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Prayer Around the Cross at Holden Village

February 7, 2018

Holden Evening Prayer Around the World (HEPAW): an opportunity to worship together with the global Holden community.


 What is Holden Evening Prayer?
Holden Evening Prayer was written in 1985-86 when Marty Haugen was the musician-in-residence at Holden Village. The simple vespers service follows a traditional Lutheran form while using contemporary and inclusive language. It has been adopted around the world, and the liturgy is used weekly at Holden Village, where the service is known as Vespers '86.

How can you participate?

  • Host an event! Events have been held in churches, community centers, and homes. Fill out this form to have your event posted on the map below, allowing those in your area to join the celebration. If you need to make changes after submitting your event, please email educationprogram@holdenvillage.org
  • Join an event in your area! Scan through the map below to see if there is a service near you. If not, check back in a few days (as events are regularly added), or think about hosting your own event.
  • Spread the word! Pass this information along to anyone who might be interested in hosting or joining an event. Consider especially those who live in different countries or on different continents!

For Your Information

  • This year, Holden Village will celebrate Holden Evening Prayer Around the World on Wednesday, February 7, 2018. However, if you would prefer to celebrate on a different day during the same week, feel free to choose a day that works best for your community.
  • To purchase worship pamphlets, visit Gia Music
  • Help us archive this celebration! Send any photos of your event to educationprogram@holdenvillage.org or use the hashtag #HEPAW on social media!
  • Suggested readings: Readings will be posted after our Summer 2018 theme is announced - check back in early 2018 for more information!
  • Coming Soon: Recordings! If you aren't able to find an accompanist or vocalist for your HEPAW event, check back soon for video and audio recordings to be used for worship leadership.

Host a HEPAW Event


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