Community Health Protocols and Practices

Holden Village, as a community of practice during the pandemic, pledges mutuality and collective support for the safety and health of all in the Village. By following state and national guidelines and caring for the health of others as well as our own, we have enjoyed a renewed sense of community this year amidst all of the challenges. We invite all who will journey to Holden this summer to work, play, teach, and learn, to join us in wellness practices that create a culture of care for all.

The 2021 summer program is designed around weekly guest cohorts with a reduced population, 50% of typical capacity, entering and departing the Village together. Phase III guidelines for Chelan county such as social distancing and masking in public may remain in place.

People at High Risk

If you are at high risk of developing severe disease or COVID complications should you become infected, we recommend you speak to your health care provider about your risks and consider not traveling to Holden Village this summer, due to our remote mountain location and limited access to medical care.


Guests, faculty, and staff commit to healthy practices to reduce exposure to illness and to tracking symptoms for 2 weeks before arriving at Holden. Holden understands that the very act of traveling by plane, train, boat, or bus could itself increase exposure and asks everyone to take the utmost precaution with hygiene, mask-wearing, and distancing as you journey.


All guests, staff, and faculty who are in age groups eligible to be vaccinated must be fully vaccinated before arriving at Holden Village. Currently, this includes everyone 12 years old and up. (Fully vaccinated = 14 days after a single dose of J&J or two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.) 


Holden wants families to be free to recreate and relax in the community with confidence. To support a meaningful experience, we ask that children who are ineligible to be vaccinated (currently anyone age 11 and under) receive a negative result on a COVID screening test 3-5 days prior to entering the Village. Youth ages 4-11 will be tested under the guidance of the Holden Medic using the BinaxNOW antigen test upon arrival at the Village.

Children and Youth Programming

Children and Youth Programs will operate at 50% capacity and emphasize outdoor programming and play.

Creative Use of Space

Holden is excited to maximize comfortable and accessible use of outdoor gathering and dining spaces. Indoor dining, worship, and programming will abide by state guidelines for safe occupancy.