Holden Village Voice Magazine

A quarterly print publication that shares our rhythms, mission, and stories, through voices from both within and outside the Village.

Winter 2018-19

All Things New. The feminine insight is a rediscovery of Jesus’ spirit in the political upheaval, a re-forming of the hearing of the Gospel. The feminine re-telling is finally beginning to influence the very structures of the churches. Just as the birth of Jesus begins with the divine “yes” of a woman, so does our learning to hear anew. We attend closely the voices that have said, “yes, I am listening and this is what I hear.”


Seeds of Change. We remain deeply engaged with the essential issues of human life—in the places where real conversation can happen, even between people who think and feel differently. We have asked our contributors to share their wisdom and expertise on the moral, ecological and spiritual crisis of climate change. In this issue, we hope to cultivate conversation and actions that wake us up to the needs of this world.

Winter 2017-18

Arts Edition: Awakening Beauty. In this special Arts Edition we have asked visual artists, poets, writers, musicians and performing artists from around the world to reflect on their work. We asked, How can the arts and culture contribute to peace andthe reconciliation process in post-conflict societies? How can the arts and a theology of reconciliation help rebuild societies that value human rights, peace and tolerance? The belief is that the arts can awaken beauty to reconnect us to the earth, with each other and to the Divine.

Fall 2017

A Place at the Table. We invite you to a table set for the oft times uncomfortable conversation on racism and white privilege. This theological issue is an attempt to shine a light on injustice and the long journey toward change. These are thoughts and conversations that begin awareness and turn us from a fractured world. The community, to which Christ calls us, begins not externally but in the very depth of the human heart. Long before community can be formed in outward relationships, it must be accepted as gift, and present within our self, as a capacity and a need for connectedness, opening the eyes of our heart.

Summer 2017

Turning Toward One Another. Despite most people’s deep longing to live together in peace, we see more fear, violence, aggression, racism and separation in our world. We have been asking what we can do about this. What role do we choose to play? Do we withdraw and simply hope to live a satisfying private life? Or do we turn to one another and work to birth a healthy future together for all of God’s creation? We ask ourselves, “What is my role in protecting and defending vulnerable people, and how do we create positive change?” That is our challenge.

Spring 2017

Beginning Together. In the Spring 2017 issue of the Village Voice, we invite you to enter into a deep journey, wherever you are on the path—just beginning, lost along the way, longing for companionship, or enjoying God’s abiding love. This spring issue begins the dialogue that we hope will bring your heart, mind, and body to this far-reaching, personal, and life-changing conversation this summer in the beauty of Holden Village. We hope to find an entirely different way of knowing ourselves, each other and our place in creation.

Winter 2016

Light. What is it about the transformative power of light?  In the Winter issue of the “Holden Village Voice" and during this time of Advent, we listen for that which comes from God - the light and love that moves our hearts to action to love all creation.

Fall 2016

Home. What does “home” mean to you? Is it a place, a smell, a tradition, or a gathering of loved ones?   In this Fall’s issue of the “Holden Village Voice,” guest writers explore the idea of “home” and give voice to their own experiences and visions of that idea. 

Summer 2016

Re-Formation. In this summer issue we look at the action and process of forming again. We find ourselves in a unique time in the life of Holden. It is a creative time. We seek the beauty in the process of making things new. We are re-forming our relationships to the earth, the Village and to one another. Our Holden community continues to venture onto still more “paths as yet untrodden.” We are called to raise our voices together to find our way forward. 

Fall 2015

Finding The Way Forward. Silence Between the Words. An overview of the Wolverine Creek Fire of 2015. Ahead of Schedule: the natural role of wildfire. Voicees From The Fire: three Villagers tell their stories. Seasonal Summary. Artists' Corner. Art and Theology. Building Bridges. Hiking for Holden. Called, Equipped, & Sent. Hope and Morels (or A Fungus Among Us).

Winter 2015

The Joy of Winter. The Unique Now. Conversations with the Directors. Holden Moments. Winter Wonderland. The Fifth January. Short Answers to the Top 5 Questions about Construction at Holden Village. Spring Things. Grace Shattering Perfection.

Fall 2014

Holden Hilarity is Alive and Well. Holden Village: "One-Off." Introducing our next Executive Directors. Highlights from summer 2014. Village improvements continue. Mine remediation update. An essay from a friend. Holden guitar stories. Looking ahead. Ridiculous Indulgence?

Spring 2014

Getting Down to Our Foundations. Holden on the Road. Lodge 3 Renewal. Stories Keep Us Connected. Refresh, Renew, Rejoice. Life in the Village these Days: Same but Different. Artist Residency in Community, Ecology, and Spirituality. The Truth of the Remnant.

Winter 2014

Answering the Call to Ministry. Refresh, Renew, Rejoice! It's All About the Water. At the Soul of the Village: Children. Winter Photo Review. Holden Village News and Events. Holden Village Classifieds. Worship in this Place.

Fall 2013

Embracing the Paradox: In Messiness There is Hope. The Summer That Was: Holden On The Trail, Holden on the Road, and Village Renewal. Making Music Out of a Mess: A Guitar From Holden. Mine Remediation: Pieces of the Puzzle Come Together. Upcoming Events at Holden Village. Our Daily Bread.

Summer 2013

Conform or be Transformed? On the Road: A Holden Experience is Remotely Possible. On the Trail: Into the Wild. FOG: A clear and vital presence. Fertile Grounding for a New Labyrinth. Moving Forward as One Village. Every Week is Work Week on Both Sides of the Creek. Faces of Rio. Who's Cookin? A Day in the Life of a Mine Clerk. Poker Players in the Pool Hall: Then & Now. The Breaking. An Eye for the Iris. Statement from the Holden Village Board of Directors.

Spring, 2013

Summer Theme: Made Known in the Breaking of the Bread/How mine remediation impacts Holden’s finances/What’s the special sauce at Holden?/Welcome to Garbology/Village Arts: When dreams come true/Construction Season 2013: Every week is Work Week/Holden on the Road/Holden on the Trail/Summer Program/Snow Dance Film Festival/Prohibition and Promise

Winter, 2013

When All Things are Possible/Ambiguity and Being Theologians of the Cross/Holden on the Road/Holden on the Trail/This Summer’s All About Hard Hats/When All is Said and Done, What Will the Village Be Like?/The Bookstore: When Merchandising Means Ministry/To Sing in the Face of Death/Telling the Story of Our Koinonia

Fall, 2012

The State of Being Ultimately Concerned/Mine Remediation: What’s so unusual about the unusual?/Mine Remediation: Looking Ahead to 2013/Abriendo Caminos: Opening the Way, Changing Lives/Paintings as Prayer/working Behind the Scenes to Stay in Touch with You/’No heat, no hot water, and people still came’/This is My Body: Holy Communion in Railroad Creek Valley and Other Places

Spring, 2012

God Gives Us Seasons for Gladness of Heart/Summer 2012/Autumn Sojourn: A tree beside the river/The Summer of ’62/Holden Evening Prayer Resounds Around the World/A Farewell to Winter: Spring Work Week 2012/Celebrating 50 Years in the Spirit of Service

Winter, 2012

Gathered in and Abundantly Free/Summer Theme: Where the River Flows, Life Abounds/Ring the Bells for Evening Prayers/50 for the 50th/Coming Down the Mountain with a Song in your Heart/When a Job isn’t a Job/Remediation: Once Again a Mining Town/Board Members Invest Time, Energy, and Skills/Called into Question

Fall, 2011

A Year in Images/Mine Remediation Update/50th Anniversary Gathering/God’s Joke: The Surprising Gift of Holden Village/Holden Bowls Project/Forerunners’ 50-Year Reunion?Holden Village Celebrates Citizenship/The Ecology of Grace/Symposium: Heresy or Merely Radical?/Ops Report/The Wicked Soup Lady

Spring, 2011

Summer Theme: The Many-Colored Grace of God / Board Report / One Village, Two Missions / Holden Mine Site Cleanup / Core Value: Hospitality / Ops Report / The Voice of One Crying Out in the Wilderness / Board Report / Portal Museum News / Autumn Sojourn & Elder Village / Hydro and Fish: A Strange Combination / Portal Museum News / Courage in Haiti / Abriendo Caminos

Fall, 2010

New Directors / Village Pastor / Heritage Circle / Core Value:Place / Ops Report / Mine Update / Good Courage / Board Report / Portal Museum News / Autumn Sojourn & Elder Village / SciTech: Bio-diesel / Summer 2010 & Abriendo Caminos

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