End-of-Summer Giving

Holden invites you to share your favorite memory from the Summer 2017 season! Perhaps you hiked through the burn area and witnessed the forest’s renewal. Maybe you or your children reunited with old friends or made new ones. Perhaps you deepened your knowledge in a teaching session. We would love to hear your favorite memories, and we invite you to share them below!

Share Your Favorite Summer 2017 Memories!

Posted by writer on
My favorite memories are of the hikes alone up into rainy and cool mountains, through the snow fields in Copper Basin and Holden Lake.

I also enjoyed the "retreat" into the mountains from Ohio, through Seattle, the Bed & Breakfast, and relaxing more and more as my wife and I left our responsibilities behind to spend 10 days with each other and our community at Holden.
- Ron S.
Posted by Erik on
Hiking up Martin Ridge! And getting lost on the way down.
Posted by S. Peterson on
To name just one? Impossible!
Hiking to Holden Lake, amazing speakers, making new friends and being stretched intellectually and spiritually. My favorite vacation destination--ALWAYS! Keep being Holden!
Posted by Rena Connell on
Let it be known that Holden Village —my beloved Holden—continues as a place for civil conversation for me and my family. From 1981 until this past summer it has always been my place of “beginning together.” This past summer was no exception.

In July I brought my 14-year-old granddaughter and her teenage best friend to finally experience a place that has soothed my soul and given me renewal for the past 36 years of my often tumultuous life. I did not know what this space might hold for the two of them, and yet God and the people who inhabit Holden provided a bit of hope for them as they search for meaning in their young lives.

Holden in my own life has sustained me through a time when I first brought my 15-month old daughter and her father, who had a disability, there from Billings, MT. It gave me hope through a divorce. I met my second husband in the dining hall and married him 30 years ago in front of Lodge 3 in the presence of the Holden community. We brought our two daughters there in every season, and I have been there together and alone numerous times for retreats, youth weekends, work weeks and special events. But this is the first time I have had an opportunity to bring my granddaughter and a friend alone together with me for the Holden experience.

Our “civil conversations” without their parents afforded us time to explore values, hopes and dreams. At the top of the list was that her friend asked to be baptized in our church because she said she did not just want that—she needed to be baptized. Without their cell phones and with time to be both safe and independent, they explored Railroad creek, hiked with me to Monkey Bear Falls and Holden Lake, ate foods that were new and a bit unusual, took selfies, and got the giggles at the silent vesper service. By the end of the week, they were independent and requesting information about how and when they might be able to work on volunteer staff. Holden offered truly civil conversation and sacred moments for all three of us! Another generation “beginning together!”
Posted by Doug Brown on
It was a unique opportunity to share my favorite place in the world with my Guatemalan foster son during Abriendo Caminos - to witness his glimpsing possibilities for his future self in the visages of the wonderful people in community who looked like him and spoke like him.

Thank you for continuing to co-create beloved community, a place of welcome and retreat, a place of aspiration and inspiration.
Posted by Randall M on
I was surprised at the speed with which the forest is recovering from the fire.

I do not remember, from my volunteer days in the 70s, that the laundry machines were pre-loaded with quarters.

I am thankful that the Village has survived, and is welcoming to so many of every creed, or non-creed, without judging nor demanding participation.
Posted by Florance M on
I came before the forest fire, in the winter. One of the teachers was showing her class how to do needle felting. I asked if I could watch and said "of course." I was watching carefully trying to follow instructions, poking my needle in the wool. Then I turned around and what I saw made me laugh. My husband was doing it too! He got hooked on needle felting, we took classes and one Christmas we made a little bird for each of his 7 siblings.
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