Partners in Ministry / Sabbaticals

Partners in Ministry Program

Are you employed in faith-based ministry? Perhaps you are a member of the clergy, or you work in outdoor ministry, campus ministry, faith based services, and churches? If so, the Partners in Ministry program may be right for you. This program is open to ministry partners of all faiths, including faiths other than Christianity.

We offer you, partners in ministry, a period of rest and renewal: seven nights free of charge per year, to be used during the non-peak season.

*Please note that the application process is currently CLOSED.

Details and Logistics

  • Spouses/partners are included in this free offer. If children come with their parent(s)/guardian(s), they are invited as paying guests.
  • We prefer to host one Partner in Ministry per week/at a time, although exceptions can be made. If there are groups of ministry workers who wish to come together as a retreat, they are invited to work with the Education & Program Associate to discuss options.
  • We ask participants to consider making a contribution to the Village to help us offset the cost of food (approximately $30 per person/per day).
  • While in the Village, Partners in Ministry are encouraged to find opportunities to volunteer. This may include washing dishes, stoking fires, or helping with Vespers.
  • This offer is only available during the non-peak season: November 1st through April 30th, with blackout days around holidays and scheduled programs and retreats (i.e. Women’s Retreat, etc.)

We offer this program because Holden Village is a ministry of renewal. In keeping with our mission, Holden Village seeks to welcome all to the wilderness for a time of respite so that they may better serve themselves, their community, and their ministry. Within the steep walls of Railroad Creek Valley something unique and wonderful happens to restore and renew all who enter the Village.

Application ProcesS

  • Preference will be given to applicants who have not previously participated in this program and those who have not participated in the last five years. However, we still encourage you to apply, and ask you to be willing to be flexible with your dates.

How to Apply

Education & Program
Holden Village
HC 0 Box 2
Chelan, WA 98816

My time at Holden Village through Partners in Ministry (PIM) over the past seven years has been invaluable and has provided me much needed time for rest, community, prayer, meditation, and hilarity. I first took advantage of a personal retreat at Holden through PIM at the end of my year of service with Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC) and found the retreat to be essential to processing my year of service.
As a full-time campus ministry professional who leads student retreats now, it is important for me to "practice what I preach" and to take a retreat myself. I always come into my PIM time at Holden with three main goals for my PIM retreat, all of which I can always fulfill in the Village. M
y time at Holden during PIM has been sacred and an invaluable gift that always "fills my cup" - for this/Holden, I am grateful.

- Emily Czarnik-Neimeyer, past Partners in Ministry participant

Sabbatical Options

Half Work/Half Pay Option
This choice allows you to have your needed time of rest and renewal while engaging in the work and worship life of the Village. Holden usually requires a three week minimum stay to participate in the work of the community. Duties would include: half-time work (18 hours/week) in a Village position such as cooking, maverick, or housekeeping, with dish team once a week, garbology team once a month, and staff meeting once a week. This option is not available during the summer (June, July, August). To take advantage of this option, contact Staffing.

Full Work/Free Stay Option (become a staff member)
With this option, you will work 36 hours per week in a Village position plus dish team and garbology. Room and board are free, and a three week minimum stay is required. This option is available year-round and availability of various positions will change from season to season. For more information on open positions or to take advantage of this option, contact Staffing.

Full Pay/Free Time Option (be a guest)
If what you need is a complete break for rest and renewal, you are also welcome to come as a full-paying guest with none of the above expectations. You may come for any length of time on this option, and extended stays do incorporate a reduction in registration costs. To take advantage of this option, contact the Registrar.

Teaching Staff Option

Holden Village invites those with expertise in the Arts, Theology and Philosophy, Environmental and Social Sciences, Social Justice issues, Peacemaking, and more to join the Village share their knowledge with the community. Clergy members are often qualified and interested in serving in this way. As a member of our teaching staff, you will lead several sessions per week and usually participate in community tasks, such as dish team and garbology. Contact the Education Coordinator for more information.