Holden Evening Prayer

Holden Village invites you to send a clip of you, your friends, or your congregation participating in Holden Evening Prayer – your way! Videos must be submitted no later than April 1st.

Written in 1985-86 by Marty Haugen during a musical residency at Holden Village, Holden Evening Prayer is a musical setting of evening prayer also known as vespers. It follows a traditional format while using contemporary and inclusive language. Over the years, the service has been adopted around the world and continues to be used weekly at Holden Village where it is lovingly known as Vespers '86.

Once a year, Holden invites Villagers across the globe to come together through participation in the Holden Evening Prayer. This year, Holden celebrates the 60th anniversary of summer programming in the Village by exploring the theme of Jubilee. The biblical concept of Jubilee presents a vision for abundant life for all people — the restoration of relationships, cessation of debts, a community in which no one can be excessively wealthy, and stewardship of the land. We join Mary in praising God’s abundance and love by singing The Magnificat: “...You have filled the hungry with wondrous things, and left the wealthy no part. Great and mighty are you, O Faithful One, strong is your justice, strong your love…”.

We also invite you and your community to participate in conversations happening at Holden Village to continue evolving and expanding the language present in our liturgies to be inclusive. Check out this podcast episode from August 2021: Grappling and Playing with Beloved Liturgies with Liv Larson Andrews as well as this acknowledgement read in the Village in January 2022 for context and consider including these adapted lyrics from Epiphany 2022 in your recording.

Together, we support and draw strength from one another, reaffirming our values as people who have been called, equipped, and sent, and uplifting each other’s work in environmental stewardship and justice for all people.

Video clips will be edited together and shared in early May on the Holden Village website and social media.

To purchase worship pamphlets for the Holden Evening Prayer setting by Marty Haugen, visit GIA Music.

Tips for Recording your Video

1. Device- You can use a phone, iPad, laptop, or anything with a camera. Phones are great because their cameras are updated so frequently.
2. Recording- please use something to hold your device steady. A tripod or a music stand or a stack of books! Anything beyond a shaky human hand is great.
3. Lighting/Background- Make sure you have good lighting that is in front of you and not behind you (do not film with a window behind you!).
4. Landscape!- Please record your video landscape. Horizontally. Also, we don’t want to see up your nose! So, please have your camera at least at eye level.
5. Microphone- this is not necessary but can be helpful. If you have a microphone that easily connects to your device, it can be helpful for the clarity of sound.
6. Give it a few seconds- once you hit play do not start speaking immediately. Give your video a few seconds and when you end give it a few seconds. This helps with the editing process. Just smile pretty into the camera!
7. Give us some space!- The whole frame does not need to be filled with your face. It is perfect to have some room around you. Space is your friend!

Please upload your video via Google Drive.
Label your video with the name of your congregation, family, friends, and location.
Example: MountainViewLutheranChurch_EdgewoodWA.mov or MabryHome_FortCollinsCO.mov

Questions? Email Annika Berntsen at socialmedia@holdenvillage.org

Photo by Hannah Lauber