July 18-23


person smilingCathy Pino is a Bible scholar/writer/musician/parental caregiver/seminary graduate/theological thinker/devoted aunt/sci-fi nerd/enneagram 9 peacebuilder from St. Paul, MN. She holds degrees from United Theological Seminary in St. Paul, with concentrations in Racial Justice and Biblical Studies. She is a facilitator of conversations in the Church at that intersection and is often called upon as a guest speaker, workshop facilitator, and preacher. Musically, Cathy is a member of the Glocal Musician Educator Collective, a multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-denominational, multi-religious, multi-gender, multi-generational beloved community of teachers, artists, and activists. Cathy currently splits her time between MN and her childhood home in PA, where she and her two siblings accompany (and try to keep up with) their mom. She identifies as white, and her pronouns are “she/her.”


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Karen Peters, M.Div (Union Theological Seminary, NYC), has spent her life exploring a ministry of embodiment: how we creatures of earth and God's breath feel and move and have our being in God, how sinking into our embodied experiences of ourselves can nurture, restore, and enliven us, and bring us into community and relationship with all of creation. As a Senior Rosen Method Movement Teacher and as an Alexander Technique Teacher, Karen works with how people inhabit their bodies in largely unconscious ways and helps them bring an interoceptive awareness to themselves that can be an endless source of self-discovery, wholeness, and connection. Karen teaches movement classes and workshops locally and online and trains Rosen Method Movement Teachers through the Rosen Method Berkeley Center and the Rosen Method Institute of Canada. She lives in Napa, CA with her husband and two sons.

James Boulter

person smilingDr. James Boulter is a professor of chemistry in the Public Health and Environmental Studies program at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. His professional background is in atmospheric and analytical chemistry, starting with a bachelor's degree is in chemistry and biochemistry and a certificate in environmental studies from Pacific Lutheran University. He earned his doctorate in analytical chemistry with a certificate in oceanic and atmospheric studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder. His research interests are broadly clustered around topics of atmospheric particulate matter and their impacts on climate and human health and public surveys in the US and China focused on perceptions of and responses to climate change. At UW-Eau Claire, he serves on the Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Sustainability, as the faculty advisor to the Student Office of Sustainability, and was the founding director of the Watershed Institute for Collaborative Environmental Studies. In the community, he has been a member of the City of Eau Claire's Advisory Committee on Sustainability and has taken on various leadership roles in the Eau Claire chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby. Over the past two decades, he has given dozens of public presentations on topics such as atmospheric science of other planets, the science of climate change science and its impacts on human and ecological health, public perceptions of and responses to climate change, the intersection of religious faith and climate, renewable and carbon-free energy, climate policies, and sustainability.

jeff Kerssen-Griep

person smilingJeff Kerssen-Griep (he/him) is a Professor of Communication at the University of Portland, where he is an intercultural/interpersonal teaching scholar and trainer in cross-barriers instruction and leadership. His work helps people understand and shape interactions that aid warmer and more equitable working and living 'across barriers' with diverse others in classrooms, workplaces, and communities. He also backs contra dance fiddlers on guitar in Joyride and other PNW groups. He and his spouse Emily live in Vancouver, WA. Find more info on the University of Portland website


Glocal Musician Educators are a group that creates music influenced by global themes in communities throughout North America, the Caribbean, and beyond. Through their intentional diversity—including representation from many countries, denominations, and several cultures—the group embodies ways to stand in mutual solidarity while amplifying marginalized voices. Glocal Musician Educators are committed to forming local leaders seeking to introduce global themes in their communities. The songs they teach are grounded in the community stories that raise awareness and inspire advocacy. The musicians embody what it means to be Glocal—simultaneously global and local—so we can accompany one another across cultures, even in our own neighborhoods.