Stock Gifts

By supporting Holden Village through a tax-effective gift of stock, you will enable more people to experience our rhythms. Your gift will sustain Holden Village as a vibrant place of education, programming, and worship.

How to make a stock gift to Holden Village:

1. Instruct your broker to transfer your desired number of shares to the ELCA Foundation, along with the following information: Wells Fargo Advisors, DTC Clearing #0141, FBO Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Account #5103-9400

2. Send a letter or email to the ELCA Foundation with the following information:
"On (date), I authorized my broker to transfer (xx) number of shares of (name of stock) to the ELCA's Wells Fargo Advisors (or another company, if the stock is held in a manner which uses a specific company). Please send the proceeds to Holden Village."

Shawn Greene-Hocutt
ELCA Foundation
8765 W. Higgins Road
Chicago, IL  60631
800-638-3522 x 2976 

Please be sure to include your name, signature, address and phone number so that we can acknowledge and provide a receipt for your gift.

3. Email Anne Gintz (Development Coordinator) to notify Holden Village that a stock gift is expected, who it is from and the approximate number of shares or value.

The ELCA Foundation immediately sells, subtracts a fee of $0.08 per share (minimum fee of $25.00 and a maximum fee of $250.00) in addition to the $0.08 per share (minimum fee of $40.00) charged by the ELCA's broker and sends a check to Holden for the remainder.