Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Holden Village, including the B&B, is closed to guests and visitors at this time. We really miss having a Village full of guests! Although we do not currently know when we will be able to open registration again, we look forward to welcoming guests back in the Village as soon as we can. 

Hiking & Recreation

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update for Hikers

Due to COVID-19, Holden Village facilities and roads are currently closed to guests/visitors. Due to the remote location of Holden Village and limited access to medical services, Holden Village is endeavoring to limit COVID-19 exposure to the high-risk population that resides here. For this reason, we inform hikers of the following information:

1. There are no services available at Holden Village to hikers. This includes transportation, food service, snack bar, laundry, or lodging. All facilities are closed to visitors.

2. Hikers must utilize bypass routing around the Village, in order to minimize exposure to Holden Staff.

Through hikers: South Bypass: Bypass road, Railroad Creek Trail, and Vehicle Bridge (see map image – route highlighted in purple)

Ten Mile Falls, Monkey Bear Falls, and Winston Trails: North Bypass using Village Loop (see map image – route highlighted in teal)

3. Please practice social distancing (6’) in encounters with Holden Village staff.

View PDF of Hiker Bypass Routes Map


Hiking & Recreation

Located in Railroad Creek Valley within the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, Holden Village sits just one mile by trail outside of the Glacier Peak Wilderness in North Central Washington. Our unique setting gives visitors access to hundreds of miles of trails and wilderness right on our doorstep. All the trails surrounding Holden are open, and most are in great condition. A few trails contain hazards and damage left over by the 2015 Wolverine Creek Fire, making them difficult and hazardous to navigate.  Please refer to the Forest Service’s information on trail conditions when planning trips.

Once in the Village, The Cabin offers hiking information, local trail maps, meals for hikers, and a limited selection of hiking gear (by no means a gear outfitter) to help guests and staff make the most of the trails. The Village Naturalist is also a resource for visitors, offering daily sessions exploring the natural history of the area.

For information on hiking and recreation around Holden Village: USFS Trail Conditions
For information regarding transportation, lodging, or meals:

Marijuana is not permitted at Holden Village.

Backpackers and Climbers

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Holden Village is closed to guests and visitors. Due to the closure, Holden will be unable to offer our usual bus transport or meals in the Village to hikers and climbers.

Transportation Request Form

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Transportation is not available during the closure of Holden Village to guests/visitors.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Holden Village facilities and roads are closed to guests/visitors. Please see the information listed above.


Hunters, please note that Holden does not allow firearms, including hunting rifles, on Holden transportation to or from Lucerne, nor are they permitted in the Village. Holden does not transport or store game. For more information, contact our Registrar.

Skiing & Winter Recreation

Holden is an excellent location for winter recreation. Holden often offers cross country skiing lessons and short guided hikes via snowshoe throughout the winter. We have a collection of cross country skis, boots, & poles, several sets of used backcountry skis, and many pairs of snowshoes that are available for use.

Winter recreation at Holden comes with many potential hazards. Avalanches run out frequently around the village and along popular recreational routes throughout the winter and spring. The Northwest Avalanche Center provides daily avalanche forecasts through most of the winter. Holden’s weather is also updated daily. Mountain weather may change quickly and unexpectedly. Come expecting the best, but be prepared for the worst.

Environmental Learning at Holden

Holden also offers numerous opportunities to learn about of the North Cascades ecosystem and the nature of Railroad Creek Valley. The Holden Library contains numerous books concerning environmental topics, and The Cabin hosts a collection of field guides and information on the natural history of the North Cascades and the valley.

In the summer season, Teaching Staff from numerous professional backgrounds offer sessions on a variety of environmental topics. The Village Naturalist leads daily sessions on environmental topics throughout the summer and is available as a resource for guests, groups, and staff throughout the year. Feel free to contact the Village Naturalist with questions or ideas at

Hike Haus

Where'd the Hike Haus go?

In Spring of 2018, thanks to the work of many volunteers, the Hike Haus got a new home! Located just West of the Village near the footbridge, The Cabin offers hikers all of the amenities of the Hike Haus with additional space for environmental education and more!

The Cabin

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

The Cabin and all Holden Village facilities and roads are closed to guests/visitors for the Summer 2020. Please see information listed above.

The Cabin offers information on the trails in the valley, hiking basics, day and overnight pre-made meals, and limited hiking gear for guests and staff. We are not a gear outfitter (and cannot guarantee a sufficient stock of gear for all guests), but we do provide the basics, including:

Day Hike Supplies
Water bottles & filters • sandwiches • trail mix • day packs • fly and spin cast fishing rods and tackle

Overnight Hiking Supplies
Tents • sleeping bags • sleeping pads • stoves • rope & bear bags • pre-made simple meals • cookware • fire starters

Essential items (pre-packaged food, water bottles, simple tools, fire starters, headlamps, space blankets, clothing, basic first aid supplies, sunscreen, area maps, bug spray, regional field guides etc.) can also be purchased in the Holden Store.

As mentioned above, fishing poles are available for check out in The Cabin. While you may purchase fishing licenses in the Holden Post Office, that you purchase one before your arrival in the Village as our internet is limited and often slow. Holden does not provide bait.