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BILL POSEY: Hopeful People

May 20, 2015 at 10:10 AM

Who has been the biggest influence in my life?

There have been many along the way.

Can I choose just one?

That just won't do.

After all, the list would include: teachers, pastors, professors and monks.

Family, friends, and foes, and those I never even met.

Those who lifted me up. Those who tore me down.

Rich folk and poor.

The wise and fools alike.

Young and old.

But with time, one person's influence fades, and another's takes over.

And I hope that it will always be so.

So who is the greatest influence in my life today?

Today is the 25th anniversary of the first day of my first visit to Holden Village.

Holden is people, Holden is ideas, Holdes is experiences, and an experience. Holden is a place.

I have lived her 25 years ago, and again 20 years ago, and again 10 years ago, sometimes with some of you. And I live at Holden now.

So who is the greatest influence in my life today?

Well, that would be y'all.