July 25-30

GLOCAL Music Educators

Glocal Musician Educators are a group that creates music influenced by global themes in communities throughout North America, the Caribbean, and beyond. Through their intentional diversity—including representation from many countries, denominations, and several cultures—the group embodies ways to stand in mutual solidarity while amplifying marginalized voices. Glocal Musician Educators are committed to forming local leaders seeking to introduce global themes in their communities. The songs they teach are grounded in the community stories that raise awareness and inspire advocacy. The musicians embody what it means to be Glocal—simultaneously global and local—so we can accompany one another across cultures, even in our own neighborhoods.

Samuel Klein

person smilingRabbi Samuel Klein is Director of Jewish Engagement for the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. A retreat leader and educator, Samuel has taught Jewish thought and philosophy in a variety of community settings and institutions nationally. Previously he has been the Director of Re-Imagining Jewish Education Through Art at Yeshiva University Museum, New York, Executive Director of the Bronfman Jewish Education Centre in Montreal, and Chief Jewish Life Officer at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco. A lecturer and writer on religion and the arts, Rabbi Klein holds Master's degrees in Theology from Cambridge University and History of Art from University College London and trained as a teaching artist at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Originally from London, U.K. Samuel was director of a contemporary art gallery and a specialist at Sotheby’s in Hebrew rare books and manuscripts. He lives in Seward Park, Seattle, Washington, USA. 

Dax Soule

person smilingDr. Dax Soule is a field-oriented geophysicist with a background in solid earth geophysics, oceanography, and STEM education. With a degree in Geophysics from Texas A&M University and a doctorate in Oceanography from the University of Washington, he has extensive experience mentoring students doing research in both the classroom and infield. Dr. Soule completed his dissertation and has served as faculty at Queens College – CUNY since 2016. Dr. Soule is currently conducting geophysical experiments to better understand the Dynamics of Back-arc Rifting in the Bransfield Strait, Antarctica, and is developing the application of machine learning techniques to geophysical data collected via the Regional Cabled Array at Axial Seamount. Dr. Soule is also a principle investigator for EDDIE, an NSF-funded effort to develop and test active learning modules focused on high-frequency environmental data, and is a contributor to the NSF-funded “Hispanic Serving Institutions –STEM Bridges Across Eastern Queens”, which is redesigning introductory STEM courses to better “land” students from diverse backgrounds into the geosciences through the use of active learning pedagogy. Dr. Soule’s teaching portfolio includes introductory courses in oceanography, environmental science, and geology, upper-level courses in marine geophysics and time-series analysis, and international field courses focused on environmental science, data collection, and experiential learning.

Paul Vasile

person smilingPaul Vasile (he/him/his) is a church musician, consultant, composer, and teacher who finds his greatest joy in collaborative and community-centered ministry. Committed to modeling expansive, imaginative, and hospitable experiences of music-making wherever he goes, Paul's leadership builds trust, invites spaces of creativity, vulnerability, and play, and supports practices of reflection and holistic learning. Recognized as a multitalented musician and liturgist, he is helping to strengthen, energize, and liberate faith communities through the ways they worship and sing together. With over 25 years of ministry experience in ecumenical contexts, his skills make him a unique resource to congregations in transition or those experiencing anxiety or conflict. Over the past eight years, he has accompanied communities with a range of challenges through seasons of discernment and transformation. As the Executive Director of Music that Makes Community, Paul is passionate about modeling and sharing leadership practices that sustain the musical and spiritual life of communities. He mentors and supports an ecumenical network of song leaders across North America who are committed to oral tradition (“paperless”) song leadership practices. Committed to expressing and exploring faith in new ways, he also composes sacred music that expands and enriches the church’s language of praise and prayer. His music is represented in Glory to God, All Creation Sings, and Voices Together, as well as The Hymn Society resource, Songs for the Holy Other.

Felicia Murrel

person smiling Felicia Murrell is a certified master life coach and spiritual companion. As a former ordained pastor, she has over twenty years of church leadership experience and now serves the global community with a message of inclusion and integration. A freelance copy editor and the author of Truth Encounters, Felicia resides in Rochester, Minnesota with her husband, Doug. Together, they have four adult children. You can read more of her writing on Instagram @hellofelicia_murrell