About Holden


Holden Village, at the far end of Washington's Lake Chelan, is a place for all who seek rest and renewal.  Over more than 50 years, this 'place apart' has been transformed from a copper mining town to a vibrant place of learning, recreation, and worship.  Holden welcomes all people who seek contemplation and community, to join us in this journey of faith.  We hope you will come and experience our rhythms!

No roads lead to Holden Village, which makes the journey, itself, exceptional.  Most visitors arrive by a one to two hour boat trip from Chelan, Washington.  There are also a small proportion of visitors who hike in from nearby trails.

The rhythms of Holden vary with the seasons.  Summer offers a robust program menu of learning sessions by visiting faculty.  You will feel energized and enriched by workshops on theology, social justice, global issues, the environment, and a variety of other topics.

Other seasons offer their own rhythms, providing time for personal reflection, outdoor recreation, exploration of our art and craft studios, and good conversation.  Winter is an especially beautiful time at Holden.  Consistent across the seasons, meals are enjoyed communally.  Daily worship, rooted in Lutheran tradition, unites all staff, volunteers, and guests.

Since its founding, Holden has relied on a tradition of volunteer service.  Operations depend on the efforts of more than a thousand volunteers annually, who generously give of their time and talents.
Please spend some time exploring our website.  Whether as a guest or volunteer, we hope you will consider joining us here on the edge of Glacier Peak Wilderness.  If you have further questions, we invite you to contact us at any time.