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OWEN GEMMER: Holden Morning Poem

June 28, 2016 at 5:00 AM

Holden Morning Poem

A poem using words from Holden Evening Prayer - written 6/28/16 at Sunrise on Ten Mile Trail
By: Owen Gemmer

O God, I call to you
In the blazing sun of dawn.
Come to me now.
O hear my voice
When I cry to you.

When I cry to you
Come, and light my heart anew -
The light of my pathways
Lead me on to endless joy.

I live to do your will
As an offering to you.
For your word and your presence
Call to me now.
I can hear your quiet song.

God of day-break,
God of shadows,
God of mercy,
Hold me in love -
Love that bursts all chains asunder.

In the blazing sun of dawn
My soul proclaims your greatness, o God.
So let my prayer rise up!