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Holden Village is a Lutheran ministry, nestled in a forested valley at 3,200 feet in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington state. The Village welcomes people of all ages, ethnicities, faiths and backgrounds, offering modest yet comfortable amenities in a wilderness setting. 

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Call For Tradespeople!


Mine remediation workers are not the only ones who are gearing up for our final season of heavy construction. In the Village, we’ll be busy with several capital improvement projects. Your trade skills will make a difference in the effort to reach the finish line. We need:

> Electricians and experienced electrical workers
Carpenters and framers
Heavy Equipment Operators.
Concrete workers
Dry stack rock wall builders
Sawyer to operate our Timber King band sawmill
Peeled Pole Carpenters
Project Managers and Project Leads to help lead work teams or manage all of the above projects

Construction season starts in May and goes through November. Please email staffing@holdenvillage.org to let us know your skills and availability.

What’s New

HOLDEN SCHOOL NEWS: Ramping up for the end of the school year, and with the largest graduating class in Holden School history, the high school students have been bringing new skills to the community. After a semester of International Culinary Arts class, the students cooked a meal for staff, including dishes like Hum Bao (steamed pork buns from China) and Galub Jamun (deep fried dough in a sugary syrup from South Asia). The five seniors also gave their Senior Presentations, reflecting on themselves, their education and visions for the future. They also shared their many gifts, like improvisational piano-playing, teardrop trailer-building and monologue-performing, to name a few. We're proud of all they've accomplished and excited for their adventures yet to come!

RHUBARB FESTIVAL: If there's one thing we can't get enough of in this village, it's RHUBARB! That's right: those tart, reddish-green stalks that grow rampant on our grounds, in our gardens and along our chalets. With the excessively leafy plant threatening to take over our pathways and swallow our flowerbeds, Villagers will not be denied this tasty, obscure morsel in their baked goods. So, at the Snack Bar Grand Reopening last week, the Lawns & Gardens crew hosted a rollicking Rhubarb Festival! In addition to traditional Holden ice cream scoops, Villagers were served homemade crisps, cookies, custards and pies, all bursting with the vanquished rhubarb. The Holden community came out dressed in red and green and as a whole, showed their love (in conquest) of the herbaceous perennial vegetable. 

LET THERE BE LIGHT: One of the major Village renewal projects during these years of construction has been transferring Holden electricity underground. A safety and aesthetic improvement, the new system runs power through underground rather than overhead lines. The Capital Projects Team tirelessly trenched, ran conduit and pulled cable last summer, to pave the way for launching the new electrical design this year. A few weeks ago, Lodge 3, the Hotel and the Sauna were hooked up to the new system, accompanied by a "blessing of the electricity" ceremony; the overhead power lines behind the Hotel were taken down, leaving an unobstructed view of Dumbell Mountain; and yesterday, Agape was hooked up to the new system as well, with more buildings on the way.

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Hiking For Holden


Map illustration by Elizabeth Person

Holden Board Member James Nagel is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in honor of Holden Village this season! Click below for more information, to track James' progress, or to contribute to his campaign.

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Holden Voices

Medic Linda Evans reflects on the power of diversity in God’s community.
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Coming Events

May 1: Construction season officially begins

May 30: Holden School Prom

June 6: Holden School Graduation

June 26-July 1: Holden Village Board of Directors meets in the Village

June 27: Installation of next Directors

August 22: Holden Evening Prayer Around The World

Now Under Construction

The Village operated as a mining town from 1937-1957. It is now the site of a massive remediation project to clean up environmental problems left from those mining days. During this disruption, village infrastructure and facilities are also being upgraded. Guest visits are not possible during the summer construction season. Volunteer staff continue to live at the Village year-round, and skilled trades professionals are sought to help with Holden's infrastructure updates. 

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