Artist Residency

February 21–April 3, 2020

Why have an Artist Residency?

The Holden Village Artist Residency in Ecology, Spirituality, and Social Justice awards professional artists the opportunity to work and live for six weeks in the remote mountain community of Holden Village. Holden provides living space, studio space, and all meals. As an artist-in-residence, you will become part of Holden’s dynamic winter community: participating in the common work of the Village; sharing your vision and creativity; and interacting with staff and guests. Artists working in all media are welcome to apply.

Holden Village is dedicated to giving professional artists the time and space to focus truly on their art.  The Holden Artist Residency program provides artists the opportunity to get away from the pressures and social obligations of their daily life. This means that, unlike many working positions in the Village, artists-in-residence are asked NOT to bring significant others or family members with them. Significant others are welcome to the Village for a portion of the residency as guests.


  • Six Week Residency: February 21–April 3, 2020
  • Private or shared bedroom in historic Holden Village
  • Prepared community meals (with accommodations made for special diets whenever possible)
  • Facilities Access Including: basic woodshop; full ceramics studio; weaving and sewing room; painting/drawing space; basic metal working equipment; assorted selection of musical instruments
  • Limited Internet access for basic email and web browsing.  Occasional Post Office hours. 
  • Artists will need to pay for their own transportation into and out of the Village, including roundtrip boat fare on Lake Chelan.
  • Some art materials are available for purchase in the Village, but if you have any particular needs, you should bring materials with you or have them shipped ahead of time.
  • Our remote setting presents unique challenges and opportunities. See here for more information about winter Village life.

Program Requirements

  • Participation in common work of the Village including dish team once a week, garbo (sorting trash) once a month, and stoking wood boilers.
  • Participation in the Village community by attending daily worship services which are open to people from all faith backgrounds.
  • Three public presentations outlining your previous body of work, updating the community on your progress, and sharing the final result of your time in the Village
  • In addition, visual artists are expected to donate one of their works, created during their residency, for display in the Village at the end of their stay.

Selection Process

  • Applications must be postmarked by December 1, 2019
  • Submissions are reviewed by Holden Village arts staff, who will evaluate each artist’s materials and select finalists
  • Finalists will be interviewed by phone and invitations will be made by December 22, 2019

What You Need To Apply**

  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Letter of interest outlining your specific interest in working at Holden and how program participation will influence your career 
  • List of Three professional references 
  • Portfolio of recent work appropriate to your medium. Choose from:
    • 10-15 images with an image list including title, date, size, media
    • Video or video clips:  please note that only the first 10 minutes will be used for review
    • Up to 20 pages of poetry, 30 pages of prose, or one to two full-length plays/scripts
    • Music or audio clips: Only the first 10 minutes will be used for review
  • Health Form All applicants should be in excellent health. While we usually have a medic or RN on site, Holden Village is not prepared to handle emergency medical situations and there will be periods of time when roads will not be in use. Health forms can be mailed or emailed to our medic at

**Artist teams should apply together, listing the names of each team member on one application form. Please note that winter housing limitations make it difficult to accommodate large teams.

Mail application materials on a disc or flash drive to:

Artist Residency
C/O Arts Enrichment and Outreach Coordinator
Holden Village
HC 0 Box 2
Chelan, WA 98816

Applications should be postmarked by December 1, 2019.
Questions about our Artist Residency program?  Contact

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