Women's Retreat

Women's Retreat

Women's Retreat 2019: February 8-11

Join us in the Village for Holden’s annual celebration of sisterhood. Focused on holistic renewal, Women’s Retreat is a space for women to step back, put busy lives on pause, try something new, and, most importantly, to renew the bonds of womanhood with one another. Through intentional conversation, art, music, and reflection we are equipped with good courage for life beyond this “place apart.”

Registration for Women's Retreat 2019 is now FULL.

Holden Village will lead small group sessions relating to the arts, pottery, cross country skiing (snow permitting), snowshoe hike and nature throughout the Women's Retreat Weekend.

Elizabeth Austen

AustenKUOWSMALL.jpgElizabeth Austen, former Washington state poet laureate, is the author of Every Dress a Decision (Blue Begonia) and two chapbooks. She celebrated World Poetry Day 2018 reading at UNESCO in Paris alongside a dozen poets from around the world. She’s currently working on a poetry manuscript titled States of Emergency.

Elly McHan

McHan_Elly.jpgElly grew up practicing music and faith at (what often felt like) all times and in all places. She loves delving into theology, unpacking text in community, being changed and shaped by worship, and learning–about anything and everything, from anyone and everyone. Elly currently serves as Campus Pastor at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. She also exercises her musician-elly skills as a member of the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony (mostly viola, sometimes violin). Over the years, she has practiced living, learning, worshipping, serving, and making music in Palestine, Norway, Austria, and Canada (which is home).

Melinda Pupillo


Rev. Melinda Pupillo has been a pastor in the ELCA for over 13 years. For 11 of those, she served as pastor at a large, programmatic congregation in La Crosse, WI, and then as Retreat and Program Coordinator for the Franciscan Spirituality Center in La Crosse. Having lived and worked with ministries in Ecuador and other parts of South America, her bilingual and multicultural roots help shape her ongoing enthusiasm for diverse collaboration in leadership, community, and service. Melinda received her B.A. from Valparaiso University, and her M.Div. from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, where she serves on the Board of Directors. Raised on the north side of Chicago, she returns often to visit friends and family. Melinda is married to Greg, who serves as Head Cook here at Holden Village.

Mylinda Baits

Mylinda_2017-5SMALL.jpgMylinda Baits brings her experience working across cultures both in the United States and internationally. Having worked alongside beautifully diverse populations throughout the world for almost two decades, she values and honors the deep wisdom, creative expression and resilient healing resources that can be shared through the arts. She currently travels throughout the globe with International Ministries ABC-USA as a Global Consultant for Training using the Restorative Arts.  

Mylinda finds joy watching diverse communities come together through collaborative art making, storytelling and contextual worship. By designing creative, practical and skills-based learning opportunities, she facilitates group formation and connection through participatory and experiential practices, weaving metaphor and meaning through accessible and culturally sensitive processes. Mylinda has facilitation certification from the Buttry Training for Conflict Transformation Trainers, Training for Change, a nonviolent social change organization using a direct education approach, Build A Bridge International, a non-profit arts organization whose mission is to engage creative people and the transformative power of art making to bring hope and healing, and is a certified trainer for First Aid Arts. The trainings are informed by neurological and psychological research that supports the use of arts-based psychosocial resources to promote resilience and reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

Mylinda holds a BA in Behavioral Science, a Masters of Divinity and is currently preparing for her PhD in Expressive Arts Therapy and Social Change. She has been an ordained American Baptist clergywoman for over 28 years. In her family, she is surrounded by school teachers, her husband and 2 adult children teach her new things daily. She enjoys exploring different cultures through their food, the spicier the better, doing collaborative mosaic making with upcycled windows and salvaged stained glass and is an avid Pickleball player.

Karin Holt

Karin_Holt_Womens_Retreat_2019_web.pngKarin is on a life-long quest to provide medicine on all levels: body, mind and spirit. Karin’s initial training was in Western medicine. She feels privileged to have served as a clinical nurse for people who pursued highly skilled treatments for leukemias and lymphomas at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She later expanded her scope of practice to include Chinese Medicine. Karin loves Chinese Medicine because whether we speak of the body or the spirit, we are automatically speaking about the totality of our human experience. Karin’s tools may be words, acupuncture needles, or herbs, yet the ultimate goal is to help each person find a way to flourish in life as it is right now. Expect Karin to speak to our numerous human relationships, whether it’s the flow of vitality within our bodies, our relationships with ourselves and with others, or our relationship with God and God’s creation. As we reconnect with these dynamics in balance, we become better equipped to make healthful choices for ourselves, our communities and our planet.

Karin practices Five Element style acupuncture in the northern Seattle neighborhood of Maple Leaf. She helps people move through symptom resolution to cultivating life-long health and vitality. Many people find the Five Element style of acupuncture helps alleviate symptoms associated with chronic illness, while others find their healthy selves simply feel better, with fewer colds, headaches and better sleep. Karin is delighted to share this medicine with the beloved people of Holden Village.



Thank you for your continued support of Holden Village. We hope to see you in February!