Below is a description of the Embodiment Practices Retreat that is offered during a typical year. Holden Village hopes to offer this event again in the future!

Embodiment Practices Retreat: September 13-16, 2019

Do you think a lot about the concept of wellness?  Have you ever felt overwhelmed by things like current events, politics, the complexity of justice issues, and doing what’s “right”?  These are questions that plague many, and all-too-often we try to answer them “in our heads.”  But our heads are only part of our whole person, and only offer part of a sustainable answer.   Embodied practices help us listen to the wisdoms and knowledge of our bodies, and attending to these practices help to integrate our heads with our hearts and bodies in ways that promote resilience amidst the uncertainties and complexities of modern life.

We offer this weekend retreat as an opportunity to engage in various embodied practices that include modalities such as yoga, movement, and meditation. We invite participants to spend time with their bodies, to practice mindfulness (not mind-fullness), and to practice whole-person wellness in the wilderness of the North Cascades amidst the rhythms of the Holden Village community.

Please join us for this weekend of movement and meditation open to any and all levels of experience.  Participants must be 18 years or older, or 16 years or older with a guardian.




Claire_Smith_Embodiment_Practices_Retreat_September_2019.jpgClaire Smith (she/her/hers) is a long-time practitioner of walking, singing, and cooking as embodiment practices. She also practices movements that come from the tradition of Yoga, specifically studying in the Vinyasa/Flow lineage for her 200-hour teacher training and engaging with Trauma Center-Trauma Sensitive Yoga as a healing modality for complex trauma. Claire is committed to body-based, mindful movement as a pathway to unlearning harmful patterns and creating space for new life in our selves, our communities, and our world. Her embodiment mentors include Pamela Higley, Morgan Vanderpool, Gigi Cunningham, Jessica Christie, Kate Fontana, Philip Kendall, Taylor Tibbs, and (through her incredible research) Dr. Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart.


Philip_Kendall_Embodiment_Practices_Retreat_September_2019.jpgPhilip Kendall (he/him/his) has practiced western-influenced yoga and movement of various forms for over a decade, and he recently completed 200hr yoga teacher certification focusing on the Vinyasa/Flow lineage.  He has been a guest and on staff at Holden periodically, and is thrilled to be co-facilitating somatic movement work in the Village. Philip is pro-dance, aspires to be a life-long learner, and is proudly left-hand.  His movement and mindfulness mentors include - Pamela Higley (first yoga instructor and also the instructor of his 200hr vinyasa/flow certification), David Gallina of The Mobility Project (and David’s mentor, Ido Portal), Taylor Hagbo, Steen Christensen, Martha and Jim Kirkpatrick (Philip’s maternal grandparents), Tich Naht Hanh, Alan Watts, and of course, his steady and inspiring partner, Claire Smith.