipment operators.  2+ year commitment.  

Waterworks Lead Filled  Licensed plumber preferred but not required.  Responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of our water filtration plant, water distribution system, septic/sewage systems, building plumbing, hydronic heating systems, and the Jacuzzi.  Once here, must be willing to acquire Washington State DOH WTPO-1 and WDM-1 waterworks licenses.  Oversees a water works apprentice.  2+ year commitment.    


Contact Staffing for information about how to apply for these positions.

Downlake Lead Filled
Ensures a clean, welcoming environment for Bed & Breakfast guests and provide them with a Holden hospitality experience even before arriving in the Village.  This person or persons would maintain aesthetically pleasing grounds and gardens at the Bed and Breakfast.  In addition, creativity to envision new ways to utilize the B&B as a year-round retreat/meeting/guest facility.  The Downlake Lead is a full-time position and a multi-year commitment is preferred.

Holden School POSITIONS

School Teacher - Open June 2018  The Holden School Teacher applies directly through the Lake Chelan School District. READ MORE






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