Rates & Registration


Please read through ALL of this information thoroughly prior to registering, as many aspects about this summer are new and different in order to make reopening possible and safe.

Registration is now open for an 8-week modified summer session from July 12th through September 4th, 2021!

Registration for fall (September 5th through October 31st, 2021) is now open! A few things are different about visiting in the fall instead of during the summer. Learn more about visiting Holden Village this fall.

Please note that all of the plans outlined below are subject to change and that Holden Village continues to follow local, state, and federal protocols for remaining safe and healthy. Thank you for your patience and grace as we navigate these unique and hopeful times together!

Summer 2021 Session 

July 12 - September 4, 2021

Cohort Model

In this unusual summer, Holden Village guests will stay for five days with the same cohort of people. This length of stay is based on the average amount of time that most guests typically spend at Holden. This cohort model creates a special opportunity for you to engage in community and grow connections with your fellow Villagers! It also promotes wellness by making deep cleaning easier and allowing an opportunity each week to get into a wellness rhythm and share healthy practices as a community.

Arrival and Departure Days

All guests will arrive in the Village with their cohort on Mondays and depart on Saturdays. No exceptions will be made unless there is an emergency.


The community of guests and staff present in the Village will be smaller than a typical summer. Registration will be capped at 50% of lodging and dining capacity.

Holden Village wishes we could open to more people but we are grateful for the opportunity to slowly increase the number of people in the Village with hopes to continue expanding capacity as it becomes safe to do so!

Children/Youth Programming

Due to our commitment to wellness, we will limit the number of children within our youth programming. The sign-up form for our youth program, ages 4-17, will be included within the guest registration confirmation email. Enrollment in youth programming will be confirmed at a later date. We are looking forward to designing meaningful children's and youth programming within the limited capacity of this unique summer. 

Through-Hiker Information

Information for people hiking through Holden Village and seeking food and transportation can be found on the Hiking and Recreation page.

All-Inclusive Package

Relax and let Holden Village take care of multiple details of your trip with our new, all-inclusive package!

This summer, both boat tickets and Fields Point parking passes are included in the packaged deal as part of the price of staying in the Village. Boat tickets include travel on the Lady of the Lake only (not the Express) and only from Fields Point to Lucerne and back.

Holden will communicate your dates and party size to the boat, and the boat will send you a separate confirmation email. 

What’s Included In Your SUMMER Stay

  • Lady of the Lake Boat Tickets - NEW
  • Parking Pass at Fields Point Landing - NEW
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Teaching Faculty Sessions 
  • Welcome Gift - NEW
  • Access to hiking, art, community life, worship, and more

Summer 2021 Rates

Length of Stay Adult (18+) Children (Ages 4-17) Children 3 and under
1 cohort session (5 days) $700 $475 FREE
2 cohort sessions (12 days)* $1,540 $1,045 FREE

* Limited space available for guests to stay two consecutive cohorts.

Due to capacity limitations that already reduce the number of people that we can welcome to Holden Village this summer, we cannot accommodate guests wishing to stay for three or more consecutive cohorts. If you are interested in being at Holden for longer than two weeks, please consider applying to be a Short Term or Seasonal Volunteer.


A 20% deposit of your total registration fee is due upon confirmation of your reservation.

Cancellation Policy 

Your guest deposit is fully refundable if you cancel 30 or more days in advance of the start of your visit. Unfortunately, we cannot refund your deposit if you cancel 29 or fewer days before your visit. We recommend that you consider travel insurance as you make your plans this summer.

Fall 2021 Session

September 5 - October 31, 2021

Plan now to join us for fall leaves, misty mountains, and fresh-brewed tea. Fall is a magical time to visit the Village, and we can't wait to see you!


  • Choose the length of your stay (no cohort model)
  • Arrival and departure days are limited to Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays
  • Please book your own boat tickets with Lady of the Lake
  • Fall teaching faculty list coming soon!
  • Group visits available with discounted rates for groups of 15-40 people

Fall 2021 Rates

Special Rates
Length of Stay Adult (18+) Children (Ages 4-17) Children 3 and under
1 night $107/night $82/night FREE
3 nights $99/night $76/night FREE
7 nights $85/night $65/night FREE
14+ nights $85/night $65/night FREE
Special Rates
2-Parent Family $1,848: 6- or 7-night stay for 2 parents and all of their own children (ages 17 and younger). Each additional night beyond 7 is $264.
1-Parent Family $1,260: 6- or 7-night stay for 2 parents and all of their own children (ages 17 and younger). Each additional night beyond 7 is $180.

A Community of Wellness 

Caring for the health and safety of all Villagers is a responsibility joyfully shared by all members of the community! The following practices and requirements apply to both summer and fall registrations.

Vaccine Requirements

All Holden Village guests in age groups eligible to receive vaccination are required to be fully vaccinated before arrival (including completion of the two-week waiting period after full vaccination). Currently, this includes all guests ages 12 years old and up. 

If you are not yet vaccinated but anticipate that you will be by the time of your visit (including the waiting period), you may make a reservation. However, please note that you will be asked to cancel your reservation if you are not vaccinated at the time of your arrival.

High-Risk Groups

According to CDC guidelines, even if you are fully vaccinated you should still avoid travel if you fall into one of the high-risk categories. As the health and safety of our guests will always be our number one priority, we urge you to reconsider a trip to Holden this summer if you fall into one of the high-risk categories found here.

Community Health Protocols and Practices

The staff community that has been serving at Holden Village during the pandemic closure has diligently maintained a safe and healthy community. We invite you to join in this practice of mutuality, care, and wellness. Learn more about what Holden Village will be doing to keep you safe. Read more on our Community Health Protocols and Practices page.


Please view our Summer 2021 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and General FAQ pages to learn more. If you have any further questions that remain after reading the FAQ page, please contact the Registrar at registrar@holdenvillage.org.

Register Today! 

Please click one of  the buttons below to register for summer or fall 2021. We look forward to welcoming you to Holden Village! 

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Summer Week 1 (July 12-17) and Week 6 (August 16 - 21, 2021) are full. If you would like to visit during Weeks 1 or 6, please sign up for the Wait List Request Form

Experience Holden Downlake. Book a stay at the Holden B&B.

When making travel arrangements, please consider the Holden Bed & Breakfast, located downlake near Fields Point Landing, for a convenient and comfortable place to stay before or after catching the ferry.  Please contact the B&B at 509-687-9695 or email BandB@HoldenVillage.org to check availability and make a reservation. 

The rates that guests pay to come to Holden cover only 60 percent of Village operating costs.
The remaining 40 percent is made up for by a variety of generous gifts given to the Village by visitors and volunteers. Your contributions are gratefully accepted!


PLEASE NOTE: We can no longer recycle glass

Due to the recent elimination of glass recycling in Chelan and the nature of Holden’s waste management system, we ask that guests bringing beverages into the Village opt for plastic or aluminum containers or take glass with you at the end of your stay to recycle downlake. Thank you for helping us minimize our negative impact on the environment!