How Your Gift Helps

“To participate in the mission of Holden Village is to allocate the blessings with which God has entrusted you.”  --- Holden volunteer

Throughout our history, Holden Village has depended both on the hard work of volunteers and on the generous financial support of thousands of individuals who share our passion for this ‘place apart.’ When you donate to Holden Village, you help sustain our community and provide an experience of renewal, healing, and recreation to people who need it.

Because of our generous donors, we are able to keep guest fees low. Holden is committed to welcoming all people regardless of faith, background, economic level, race, age, sexual orientation, or ability, and your support allows us to keep guest fees affordable. Your support will provide guests with a comfortable room, good and hearty food, and exceptional programming.

When you come alongside Holden as a donor, here are some ways that your gift will help:

  • $36 Pays for roundtrip boat ticket for staff or long-term volunteer
  • $120 Covers music and worship materials, including instrument repair
  • $300 Buys supplies for our Arts Studio, including clay, glazes, loom upkeep and knitting materials 
  • $600 Feeds and houses a visiting faculty member in ecology, social justice, the arts, or theology

We are extremely grateful for how our donors add value to people's lives. Your generous support brings learning, worship, hospitality, and celebration to hundreds of people every year.

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