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February 2017
Why Holden?: Minnesota Winter Concert, Summer 2017 Teaching Faculty, Staff Openings, and more

January 2017
Beginning Together: Summer 2017 Registration Open, Staff Positions, and Winter Concerts. 

December 2016
Change is in the Air: Remediation Wrap-Up, Summer 2017, Winter Concers, Snowdance Film Festival, and more.

November 2016
Staff openings, Winter Concerts, Women's Retreat, Snowdance Film Festival, Artist Residency, and abundance.

October 2016
As the aspen and cottonwood trees turn to gold and crisp mornings settle on the Village, we we are filled with excitement as we spend our weeks working with Holden staff to prepare the Village for next summer.

September 2016
As the forest begins to make its miraculous transformation, so does the Village.

June 2016
Under Heaven: there is a season, Forerunner Summer 2016, Brick by Brick

January 2016
Blessings for the New Year, Winter Worship Life, Join the Holden Staff, Holden Needs Quilts, Hiking for Holden, Creation Awakes

December 2015
Advent Greetings, Artist Residency, Creation Awakes, Year-End Giving, Staffing Opportunities, Women's Retreat News 

November 2015
New Holden Village Voice, Kids & Families, Beautification & Education Project, Board Elections, Hiking for Holden, Artist Residency 

October 2015
Beautification & Education Project; Board Elections; Called, Equipped, & Sent; Hiking for Holden; Project Update; Contractors Needed

September 2015
Wolverine Creek Fire Update; Exiles Unite; Holden Evening Prayer; Called, Equipped, & Sent; Hiking for Holden; Creation Awakes (Correction: Wilderness First Responder training has been postponed until spring, and fall work weeks are TBD.) 

July 2015
Creation Waits; Called, Equipped, and Sent; Unstallation / Installation; Reinvigorating Worship; Holden Evening Prayer Around the World; Contractors Needed

June 2015
Families in the Village, Celebrating Community, Improvements & Progress, Outdoor Worship, Hiking for Holden, Contractors Needed

May 2015
Spring Transition, Holy Week, School Spirit, You Can Help, Hiking for Holden

April 2015
Hiking for Holden, Resident Artists, Naturalization, Compassionate Voices, Folk Festival, You Can Help

March 2015
Women's Retreat; Spinning Sisters; Sun Over Buckskin; Snowdance; Folk Festival; Winter Holden Village Voice Now Available

February 2015
Chuck + Peg Visit the Village; J-Term Recap; Winter Olympics; Inspirational Worship; Folk Festival; Compassionate Voices Reatreat

January 2015
Happy Holidays; Winter Guest Season; J-Term in the Village; Las Posadas; Santa Lucia

December 2014
Thanksgiving Work Week; Winter Guest Season; Hold a Piece of Holden; Snowdance Film Festival; We Love Volunteers!

New Holden Village Voice; Thanksgiving Work Week; Be a Guest; The Perfect Gift; Calling All Artists; Audio of Announcement

October 2014 
Next Directors Chosen; New Grease Trap; Guitar Stories; Deer Across The Creek; Round-the-Clock Remediation

September 2014
First Day of School; First Water; Seeking Guitar Stories!; Welcome Pastor Kent; A Call for Volunteers; Holden on the Road

May 2014
Dig This; Refresh, Renew, Rejoice!; Foundations; Check Your Mail 

April 2014
Christ is Risen!; Not to Boast; Holden on the Road; Refresh, Renew & Rejoice with Tamales; A Guitar Story for Easter

March 2014
We'll Put You on the Map; Ready to Work? Don't Wait; Listen! And Travel Through Time; Box Office Hit; In Memoriam; Reminders

February 2014
Then it Snowed, In Tune, Holden Evening Prayer Around the World, Holden Could Use Your Help, Putting the "U" in Data, Want to Get on Board? Señor, Muẽstrame Tus Caminos, Holden School Looking for Teachers, Hats On for Refresh, Renew, Rejoice!

January 2014
Fare for a Fair January, Comings and Goings, Northwest Chinooks, Out of the Case, Village Voice En Route

December 2013
Welcome, Guests! Welcome, Snow (We Wish!), Peace in the Wild, Santa's Guitar Workshop

November 2013
Be-Holden: We're thankful for you, Refresh, Renew, Rejoice!, You can hear it now!, Keep Listening, Oktoberfest, Last Call, Charge!, Tamales for Black Friday

October 2013
Short and Sweet; Beddy-Bye for Railroad Creek; Dec. 1 Deadlines Coming Soon; Seattle & St. Paul: Save the Date; The Problem Is... 

September 2013
Be-Holden: Mountain Voices, 2014 Artist Residency, Guest Opening Delayed, Demolition Refugees, Where’s Holden?, Which is Which?, Holden Classifieds

August 2013
Be-Holden: Waiting Game, Missing Purse Story: Can You Dig This?, Hunger Awareness, What's Holden Singing?, Trapped!, Car Talk

July 2013
Are You  Special? Made Known, Peace Pole, Holden Roots, Coming to Your Mailbox, Digging In, The Happy Hiker

June 2013
Labyrinth Surprise, Row Your Boat, Are We Looking For You? Orange Is In, On the Road, On the Trail

May 2013
May Day! May Day!, Same Address, New Look, Music and Ministry, Close and Comfortable, Flavorful, Leadership Lab, It Must Be Spring


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