a sign of hospitality in the Village

Holden Village has a history of covering each guest and staff bed with a handmade quilt made by Holdenites near and far. We are currently seeking donations of Twin Extra-Long quilts to blanket our newly-donated Twin-Extra Long beds! If you or someone you know is interested in making or donating a quilt, scroll down to the "Make a Quilt" section of this page. Every quilt in the Village tells a story and is a piece of Holden history in its own right. Thank you for continuing this tradition of offering lavish hospitality to all!

In addition, this page highlights some of the quilts currently scattered throughout the rooms of the Village. All are unique and bring a touch of beauty and warmth to Village life. Thank you to those who have given of their time and talents to create Holden quilts!

Making a Holden Quilt


  • XL Twin: 60-65’’ x 90-95’’
  • Twin: 60-65" x 85-90"
  • Double: 75-85’’ x 85-95’’
  • Queen: 85-95’’ x 90-100’’


  • Quilts made of cotton, pre-washed material are preferred.
  • Refrain from using polyester or wool materials.
  • Quilts with white blocks or edging tend to discolor quickly. Consider minimizing the use of white fabric when designing a Holden Quilt.
  • Make sure that the batting extends all the way to the edge and is stitched securely around the edges of the quilt.
  • Natural fiber batting is preferred (cotton or wool)
  • If tying your quilt, please tie every 4” - 6”.  Machine quilting preferred (for durability through many wash cycles.)
  • Avoid holiday or kid-themed quilts; generic quilts are more practical and don't need to be stored when not in season.
  • Please include a patch on the quilt’s backing that gives the year made and the name of the church, group, or individual who created the quilt. (Villagers love knowing the origin of the quilt that adorns their bed!)
  • If possible, send a photo of the quilt’s creator(s) along with the quilt to further help Holden document the story behind each quilt. (Submitting a photo implies permission from the photographer and all people pictured for Holden Village to use it in print and/or online materials.)


  • Quilts are to be used as bedcovers, not as extra blankets or throws.
  • Think of each quilt as an art piece. The majority of Holden Quilts are used for our guest rooms.
  • Think about the setting of the Village when designing a quilt for Holden. Consider the four seasons and the colors associated with them, and the features of the area, such as Railroad Creek, Copper Peak, the surrounding forest, the animals of the North Cascades, and so forth.
  • Your donated quilt is a non-cash contribution. Per the Internal Revenue Service, the value of any non-cash contribution deduction is required to be determined by the donor. We will provide a letter acknowledging the gift when received.

Thank you in advance for your generous gift! If you would like additional information, or are in need of further clarification, please Contact the Arts Enrichment and Outreach Lead.