Holden Village Voice Magazine

A quarterly print publication that shares our rhythms, mission, and stories, through voices from both within and outside the Village.

Winter 2020

Art of Imagination. Our Earth community is facing a great challenge. We have the ability to shape our future, but we can do this only by working together, by caring for the least of us, by listening to the marginalized, and by looking for insight in the textured niches of the world. It is not a single voice but a collective one that tells our story and allows us to re-imagine what might be.

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Spring 2019

Unity of Love. The unity of love opens us to the spiritual dimension within everything that has being. Within each life form is the soul from which all things come. We have to learn how to be in relationship with all things again, how to approach one another, and how to reassure each other. And we need to know the risks. We need to be aware of how fragmented the unity is and just how deeply our wholeness has been divided by fears and aggressions that have further compounded our brokenness.

Winter 2018-19

All Things New. The feminine insight is a rediscovery of Jesus’ spirit in the political upheaval, a re-forming of the hearing of the Gospel. The feminine re-telling is finally beginning to influence the very structures of the churches. Just as the birth of Jesus begins with the divine “yes” of a woman, so does our learning to hear anew. We attend closely the voices that have said, “yes, I am listening and this is what I hear.”

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