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Week of July 27 | Holden 2020 | Sustenance for our journey


A New World

The future of the Earth will depend on a shared vision and a shared life. Instead of waiting to go back to what was “familiar,” we need to turn and face the future and all of its ambiguity, with courage. There is an opportunity within to awaken the dynamic energy that weaves together all of life in a cosmic communion of wonder and awe. Perhaps there is a seed of hope within this that can help build a world that is more compassionate and loving for all of creation. There is a new world emerging.

In this issue of All Things New, you will find our upcoming summer webinars. We hope you will join in the conversation on our interactive sessions. Listen to the wisdom of Joe Davis and David Scherer. Wherever you are reading this, we hope that you find inspiration and sustenance for these days of uncertainty. May you be safe, may you be well, and may you be held in love.

Chuck Hoffman + Peg Carlson-Hoffman
Executive Directors



There are many invitations afforded us in times such as these. Invitations to listen, to engage, to be open, to love and remind ourselves that we don’t own the answers. In the spirit of our Summer Conversation, All Things New, this summer will be a different kind of summer. Holden will continue to be a light — just in a new way. In this new world we’re all inhabiting, we're sharing insights from some of our originally scheduled summer faculty.


Featured Summer Faculty

Travis__Portrait.jpgTravis anklam

(he/him pronouns) Listener and Learner

Travis is a graduate student at the University of Montana where he studies Natural Resources Conflict Resolution and Environmental Studies. Formative years teaching as the Naturalist at Holden fostered Travis’ passion for engaging conflict and the wicked problems that impact our communities and environment. He is working with several collaborative conservation efforts in Montana and across the West that bring people together to find shared solutions to socio-environmental problems. He lives with his partner, Aj, and enjoys being outside, making music, and laughing with others.

Aj_Williams_Headshot.jpegAj Williams

(she/they pronouns) Social Documentarian

Aj is a social documentarian, working as a freelance filmmaker, staff video editor for First Universalist Church of Minneapolis, and as a videographer for Twin Cities PBS. This fall, she will join Travis as a master’s student at University of Montana to study Environmental Science & Natural Resource Journalism. Aj has previously made films for Holden Village and for the past four years has worked in communications as a volunteer and long-term staff member. The things most near and dear to their heart are pajama-walks with mugs of coffee, backpacking with Travis, and helping others un-earth stories.

Kerssen-Griep__Jeff.jpegJeff Kerssen-Griep

Teacher and Communicator

Jeff Kerssen-Griep is a professor of communication at the University of Portland, where he especially enjoys teaching intercultural, interpersonal, and barrier-crossing communication courses. His research and workshops help teachers and other group leaders see and shape the skilled interactions that drive engaged, diverse learning/work environments. He also backs contra dance fiddlers on guitar in the PNW bands Joyride and Wild Hair. He lives in Vancouver, Washington.

Summer Faculty Webinar Registration

Play_Builds_Resilience_Photo.jpgPlay Builds Resilience: A Lively, Interactive Workshop facilitated by David Westerlund and fellow Applied Improvisation Facilitators

How can play keep us *connected* and *resilient*? We invite to come and discover *through* playing! And you’ll leave feeling more alive with tools to sustain you and yours. What games will we play? Exercises and games from both Liberating Structures and Applied Improvisation are invaluable for getting grounded, connected, engaged, playful, and spontaneous. No prior improvisation experience is required or advantageous. David will be joined by Marthame Sanders, an Atlanta-based dad, artist, and pastor. A graduate of Yale University and the University of Chicago, Marthame has served in ministry as international mission staff, youth director, and solo pastor.

Monday, July 27

5:00–6:30pm PDT/ 7:00–8:30pm CDT


Aj___Travis.jpgComing Together Around Place — facilitated by Travis Anklam & Aj Williams

By listening deeply and opening our hearts, we can engage our surroundings and communities to better resolve conflict and care for what is common between us. This series will explore how deepening our “sense of place” can help us to be grounded and engaged through these times, while aiding us in coming together to tackle the wicked socio-environmental problems we collectively face.

July 28, 29, 30

5:00–6:30pm PDT/ 7:00–8:30pm CDT


Kerssen-Griep__Jeff.jpegWhat are we learning about communicating science in public? — Facilitated by Jeff KersSen-Griep

This session will discuss what’s known about challenges people face when exploring and adjusting to genuine empirical truths (especially the difficult ones), as well as ways those difficulties can be amplified or navigated by the folks involved in scientific inquiry – which includes all of us. You will leave the session better understanding the aptitudes people need to deal skillfully with science being communicated societally and interpersonally, in classrooms and in organizations. Pre- and post-readings will be offered.

Monday, August 3

5:00–6:30pm PDT/ 7:00–8:30pm CDT


More Resources for Your Journey

AudioArchiveLOGO_July-200.jpgFrom Color Blind to Color Struck
with Joe Davis & David Scherer

"Jefferson sums up the kind of schizophrenia of this country around race where he's saying all men are created equal, says the man who owned 150 slaves. The founding fathers already had this in the founding of our country. It wasn't dealt with then, so we're still dealing with the legacy of it now, including much more." During our time together we will take a deep dive into critical race theory and identify our own story within the story of race. Poetry, storytelling, and discussion will be some of the ways that we expand our minds and hearts around this important topic.


Podcast150.jpgCollective Liberation
with Joe Davis & David Scherer

"We're all woven together in an inextricable garment of destiny... Unity is not something we need to seek, it's something we have to remember. Unity is reality... the question becomes, how are we going to live that out together?"





Unity of Love

Love is pregnant with hope.
May you be blessed
in your sacrifice of love.

Spider Gap
Photo Chuck Hoffman

This series, All Things New, will explore in part the conversation originally scheduled for summer. In this new world we all inhabit, may you find sustenance for your journey.