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Summer Teaching Faculty

Thank you for your interest in teaching or sharing your musical talents at Holden Village! Summer 2022 marks our 60th anniversary of summer programming in the Village, in which we will explore the theme of Jubilee.

The biblical concept of Jubilee presents a vision for abundant life for all people, including the most vulnerable. The effects of jubilee are many:

  • Economic: cessation of debts; a community in which no one can be perpetually enslaved or excessively wealthy
  • Environmental: stewardship of the land
  • Communal: restoration of relationships
We invite you to engage this concept of Jubilee from a wide array of topics and perspectives.
Jubilee Word Cloud


Our goal is to have a faculty established by mid-December. Thank you for your interest in serving during the 60th anniversary of Holden's summer program!

Teaching Faculty

We seek candidates who are flexible and open as well as experts in their field. The program will include visual and performing arts, the sciences, theology, diversity, inclusion and racial justice, global and domestic topics, and more.

As you prepare your session proposal please keep in mind that courses should be closely aligned with the vision, mission and core values of Holden Village, as we explore what it means to be a community of practice engaging our 2022 summer theme: Jubilee.

The summer program design and selection team will identify a diverse, dynamic, and balanced array of topics and perspectives. The deadline for completed proposals is November 15th.


Guest Musicians

In the Village, Guest Musicians are a valued part of our faculty. Guest Musicians assist the pastors, Executive Directors, and long-term staff musician in leading worship and enlivening the community life through music. Held every day in a variety of styles and settings, worship is crafted around the gifts provided by the ever-changing Village community. Guest Musicians may also perform during special events in other ways according to their interests. The Village welcomes the sharing of music, both in and outside of worship settings, in whatever ways are most fitting for the musicians and guests present.

As you consider applying, we invite you to imagine the many and various ways that music can enrich and bring joy to community life at Holden, especially as it relates to our 2022 summer theme: Jubilee. The deadline for completed applications is November 15th.


Cover Photo by Hannah Lauber