Board of Directors

As a non-profit, Holden Village is governed by a 20-member board of directors whose role has been vital yet evolving over the Village’s history of more than 50 years. The board’s self-management policies require board members to “emphasize outward vision rather than internal preoccupation.” Board responsibilities include selecting executive directors, approving an annual budget, establishing policy and electing members to fill board vacancies. Board members serve four-year terms and are limited to three consecutive terms, or 12 years, of service. The board meets twice a year.

Current board members:

Josh Post, Seattle WA: President, July 2016 - June 2020
Kathryn B. Blomker, Cottage Grove WI: Vice President, June 2017 - June 2020

James Nagel, Seattle, WA
Secretary, June 2017 - June 2021

Linda Kingery, Puposky, MN: Treasurer, July 2016 - June 2020

Claire Smith, Seattle, WA
Peter Hernes, Davis, CA
Chris Hughes, Arden Hills, MN
Hans Johnson, Vancouver BC, Canada
Pamela R. Fickenscher, Northfield, MN
Sara Pitcher, Chicago, IL
Lois Rimbo, New York, NY
Norma Gallegos, Wenatchee, WA
Lola H. Deane, Shaw Island, WA
Anthony J. Titus, Eagan, MN
Darius Larson, Big Sky, MT
Mark Schwehn, Valparaiso, IN
Sandra Anderson, Brooklyn Center, MN
Eric Lansverk, Seattle, WA
Samantha Lyon, North Quincy, MA
Ben Stewart, Western Springs, IL