Getting to Holden

signcurves.jpgHolden Village is located in north central Washington in a remote wilderness area. The Town of Chelan, Washington is the closest community, but no roads connect it to the Village.  Travel to Holden includes a scenic two-to-four-hour boat ride on Lake Chelan (a "must do" trip according to National Geographic), boarding either in the town of Chelan or at Fields Point Landing (16 miles uplake from Chelan).

An 11-mile ride (40 minutes) in a Holden vehicle completes the journey to the Village. Holden transportation meets the boat only when pre-registered visitors are on board or leaving.  

Lake Chelan Boat Company Info

Fall 2021 - If you are traveling to Holden after September 4, 2021, please book your own boat tickets with Lady of the Lake.

From September 4 - October 15, 2021, Holden's fall transport schedule is designed to meet the Lady of the Lake boat on the days that it runs, and the Lady Express when the Lady isn't running. After October 17th, the Lady of the Lake stops running and transport will meet the Lady Express each transport day.

Transport September 5th - October 16th, 2021
  Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday
Transport Departure time
from Village
10:45am 9:30am 11:45am 10:45am
Lady II Arrival at Lucerne
11:45 UP / 2:30 DWN NONE 1:15 UP ONLY 11:45 UP / 2:30 DWN
Express Arrival at Lucerne
10:30 UP / 12:50 DWN 10:30 UP / 12:50 DWN 10:30 UP / 12: 50 DWN 10:30 UP / 12: 50 DWN

Transport Departs Lucerne

~12:00pm ~10:45am ~1:30pm ~12:00pm

Transport Arrives Back
in Village

~12:45pm ~11:30am ~2:15pm ~12:45pm


Transport October 17th - January 2, 2022
  Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday
Transport Departure time
from Village
10:30am 10:30am 10:30am 10:30am
Express Arrival at Lucerne
10:30 UP / 1:50 DWN 10:30 UP / 1:50 DWN 10:30 UP / 1:50 DWN 10:30 UP / 1:50 DWN

Transport Departs Lucerne

~11:45am ~11:45am ~11:45am ~11:45am

Transport Arrives Back
in Village

~12:30pm ~12:30pm ~12:30pm ~12:30pm

Public Transportation to Chelan

Air, bus, and train services connect Wenatchee with Spokane and Seattle. From there, bus transportation (LINK bus) is available from Wenatchee to Chelan. Please note that all transportation services listed below operate independently of Holden Village and do not necessarily advise the Village of schedule or fee changes. Be sure to check out transportation links in advance and make reservations when necessary.


If not traveling by boat, the only other way to get to Holden Village is to hike. Several trails in the area recently suffered extreme fire damage in 2016, making them difficult to find, and in some places dangerous to travel due to post-fire hazards. A complete list of trails and conditions is kept up to date by the Chelan Ranger District. Holden welcomes all backpackers and climbers who would like to make Holden a part of their route.

Backpackers, hikers, and climbers are welcome to book a guest room at Holden for the night, but they must register before arriving in the Village. Hikers who are not registered guests are not allowed to enter any buildings in the Village. There is a U.S. Forest Service campground with limited space about a mile by trail from the Village. 

If you would like to inquire about transportation to and from the Village for recreation this fall/winter, please email Please visit our Hiking and Recreation page for more information. 

Travel by Car | Travel by Train  | Travel by Bus  |  Travel by Air  |  Travel by Taxi
    Lodging  |  Luggage & Travel Delay Parking 

Travel by Car

Paid parking is available at the Lake Chelan Boat Company dock and at Field’s Point Landing. Most Holden Village visitors prefer to park at Field’s Point, which is supervised by Holden Village staff members and includes rest rooms and limited concessions. Plan to arrive 30 to 40 minutes before the boat departure time so you will have time to take your luggage to the dock and park and lock your car. Volunteer staff may request a Field’s Point parking permit from the staffing office prior to arrival. Check the ride share info on the Web site if you are able to offer a ride.

Road Construction Alert: South Lakeshore Drive (on the way to Fields Point Landing) is undergoing repairs. A one-lane, unpaved bypass road that runs adjacent to the project area will serve as a detour route with an automated signal that will control the flow of traffic. If you are planning to catch the boat from Fields Point Landing, please allow for extra driving time for your arrival and departure. Consider using a traffic map app to help plan your timing.

Winter Caution: check Cascade Pass information here before winter travel to Holden.

Travel by Train

Amtrak stops in Wenatchee, 35 miles from Chelan. Visit or call 1-800-872-7245 for schedules and tickets. To get from the Wenatchee train station to Chelan without a car, check the schedule for the LINK bus, which picks up from Columbia Station where the train stops in Wenatchee.

Travel by Bus and shuttle (Regional and Local)

There is regional bus service from Spokane and Seattle to Wenatchee with connections to Chelan. For information about the Trailways bus service, visit or call 1-800-366-3830. For Greyhound, visit or call 1-800-231-2222 for tickets and information.

The Wenatchee Valley Shuttle is a van shuttle service that operates between the Seattle airport, Wenatchee, and the Spokane airport. The shuttle drops passengers at Columbia Station in Wenatchee adjacent to the LINK bus and Amtrak stops. Visit for tickets and more information. If travelling with children please note that, in accordance with Washington State Law, the shuttle requires age-appropriate car seats for all children under 8 years old.

The LINK local bus company operates between Wenatchee and Chelan. Visit or call 509-662-1155 for schedules, fares, and information about luggage restrictions. If you are traveling with a large group they ask to be notified in advance. They will drop you directly at the boat dock if you ask. Because LINK is largely a commuter bus service for those living in the Wenatchee/Chelan area, bus times are more frequent on weekdays and during working hours, so be sure to check the schedule while making travel plans. Please also note that the bus does not stop at the B&B or Field's Point.

Travel by Air

If you are flying into Seattle, United Express and Horizon Airlines both have connecting flights from Seattle to Wenatchee. There is no public transportation from the Wenatchee airport into Wenatchee or Chelan. Hotels often have shuttles, and taxi service is also available. There is also a van shuttle service,, between both the SeaTac and Spokane airports and Wenatchee.

Travel by Taxi

The following carriers provide service between Wenatchee and Chelan: Lake Chelan Cab Company (Manson, 509-687-TAXI); AAA Taxi Service (East Wenatchee, 509-886-4222); A Cab & Carrier (Wenatchee, 509-886-4222) or Apple Valley Tours (Chelan, 509-682-3686).


Since the boat to Holden leaves early in the morning, most people arrive in Chelan or Wenatchee a day prior to their arrival in the Village. (Some hotels/motels may give a discount for Holden staff during off-peak times). Please inquire prior to making reservations. Click here for lodging options in and around Chelan, which are numerous. Wenatchee is 35 miles away from Chelan. Here is a listing of Wenatchee Valley hotels and motels. Some hotels in Chelan may provide a ride to the Chelan boat dock in the morning for those without a car. Inquire with the hotel upon reservation.

Holden Village Bed & Breakfast:  Just three miles uplake from Field’s Point Landing, the Holden Bed & Breakfast  offers comfortable accommodations with Holden-style hospitality. The B&B information phone number is 509-687-9695. B&B staff cannot provide shuttle service to/from the B&B, and the B&B is not accessible by public transportation.

More information

Luggage & Travel Delay Luggage

The Lake Chelan Boat Company requires that all items be clearly labeled with your name and destination, Holden Village. Please refer to the Lady of the Lake website for baggage weight and size restrictions. Large and/or heavy items may be subject to extra fees.

Travel Delay: If you miss a travel connection and will not be arriving on your confirmed date of arrival, please notify us in one of the following ways:

Email Holden Village: and
Holden B&B: (509) 687-9695

Holden Village is not responsible for costs incurred due to missed travel connections.


Parking at Field's Point

Plan to arrive at the Lake Chelan Boat Company or at Field’s Point Landing about 30-40 minutes before the boat departure time to take your luggage to the dock, to park and lock your car and to pay for parking. Parking is available at the Lake Chelan Boat Company in Chelan, but the least expensive long-term parking option is available at Field’s Point Landing. The Field’s Point parking lot is run by Holden Village and includes restrooms and a telephone (calling cards only). It takes about an hour to drive from Wenatchee to Field’s Point Landing in good weather. Fields Point now accepts credit cards as well as checks and cash. 

   Rates for Parking at Fields Point Landing:

0-3 Daytime Hours Free 3-12 Daytime Hours 5.00
1 night           7.00 2 nights      14.00
3 nights      21.00 4 nights      28.00
5-7 nights  35.00 8 nights        42.00
9 nights      49.00 10 nights     56.00
11 nights    63.00 12 nights    70.00
13-30 nights 75.00 90 days    90.00
120 days     120.00 180 days    180.00
1 year       210.00 Bus Per Day Cost  25.00
Opening Gate 20.00