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CALLIE MABRY: Gestation and Change

December 10, 2020 at 6:43 PM

Last week, we explored the nurturing and life-giving qualities of darkness like the darkness of the womb. How fitting that I am writing today’s article in literal darkness due to the power outage!

As I am drafting my words this afternoon, the absence of light in my office is helping me stay focused on my goal to grow these sentences into paragraphs and eventually a full column. I am not distracted by papers and lists calling my attention elsewhere. I am nourished by the darkness to develop my thoughts.

Continuing with the Village’s framework of the metaphor of pregnancy for Advent, the theme for this second week is Gestation and Change. The dictionary definition of change is “to make someone or something different.” In my experience, change does not tend towards a particular outcome – the altered state can be positive, negative, neutral, or some combination.

Gestation implies a specific type of change where resources and energy are given to help something grow. The dictionary definitions of gestation are: “1) The process of being carried in the womb between conception and birth and 2) the development of something over a period of time.” Whether development of an idea or the literal growth of a creature in its mother’s womb, there is nourishment and care involved.

When I read these definitions of gestation, I was struck by how my brain adapted the first definition and combined it with last week’s theme.
The process of being carried in the darkness of the womb.
The process of being carried in the darkness.

I give thanks for the many people who have carried me and cared for me in the darkness.

Who has carried you in the darkness? How did they help you grow?

Callie Mabry is the Communications and Development Lead at Holden Village.