CoronaVIrus (COVID-19) UPDATE

Holden Village is currently closed to all guests. All events are cancelled, including the Holden Village Pilgrimage. We miss having a Village full of guests!

Below is a description of the Holden Village Pilgrimage event that is offered during a typical summer. Holden Village hopes to offer this event again in the future!

Holden Village Pilgrimage: August 30 – September 5

Which journey are you on? Holden Village has become a pilgrimage destination of sorts for generations of seekers, with many making special journeys to Holden Village to disconnect from day-to-day life and experience the rest and spiritual renewal that the Cascade Mountains and the Village community have to offer. Now you can make the journey with a guided pilgrimage experience customizable to your own personal journey. Join fellow Villagers for a week of intentional pilgrimage as we allow the wilderness to guide us to the wilds of our soul, forming a community of seekers and discerning where we are on our individual journeys and where God might be leading next.

While it’s traditional for visitors to Holden Village to participate in their own choice of activities during their visit, this pilgrimage experience is slightly different, operating more like a planned retreat. Those interested in this pilgrimage should be ready to commit to participating in each session listed below for both personal and group benefit. We will be a small group which will enhance the intimacy of the experience as we journey together. Register early while space is still available!

To register for this event please go to Holden’s Registration page and request the dates of August 30, 2020 through September 5, 2020 and the option of registering for The Holden Village Pilgrimage will come up.  The rate is $99/night and $594 for the Pilgrimage.  The rate includes lodging, food and all programming. Though the rooming options shown might display multiple beds, participants will be placed in rooms on their own unless requested otherwise. If you have questions please contact


**The Holden Village Pilgrimage has reached its limit of participants, so registration is closed.  If you wish to be put on a waiting list, please email


SUNDAY - Crossing Thresholds
The pilgrimage begins with a day of travel by boat and Holden Village bus as you make your way to your destination. The unique journey to Holden Village offers an opportunity to contemplate what it means to cross the threshold into another world, each layer of the journey deepening the experience. Prompts will be given beforehand to accompany this transition. Once you arrive at Holden Village, the afternoon and evening are yours to settle in. Following dinner and before Vespers, there will be an introductory pilgrimage meeting open to all in the Village.

(Note: Tickets for the Lake Chelan boat to Lucerne, where you will be picked up by Holden Village staff, is not included in the pilgrimage fee and will need to be booked independently. There is only one boat a day to Holden Village, which departs early in the morning. Those who do not live in the general area will want to plan to arrive to Chelan or the Holden Village B&B the night before in order to be near the departure point.)

MONDAY - Longing
Each day begins with breakfast and Living Word (optional). Following a coffee break, our morning sessions will be spent with our pilgrim community as we journey alongside one another. In our first session, you’ll explore what made you say "yes" to this pilgrimage, naming the longings that brought you here, revisiting the call, and determining the questions that will guide you throughout the week.

Each afternoon and evening will be yours to live into what you explored in the morning, with options for area hikes, creative exploration, and peer-led group spiritual direction in the afternoon (dependent on participant interest).

TUESDAY - Intention
In our second session, you’ll take your guiding question and from it determine your personal “quest” for the week—the theme of your pilgrimage and a way of intentionally engaging the journey at hand.

WEDNESDAY - Engagement
In our third session, you’ll explore going deeper with your quest, including ways to engage your quest through spiritual practice, reflection, and holding space for the movement of God.

THURSDAY - Encounter
Having spent a few days working with your quest, in our fourth session you’ll explore discerning the movement of God during the quest and following the Divine's lead.

 FRIDAY - Gathering Sacred Wisdom
As we begin to turn toward the end of our time together, our fifth and final session will focus on gathering wisdom and gleaning insight from the journey thus far and how what you’ve received on the journey might also be offered as a gift to others.

SATURDAY - Integration
Saturday morning before your departure will be a time to say goodbye to Holden Village as your pilgrimage draws to a close and you prepare to return home. Then you will begin your homeward journey, retracing the steps that led you to Holden Village, with additional prompts for reflection to accompany you along the way and practical tools to help you integrate your pilgrimage into everyday life.

The Holden Village Pilgrimage will be led by Lacy Clark Ellman
LacyClarkEllman_web.jpgLacy Clark Ellman holds a Master’s degree in Theology and Culture and a certificate in Spiritual Direction, was selected as a New Contemplative by Spiritual Directors International in 2015, and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry. Professionally, she is a spiritual director, maker, and facilitator who speaks the language of pilgrimage and is always ready for the next adventure, having traveled to over twenty countries on four continents. Personally, she is a lover of food, books, spirituality, growing and making things, far-off places and lovely spaces. While traveling, you’ll find her wandering museums and markets, exploring cities by foot, and sampling local fare. At home in Seattle, WA, she loves to garden, take walks in the nearby forest, and go on armchair journeys through her favorite shows from across the pond. Learn more about Lacy's work at

Cover Photo by Hannah Lauber